Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
8:00 AM
Breakfast and Registration

1:01 PM
Pre- Conference Workshop: CLOs & Leveraged Loans 101
This workshop will provide attendees with a strong foundation by explaining the CLO structure, the definition of a leveraged loan, and other key fundamental concepts in the CLO sector.

  • Debra Rappoport-Bigman, Partner, PWC (Moderator)
  • Jeremy Phillips, Director, PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS
  • Michael Abbate, Partner, KPMG
1:01 PM
Hosts' Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Jade Friedensohn, Senior Vice President, Conference Producer, IMN
1:01 PM
Overview of the CLO Market: Outlook for Issuance and Trends Going Forward

  • Steven T. Kolyer, Partner, CLIFFORD CHANCE US LLP (Moderator)
  • Justin Plouffe, Managing Director, CARLYLE GROUP
  • Peter Gleysteen, Chief Executive Officer, CIFC ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Jason Powers, Managing Director, WELLS FARGO
  • Amit Roy, Head of CLO Origination, GOLDMAN SACHS
  • Algis Remeza, Senior Vice President, Structured Credit Primary Ratings, MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
  • Sajid Zaidi, Managing Director, MORGAN STANLEY
1:01 PM
Managing a CLO Day-to-Day: A Look at Credit Selection: Manager Roundtable

  • Kevin Sunday, Managing Director, WELLS FARGO (Moderator)
  • Leland Hart, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, BLACKROCK
  • John Popp, Managing Director, CREDIT SUISSE ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Frederick Haddad, Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager, GOLDENTREE ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Robert Zable, Managing Director, GSO/BLACKSTONE DEBT FUNDS MANAGEMENT
  • Gretchen Bergstresser, Senior Portfolio Manager, CVC CREDIT PARTNERS
  • Bret Leas, Co-Head of Structured Credit, APOLLO CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
1:01 PM
Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit Area

Commence Concurrent Tracks “A” and “B”

12:05 PM Track A
Track A Legal and Structural Considerations: How to Effectively Analyze a CLO
- Improvements made from pre-2007 vintages; the 2013 CLO structure
- Fundamental vs. market evaluation
- Static vs. stochastic approaches
- Loan prices
- Manager behavior
- Key statistics and reporting

  • John Timperio, Partner, DECHERT LLP (Moderator)
  • Marc Boatwright, Chief Executive Officer/ Founder, COVENANT CREDIT PARTNERS
  • Michael Loehrke, Co-Head and Portfolio Manager, GOLUB CAPITAL
  • Joe Moroney, Head of Performing Credit, APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT
  • Jian Hu, Managing Director, MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
  • Paul Burke, Managing Director | Agency & Trust - NA | Sales Head, CITIBANK, N.A.
  • Chris D’Auria, Managing Director, DEUTSCHE BANK
12:05 PM Track B
Track B: Assessing Underlying Leveraged Loan Market Performance and Credit Outlook

  • Kevin Kendra, Managing Director, FITCH RATINGS (Moderator)
  • Steve Vaccaro, Co-President, Chief Investment Officer, CIFC ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Donald Young, Senior Portfolio Manager, OCTAGON CREDIT INVESTORS
  • Steven Oh, Managing Director, Global Head of Credit and Fixed Income, PINEBRIDGE INVESTMENTS
  • Peter Acciavatti, Managing Director, JPMORGAN
  • Chris Padgett, Senior Vice President, MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
  • Erik Falk, Member & Co-Head of Leveraged Credit, KKR ASSET MANAGEMENT
1:01 PM
Delegate Luncheon

Commence Concurrent Tracks “A” and “B”
Track A: CLO Investment Strategies Track B: Regulatory Update, Researcher and Ratings Anlayst Perspectives

2:00 PM Track A
Track A: Finding Relative Value in CLO Investments: The AAA Investor Roundtable

  • Matt Natcharian, Managing Director, Head of Structured Credit Investment, BABSON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC (Moderator)
  • Timothy Kroeber, Head of Credit Research, MEAG- NEW YORK
  • Neil Desai, Portfolio Manager, PFIZER INC.
  • Peter Sallerson, Structured Finance, MITSUBISHI UFJ SECURITIES (USA), INC.
2:00 PM Track B
Track B: Regulatory and Accounting Challenges and Hurdles

  • Craig Stein, Partner, SCHULTE ROTH & ZABEL (Moderator)
  • Meredith Coffey, Executive Vice President of Research & Analysis, LSTA
  • William Gray, Head of US, ASHURST LLP
  • Ed Faccio, Partner, PWC
  • Phoebe Moreo, Partner, DELOITTE & TOUCHE LLP
  • Jocelyn Lynch, Managing Director, BNY MELLON
  • John Hermle, Partner, KPMG LLP
1:01 PM Track A
Track A: Assessing Opportunity in the Mezzanine CLO Tranche
- Profiling the investor
- Finding value in mezzanine and private debt markets
- Assessing private debt managers: considerations
- Where are the opportunities? How to find the sweet spot in the CLO structure

