Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
11:52 AM
Registration for Closed Door Breakfast Attendees

11:52 AM
Closed-Door Institutional Investor & RIA Breakfast Workshop - The Anatomy of ETPs: Understanding the Nuances Between Products and their Pros and Cons for Investors Today
 The ETP industry has evolved considerably and there are now more providers and offerings on the market than ever and uptakes are at all time highs. But how do these products differ? How do they compare to other indexing products for institutional and retail investors? What is their value proposition for investors? We will address: * The different types of ETP * Understanding ETP structures * Evaluating structural risk * Market risk * Hidden risks * Risk-return profiles * ETP provider due diligence * Portfolio manager performance: Tracking difference/tracking error * Index methodology * Liquidity, valuation and trading considerations * Tax considerations * Analyzing the true cost of ownership * Examining the nuances of different ETPs: How do the Big Three providers differ in their offerings? What are the pros/cons of the smaller, niche providers ETPs? * How do ETPs compare to other indexing products? Can ETPs fit the more complex needs of a pension fund or endowment? What are the latest strategies that institutional investors are employing using ETPs? * Red flags to watch for * Limitations/uses from the end-investor perspective * Participation is strictly limited to qualified institutional investors and RIAs .To register and to submit discussion points, please email Submitted questions will remain anonymous.

  • Rick Ferri, Founder & Member, PORTFOLIO SOLUTIONS, LLC (Workshop Leader)
11:52 AM
Registration for All Conference Attendees and Continental Breakfast

11:52 AM
Welcome Remarks from IMN

  • Seth Kadushin, Executive Director, IMN
9:00 AM
Keynote Session: Looking for Opportunities in a Low Return Environment
 Understanding the building blocks of returns is essential to forming realistic investment plans. In this keynote session, we examine why traditional return expectations of 7-8% a year are flawed and offer a simple and straightforward method of estimating future bond and stock returns. With that backdrop, we suggest some ways that investors can improve on the traditional 60/40 balanced portfolio.

  • Chris Brightman, Managing Director, Head of Investment Management, RESEARCH AFFILIATES
11:52 AM
ETP Market Update & Outlook
 This comprehensive review of current ETP market trends/outlook for the remainder of 2013 and beyond will set the scene for issues which will be discussed during the balance of the event. * What share of retail and institutional investment capital flows do ETPs currently command domestically? What are the drivers behind this? Is this sustainable? * What has been the uptake of ETPs amongst institutional investors over the past year? Can the ETP industry expect the institutional community to more fully embrace ETPs? Why/why not? * How large is the queue of potential new ETPs? Has the distribution pipeline hit capacity? How many ETPs can the market absorb? * What ETPs left the market in the past year? Why did they fail? What impact, if any, has the failure of such products had on the industry? What are the prospects for new entrants to the market? What degree of market consolidation (providers/products) will we likely see this year? * What types of ETPs and structures are end-investors particularly looking for? What are notable trends in how investors are using ETPs? * What are the most significant product innovations and are they gaining acceptance in the marketplace? What new and innovative products are coming down the pipeline? * What must the industry do to evolve to the next level of investor and financial advisor penetration? What are the near-term and long-term growth prospects for the industry How robust is the ETP industry looking? *

  • Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner & Co-founder, ETFGI (Moderator)
  • Dodd Kittsley, Director, Global Head of ETP Research, BLACKROCK
  • Joanne Hill, Head of Investment Strategy, PROSHARE ADVISORS LLC
  • Ed McRedmond, SVP- Business Development Director, INVESCO POWERSHARES
11:52 AM
Networking Refreshment Break

11:52 AM
Investment Executive Panel: Innovation in Indexing & ETP Strategies to Maximize Returns in the Current Low Rate Environment
* How is the regulatory/political/economic environment impacting your short and long-term investment strategies? How are you using ETPs in light of the 2013 market outlook? Are you positioning yourself to use ETPs actively? What do your portfolios currently look like? Where do alternatives fit? What innovative products are you looking at? How are you measuring the importance of different asset classes? How are you selecting ETPs? What are the key points in picking the best ETP in any asset class? * With a continued low rate environment, what strategies are you newly considering for increased returns? What investment strategies wont you pursue? Why? * Where are you currently seeing the biggest investment opportunities? What is your perspective on Emerging Markets? Canada vs.US vs. overseas investments? * What is your approach to risk management? Have we become too risk averse? Are there situations today when taking higher risk can be justified? *

  • John Keane, Executive Director, JACKSONVILLE POLICE & FIRE PENSION FUND (Moderator)
  • Michael Vogelzang, President & Chief Investment Officer, BOSTON ADVISORS, LLC
  • Matt Reiner, Portfolio Manager, Partner, CAPITAL INVESTMENT ADVISORS / WELA STRATEGIES
  • Rob Glownia, Quantitative Analyst, RIVERFRONT INVESTMENT GROUP
11:52 AM
A Practical Application: Portfolio Construction to Weather the Different Economic/Market Scenarios
 Following on from the debate on economic and structural change, we now take a practical approach to the different scenarios presented. We will discuss how the various outlooks would likely impact medium- to long-term asset returns and hence how investment strategies would need to adapt as a result.

