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Scott Sacknoff,President,SPADE Indexes

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4th Annual World Series of ETFs & Investment Management - May 22, 2013 - Boston, MA
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iShares offers professional quality products that can help investors navigate today’s volatile markets, individual choice to help execute investment ideas with insights and support, and responsible innovation to make investing clear, fair and efficient. What’s more, iShares is backed by the experience and expertise of BlackRock, an advisor to many of the world’s largest companies and governments on managing risks and understanding capital markets.
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F-Squared Investments, headquartered in Newton, MA, with a satellite office in Princeton, NJ, is an SEC registered investment adviser and currently is one of the fastest growing investment management firms in the country. The firm offers a full range of investment solutions based on either their proprietary AlphaSector™ or PoRT™ investment capabilities. The firm’s AlphaSector strategies represent the industry’s largest suite of investment solutions targeting upside participation in rising markets with embedded downside risk management. Utilizing its PoRT™ technology (Portfolio Replication Technology), F- Squared is able to provide custom investment solutions for corporate and institutional clients. Often, these solutions address long- standing business challenges in an innovative and comprehensive manner. F-Squared Investments is an independently, privately-owned firm.

Research Affiliates, LLC is a global leader in innovative investing and asset allocation strategies. Dedicated to solving complex investment issues, the firm creates innovative solutions that respond to the current needs of the market. The firm is built on a strong research base, led by Robert Arnott and Jason Hsu. Operating from its base in Newport Beach, California, Research Affiliates delivers solutions in partnership with some of the world's leading financial institutions. The firm, founded in 2002, is majority employee-owned and employs a team of about 70 dedicated professionals and staff. As of December 2012, approximately $124 billion in assets were managed worldwide using investment strategies developed by Research Affiliates.

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The International Securities Exchange (ISE) operates a leading U.S. options exchange and offers options trading on over 2,000 underlying equity, ETF, index, and FX products. As the first all-electronic options exchange in the U.S., ISE transformed the options industry by creating efficient markets through innovative market structure and technology. Regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member-owner of The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC), ISE provides investors with a transparent marketplace for price and liquidity discovery on centrally cleared options products. ISE continues to expand its marketplace through the ongoing development of enhanced trading functionality, new products, and market data services. As a complement to its options business, ISE has expanded its reach into multiple asset classes through strategic investments in financial marketplaces and services that foster technology innovation and market efficiency. Through minority investments, ISE participates in the securities lending and equities markets. ISE also licenses its proprietary Longitude technology for trading in event-driven derivatives markets. ISE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurex, a leading global derivatives exchange. Eurex itself is jointly operated by Deutsche Börse AG (Ticker: DB1) and SIX Swiss Exchange AG. Together, Eurex and ISE are the global market leader in individual equity and equity index derivatives. For more information, visit

Knight is a global financial services firm that provides trade execution, research, asset management and capital market services across multiple asset classes. Through globally integrated desks, Knight is able to offer deep pools of liquidity in addition to well versed and professionally staffed desks. The ETF team?s experience dates back to the inception of ETF trading, over 17 years ago. Knight has consistently ranked #1 in ETF shares executed in the U.S. Knight offers agency and principal facilitation across all ETFs sponsors, in all ETFs, in the Americas & Europe. For additional information about Knight Capital Group, Inc. (NYSE Euronext: KCG) please visit

Offering the nation’s largest lineup of alternative ETFs, ProShares enables investors to go beyond the limitations of conventional investing and meet today’s market challenges. Each ProShares ETF provides access to an alternative investment strategy delivered with the liquidity, transparency and cost effectiveness of an ETF. ProShares’ lineup of over 140 ETFs includes Global Fixed Income, Hedge Strategies, Geared (leveraged and inverse), and Inflation and Volatility ETFs. Supporting Note * ProShares has the largest lineup of alternative ETFs in the United States according to Financial Research Corporation ("FRC"), based on analysis of all the known alternative ETF providers (as defined by FRC) by their number of funds and assets (as of 3/31/2012).