  • Vivek Mathew, Managing Director, JP MORGAN SECURITIES LLC (Moderator)
  • Amir Vardi, Director, Structured Products Portfolio Manager, CREDIT SUISSE ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Niraj Patel, Managing Director, GENWORTH
  • Anton Lokhov, Vice President, GOLDMAN SACHS
  • Tom Marx, CLO Portfolio Manager, AIG
1:01 PM Track B
Track B: Research Analyst Perspectives: Finding Relative Value in the CLO Market

  • Jon Wishnia, Partner, LOWENSTEIN SANDLER LLP (Moderator)
  • Maggie Wang, Vice President, J P MORGAN SECURITIES LLC
  • David Cao, Managing Director, DFG INVESTMENT ADVISERS
  • David Preston, CLO Analyst, WELLS FARGO
  • Vishwanath Tirupattur, Managing Director, MORGAN STANLEY
1:01 PM
Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit Area

4:10 PM Track A
Track A: Exploring the Role of Equity in the CLO Sector: Equity Investor Roundtable

  • Rehan Virani, Managing Principal, HALCYON LOAN MANAGEMENT LLC (Moderator)
  • Thomas Majewski, Managing Partner & Founder, EAGLE POINT CREDIT MANAGEMENT
  • Nishil Mehta, Principal, PROSPECT CAPITAL
  • Joe Marconi, Portfolio Manager, GREYWOLF CAPITAL
  • Serhan Secmen, Managing Director/Portfolio Manager, NAPIER PARK GLOBAL
4:10 PM Track B
Track B: Global Emerging Markets CLO: Creating Alpha in the CLO Space

- EM/Global Credit Investment Value Proposition: Origination and Investing
-EM/Global CLOs: Where Science of Structure meets Art of Emerging Markets credit Investing
-Vanilla vs. EM CLOs: So close yet so far
-Alpha Creation across the Capital Structures: Value Investing from AAA to Equity

  • Victoria Marmorstein, Partner- Finance, LATHAM & WATKINS (Moderator)
  • Sajid Zaidi, Managing Director, MORGAN STANLEY
  • Eric Schneider, Portfolio Manager, OMEGA ADVISORS INC
  • Euan Marshall, Head, Mobilisation Coordination Unit, IFC
  • Angela Kay, Portfolio Manager & Director of Product Management, ICE CANYON LLC
  • Laya Khadjavi, COO - Head of Strategy and Business Development, ICE CANYON LLC
5:00 PM Track A
Track A: Outlook for the European CLO and Leveraged Loan Market
- Will we see a resurgence in European CLO issuance that parallels the US? If so, what is the timeline for a return to robust activity?
- What are the fundamental differences from the US, and the major obstacles still facing the European CLO market?
- Regulatory concerns
- Assessing European investor appetite for euro-denominated CLO paper

  • John Convery, Managing Director, GREENS LEDGE (Moderator)
  • James Cuby, Credit Investments, INVESTEC
  • Andrew Burke, Senior Portfolio Manager, CAIRN CAPITAL
  • Andrew Bellis, Managing Director and Partner, 3I DEBT MANAGEMENT
5:00 PM Track B
Track B: Middle Market CLOs

  • Derek Miller, Senior Director, FITCH RATINGS (Moderator)
  • Marc Steinberg, Managing Director, GUGGENHEIM SECURITIES
  • Michael Mullins, Partner, WINSTON & STRAWN LLP
  • Kelli O'Connell, Director, NXT CAPITAL
  • Manish Kapoor, , SEC
1:01 PM
Day One of the 2nd Annual Investor’s Conference on CLOs and Leveraged Loans Concludes and Networking Cocktail Reception Commences Hosted by:

Thursday, April 11th, 2013
1:01 PM
Delegate Breakfast and Registration

Commence Concurrent Tracks “A” and “B”
Track A: Liquidity, Manager Selection and CLO Analysis, M&A Track B: Commercial Real Estate, Infrastructure Finance, and Total Return Swaps

9:00 AM Track A
Track A: Buying and Trading CLOs: Assessing Liquidity in the Secondary CLO Market

