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Bill Carrigan, Founder, GETTINGTECHNICAL.COM

Saved by the DOW
Wednesday, September 28 2011 | 05:02 PM
Bill Carrigan

First the bad news: The big technical test is for the August 8 lows to hold – see the inter-day DOW chart below. The August 8 low is Dow 10604 and so at 10680 we are at the tipping point. Can we recover from here? See the breadth observation below

Now the good news – so far The Dow internals (breadth) are today in better shape than back in August 8 At quick look at the Dow 30 components and counting how many are above or below their relative August 8 lows As of 2.50 pm September 22, 2011 – I count only 8 (eight) components trading under their relative August 8 lows. The symbols: AA, BAC, CAT, DD, HPQ, JPM, MMM and TRV - Total 8 - All the rest, a total of 22 (twenty two) components are above their respective August 8 lows

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