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  8th Annual Global Covered Bonds Conference
London, UK
March 05-06, 2015
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London, UK
March 09, 2015
  14th Annual Investors' Conference on Equipment Finance
New York, NY
March 12, 2015
  2015 Annual Conference of the China Securitization Forum
Beijing, China
March 24-25, 2015
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New York, NY
April 21-22, 2015
  3rd Annual Sunshine Backed Bonds Conference
New York, NY
April 30 - May 01, 2015
  1st Annual Conference on European Alternative Financing & Marketplace Lending
London, UK
May 28, 2015
  Global ABS 2015
Barcelona, Spain
June 16-18, 2015
  21st Annual ABS East Conference
Miami Beach, FL
September 16-18, 2015
  1st Annual Life Settlements Investor's Symposium
Miami Beach, FL
September 18, 2015
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Ron D'Vari, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, NEWOAK CAPITAL LLC

Manufacturing-Led US Economy At Last, But Don't Count On It!
Monday, May 02 2011 | 03:45 PM
Ron D'Vari
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, NEWOAK CAPITAL LLC

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Most economists prefer a more manufacturing-based US economy vs. a service and consumer dominated one. Well, it took a credit bubble, economic crisis and Dollar falling to get there. While we all feel poorer, manufacturing growth has been a positive factor keeping the economic recovery alive. However, this has been primarily driven by foreign demand, a cheap Dollar and some increased corporate spending,

Japan's natural disaster has introduced a few bottlenecks but China and Brazil have helped to more than balance that. If this continues, the general hope is gradually the unemployment will adjust to a more normal range. We may even get back some of those folks that had given up on the job market. Of course, the residential and commercial real estate markets will be key to the ultimate health of the economy. By then, we may even be tempted to regain some of our old bad habits and let others produce and save while we enjoy consumption.
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