At Russell Indexes, we offer a comprehensive family of equity indexes which give investors a more precise view of the markets and allow them to track performance of distinct segments consistently. Russell’s index business began in 1984 as a way to measure US market segments and better track investment manager behavior for its investment management and consulting businesses. The resulting index methodology produced the broad-market Russell 3000® Index and introduced the first small cap benchmark–the Russell 2000® Index. Russell Indexes are designed to: • Offer comprehensive global equity market performance benchmarks • Serve as equity market proxies for asset allocation analysis • Provide replicable vehicles for passive investment strategies • Act as the foundation for trading and risk management tools, such as ETFs, futures and options Russell Indexes calculates approximately 700,000 benchmarks daily, covering 98% of the investable market globally, 83 countries and more than 10,000 securities. Approximately $3.9 trillion in assets is benchmarked to the Russell Indexes.

 State Street Global Advisors is an acknowledged leader in the arena of institutional investing with $2.1 trillion in assets under management.(1) An innovator in the exchange traded fund market and creator of the first ETF in 1993, we currently manage 116 domestic and 62 international exchange traded funds with approximately $340 billion worldwide in our SPDR ETF family.(2) Products offered through State Street Global Markets, LLC, member FINRA, SIPC. For further information, including prospectuses, visit or (1) As of December 31, 2012 (2) As of December 31, 2012. This AUM includes the assets of the SPDR Gold Trust (approx. $72 billion as of December 31, 2012), for which State Street Global Markets, LLC, an affiliate of State Street Global Advisors serves as the marketing agent.

WallachBeth Capital LLC is a professional, agency-only execution firm providing best execution for leading institutional managers. We never act as principal - we trade for our clients, not against them. Our expertise includes ETFs, exchange traded options and related strategies, OTC options, CEFs and event driven arbitrage. Our role is to discretely aggregate all actionable liquidity, displayed and "hidden," and deliver the absolute best price attainable with minimal-to-no market impact; regardless of issue, order size or complexity. Combining high-touch expertise with smart technology, our firm’s business model is predicated on delivering a premiere execution service at an aggressively-competitive, commission-only rate structure. This approach consistently delivers true best execution for our clients; a fundamental component to clients meeting their fiduciary obligations while preserving and enhancing Alpha. Additional information about WallachBeth can be found at

Wolverine Execution Services(WEX)specializes in value-added execution, enabling clients to trade options, futures, equities, and ETFs through our proprietary electronic trading platform, algorithms, floor access, and our agency brokerage desk. By employing an experienced team of institutional traders with a strong presence in the U.S. equity markets, WEX provides clients who are seeking execution for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with anonymity, superior execution quality and sophisticated order management. WEX's expertise is focused on achieving best execution with minimal market impact and negligible transaction costs. By making One Call to WEX, we can effectively place One Trade for your clients, and post-trade allocate to all of your custodians at One Price: One Call. One Trade. One Price.TM
ALPS offers innovative portfolio solutions that help Financial Advisors and Institutional Investors build better portfolios. We specialize in Satellite and Alternative asset classes focusing on MLPs, Commodities, Private Equity, High Dividend Stocks, Global Real Estate, Sectors and Emerging Markets. Our exposure to these asset classes are achieved primarily through ETFs and open-end funds so that we can provide access that is registered, liquid and fully transparent. We strive to deliver portfolio solutions that allow investors to diversify their core holdings, obtain exposure to attractive investment themes and ultimately build better portfolios. For more information please visit:

Market Vectors exchange-traded products have been offered since 2006 and span many asset classes, including equities, fixed income (municipal and international bonds) and currency markets. The Market Vectors family is currently the fifth largest ETF family in the U.S. and the eighth largest worldwide. Market Vectors ETFs are sponsored by Van Eck Global. Founded in 1955, Van Eck Global was among the first U.S. money managers helping investors achieve greater diversification through global investing. Today, the firm continues this tradition by offering innovative, actively managed investment choices in hard assets, emerging markets, precious metals including gold, and other alternative asset classes. Headquartered in New York City, Van Eck has a network of offices worldwide, including offices in Australia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Shanghai, China.

Since its beginning in 1975, Vanguard has grown to become one of the worlds largest investment management companies, with almost $1.99 trillion in U.S. fund assets as of December 31, 2012. Vanguard provides an array of investment products, including a full range of low-cost ETFs and mutual funds designed to help financial advisors grow and preserve the wealth of their clients. In addition to our many investments and client-focused services, our commitment to financial advisors includes innovative practice management solutions that can help advisors attract and retain clients, build their practices, and enhance their professional development.