  • Adnan Zuberi, Managing Director Bank Solutions & Credit Structuring, BNP PARIBAS (Moderator)
  • Charles Arduini, Senior Analyst, ARES MANAGEMENT
  • Taryn Leonard, Managing Director, BABSON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
  • Allen Fu, Global Head of CLO/CDO Trading, RBC CAPITAL MARKETS
9:00 AM Track B
Track B: The Role of CLOs in Financing Commercial Real Estate
- Update on the resurgence of CRE CDOs/CLOs
- CRE market update
- New funding trends and structures emerging

  • Robert Villani, Partner, CLIFFORD CHANCE US LLP (Moderator)
  • Tim Groves, Director, CITI
  • Gene Kilgore, Executive Vice President of Structured Securitization, ARBOR REALTY TRUST, INC.
  • David Baranick, Partner, PWC
  • Jeffrey Rotblat, Partner, CADWALADER, WICKERSHAM & TAFT LLP
10:00 AM Track A
Track A: Hiring and Evaluating a CLO Manager

  • Aashh Parekh, Portfolio Manager – ABS, TIAA-CREF (Moderator)
  • Eli Cohen, Principal, Head of Alternative Investments, GENTRUST WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LLC
  • Andrew Jacobs, Director, MOODY'S ANALYTICS
  • Yvonne Stevens, Senior Managing Director and Co-Head, Leveraged Debt Group, COLUMBIA MANAGEMENT
  • Edwin Wilches, Portfolio Manager, PRUDENTIAL FIXED INCOME
  • Steven Park, Managing Director, DEUTSCHE BANK
10:00 AM Track B
Track B: Launching a CLO Platform: Assessing Strategy and Challenges
- Attracting equity and debt investors
- Getting traction with arranging banks and loan agents
- Infrastructure requirements

  • David Powar, Managing Director, GREENSLEDGE CAPITAL MARKETS LLC (Moderator)
  • Tom Kramer, Senior Managing Director, KRAMER VAN KIRK CREDIT STRATEGIES
  • David Schmuck, Senior Portfolio Manager, BMO GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Tim Houghton, Managing Director, CORTLAND CAPITAL
  • Dan Spinner, Portfolio Manager, EAGLE POINT CREDIT MANAGEMENT
  • Ian Rasmussen, Senior Director, FITCH RATINGS
  • Levoyd Robinson, Managing Principal, CHICAGO FUNDAMENTAL INVESTMENT PARTNERS
11:00 AM
Refreshment Break

1:01 PM Track A
Track A: Tools for Conducting Investor Analysis and Pricing/Valuation Considerations

  • Luis Amador, Managing Director, MOODY'S ANALYTICS (Moderator)
  • Jason Oster, Senior Pricing Analyst, S&P CAPITAL IQ
  • Mark Betteridge, Global Product Manager, BLOOMBERG
  • Marc Boatwright, Chief Executive Officer/ Founder, COVENANT CREDIT PARTNERS
1:01 PM Track B
Track B: Innovative CLO Structures for Infrastructure Finance
- Can CLO Technology be applied to facilitate infrastructure finance? If so, how would the master trust be structured?
- Comparing infrastructure debt to leveraged loans as an underlying asset class: similarities, differences
- CLO technology as a means of de-leveraging the balance sheet to facilitate infrastructure lending for economic growth and development

  • Peter Nagykery, Managing Partner, PRIME II MANAGEMENT (Moderator)
  • Jay Grushkin, Partner, MILBANK, TWEED, HADLEY & MCCLOY LLP
  • Edward Gustely, Managing Director, PENIDA CAPITAL ADVISORS LTD
12:10 PM Track A
Track A: Outlook for M&A Activity in the CLO Sector

  • Ross Van der Linden, Managing Director, STORMHARBOUR (Moderator)
  • Christopher Allen, Senior Managing Director, CVC CREDIT PARTNERS
  • Paul Travers, Portfolio Manager, ONEX CREDIT PARTNERS
  • Michael Herzig, Managing Director, THL CREDIT
12:10 PM Track B
Track B: The Resurgence of the Total Return Swap as an Investment Alternative in the Loan Market
- TRS as an alternative means of investor exposure to the loan market vs. direct CLO investment
- Relative value of TRS in terms of flexibility vs. direct CLO investing
- The various risk return profiles and tenures that can be achieved via a TRS

  • Neil Weidner, Partner, CADWALADER, WICKERSHAM & TAFT LLP (Moderator)
  • Jeffrey Barnes, Director - TRS, BANK OF TOKYO MITSUBISHI / UNION BANK
  • Will Lloyd, Vice President, BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH
  • Michael O'Brien, Partner, WINSTON & STRAWN LLP
  • Nicholas Bozzuto, Head of Complex Prime Finance - Americas, DEUTSCHE BANK
1:00 PM
The 2nd Annual Investor’s Conference on CLOs and Leveraged Loans Concludes

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