Most investment firms are either publicly traded or privately owned. Vanguard is different: Were owned by the Vanguard funds, which are owned by our clients. We make every decision with only our clients needs in mind. Our unique structure, along with our commitment to provide outstanding performance, provides financial advisors with many opportunities for building their businesses and enhancing their client relationships. Connect with Vanguardat or 800-997-2798.
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The Journal of Index Investing brings you the latest innovations in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), indexes and mutual funds, offering practical, rigorous research and analysis on products, sector allocation and investment strategies. The Journal of Index Investing provides you with challenging ideas and practical tools to: · Optimize investment prospects · Identify innovative uses for ETFs and index funds · Stay abreast of the very latest research in this market You get four print issues a year plus online access to archived articles. The Journal of Index Investing is read by financial planners & analysts, corporate plan sponsors, fund managers, portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, endowments & foundations, traders and investment advisors
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BarclayHedge, a leading source for proprietary research in alternative investments since 1985, has provided services as a publisher, database and software provider, and industry consultant. Barclay’s 18 hedge fund indices and 10 managed futures indices are utilized worldwide as performance benchmarks for hedge funds and managed futures.

Founded in spring 2009, ETF Radar is a smart, private and independent organization which provides comprehensive market intelligence, news and fundamental research solutions strongly focussed on the exchange traded funds business. The founder team, including Martin Raab and Sebastian Stahn, both ambitious investment professionals with strong relations within the derivatives and ETF area, soon expanded the organization. Today, we are covering the ETF market globally and have launched the first global, high-end exchange traded funds magazine and will introduce new services within the next time in order to refine our value proposition. Our organization is structured into two regional hubs: Naples (Florida), which covers the Americas, London (UK) and Zurich (Switzerland), from where we take care of Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

FPR publishes the ETF Business Review, America's leading authority for fund executives and modern asset managers. We provide a top-down dynamic almanac view on the opportunities and threats in the ETP and fund space. We publish 3000 pages of top-down strategic intelligence on 3 continents for our clients, yearly. On average, our subscribers have posted an asset growth of over 125% on an annual basis, since 2009. Many of our clients are Fortune 500 asset managers. FPR was founded in 2009 by Rob Ivanoff, CEO, and a group of ETF and mutual fund market research analysts. We are located in Boston, NYC and Europe.


WHO WE ARE FPR is the leading ETF and mutual fund market researcher in the world. We are located in Boston. The firm was founded in 2009 by a group of ETF and mutual fund market research analysts WHAT WE DO Financial Products Research provides the best ETF and mutual fund market research experience to asset managers around the world, through data interpretation, in-depth print and state of art video offerings. WHY WE ARE BETTER In addition to providing 360 degree view over the active-passive fund marketplace, we are the only institutional-quality research firm, exclusively focused on understanding growth in Actively Managed ETFs, ETNs, SRI funds, Fixed Income, Commodities, Leveraged, Inversed, and absolute return ETFs.


Every week, Hedge Fund Alert delivers hard-to-get news you won't read anywhere else about important events in the alternative-investment community. The newsletter's coverage takes a forward-looking approach, routinely alerting subscribers to upcoming developments that can change the hedge-fund business.

Founded in 1984 by investor and entrepreneur William J. ONeil, Investors Business Daily (IBD) provides individual and professional investors essential market-timing analysis, top-performing lists and proprietary ratings to help them zero-in on true market leaders. The information is delivered through IBDs leading-edge investing products and innovative investor education programs. IBD created the worlds first stock database in the 1960s to compare and rate stocks based on perfor-mance criteria to find emerging leadership. Today IBD tracks data on over 8,000 publicly traded companies and is used by over 600 institutional investors worldwide. IBD not only helps investors zero in on emerging growth investments, but provides the buy and sell rules to properly execute trades to minimize risk and maximize profit potential. The focus on fundamental criteria and technical indicators makes IBD unique. IBDs strategy has enabled countless financial advisors to better serve their clients and make their practices more successful.

Institutional Real Estate Newsline (IREN) provides a digest of original breaking news items as well as summaries of the previous week's top news stories to the most successful Investment Advisers, Developers, Brokers, Investment Banks, REITs, REOCs and Consultants in the industry. Subscribers also benefit from IREN's news flashes that announce breaking news on searches, commitments, new hires and more. For a free one-month trial subscription, go to

The Institutional Real Estate Letter - North America is a monthly publication covering the $4.8 trillion institutional real estate market. Written for the plan sponsor community, The Letter - North America gives pension fund advisers, consultants and others serving this industry inside information on investment patterns, trends and strategies. For a free two-month trial subscription, go to, or call 925-244-0500 and ask for client services.

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