  • Randy Bullard, Chief Executive Officer, ETF STRATEGY GROUP (Moderator)
  • David D'Amico, President, BRAVER WEALTH MANAGEMENT
  • Robyn Graham, Vice President, Strategic Business Development / Associate Portfolio Manager, HAHN INVESTMENT STEWARDS & COMPANY INC.
  • Phillip Nelson, Research Consultant, NEPC, LLC
  • Michael Haig, Chief Executive Officer, STERLING GLOBAL STRATEGIES
11:52 AM
From Low to High Exposure: Examining How Different Approaches to Volatility Management are Faring, Where ETPs Fit in and What We Can Learn
 In this session we discuss different approaches to managing volatility exposure in a portfolio: From low volatility investment strategies to strategies that attempt to exploit the benefits of volatility and are designed to be both robust and opportunistic. We assess the riskreturn characteristics of these approaches, results to-date, implementation considerations and their overall pros and cons. Among the points addressed are: * What is the strategic case for investing in or trading off of volatility? Can volatility management within an overall portfolio provide risk reduction benefits that are superior to traditional diversification alone? * How do minimum volatility and other smart beta approaches fit into traditional asset allocation strategies? How to achieve downside protection and superior risk-adjusted returns in volatile periods? What are the implementation challenges? * Assessing approaches to managing volatility into a portfolio: What role can ETPs play? *

  • Scott Ladner, Director of Quantitative and Alternative Strategies, HORIZON INVESTMENTS, LLC (Moderator)
  • Brett Mossman, Vice President, BLACKROCK
  • Luke Oliver, Portfolio Manager, DEUTSCHE BANK
  • David Koenig, Investment Strategist, Research and Innovation, RUSSELL INDEXES
  • Craig Lazzara, Senior Director, Index Investment Strategy, S&P DOW JONES INDICES
  • David Mazza, Vice President, Head of ETF Investment Strategy, Americas, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS
11:52 AM

Concurrent Sessions: Choose ‘A’ or ‘B’

11:52 AM Track A
Track A: Actively Managed ETFs: The Latest on the ‘How, What & Why’
 Many analysts are predicting that an enormous wave of actively managed ETFs will be launched very soon. But who is this product for? How successful are the current offerings? How to know if it is right for you? These are some of the questions that we attempt to answer in this session. * What does active mean for ETFs? * How do they work? * What opportunities do they offer investors? What are some of the challenges and unique considerations of actively managed ETFs? Are they better suited to some market sectors over others? How successful are the current actively managed ETF offerings? What is separating the successful offerings from the unsuccessful? * Who is going to use active ETFs? How to know if they are right for your portfolio/your client? What is the decision-making process on whether to get into active ETFs? *

  • Rob Ivanoff, Director of Research, FINANCIAL PRODUCTS RESEARCH (Moderator)
  • Richard Tomney, Managing Director, Head of Advisor Solutions, F-SQUARED INVESTMENTS
  • Christian Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, LONGVIEW CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC
  • Chris Hempstead, Director of ETF Execution Services, WALLACHBETH CAPITAL LLC
11:52 AM Track B
Track B: Re-Tuning Strategy for the ‘New Normal’: Reassessing Fixed Income Investing & the Role of ETPs
 In this session we attempt to provide a fresh perspective on fixed income investing for today's challenging climate and discuss its current place in the portfolio. We examine methods being employed to achieve the highest possible yield with the least risk; overlooked investment niches; hedging strategies should rates rise; and the role that ETPs are increasingly playing in the fixed-income space. * Assessing current options for achieving fixed income exposure: How do they compare in terms of risks-rewards; liquidity; etc? * What is the case for emerging/frontier market bonds? High yield corporate bonds? Inverse bond ETFs? * Drivers behind the growth in fixed income ETPs * Why are fixed income mutual funds still dominant over fixed income ETFs? * Tactical vs. passive investing in fixed-income * What to look for when selecting fixed income ETPs? Individual fixed income investments? * Key considerations when building a fixed-income ETP portfolio *

  • Howard Present, President and Chief Executive Officer, F-SQUARED INVESTMENTS (Moderator)
  • Stephen Blumenthal, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, CAPITAL MANAGEMENT GROUP
  • Joseph Becker, Senior Fixed-Income Product Strategist, INVESCO POWERSHARES CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
  • Andrew Kalotay, Founder and President, ANDREW KALOTAY ASSOCIATES, INC.
3:10 PM Track A
Track A: Alternatives ETP Strategies & Their Place in the Investor’s Portfolio
 In this panel we examine ETP strategies that investors are employing to gain access to alternative asset classes. In particular we explore commodities, currency, real estate/infrastructure, long-short strategies and hedge funds. In doing so, we examine correlations and performance characteristics, risk and reward profiles, allocations, red flags and other key considerations when undertaking such investments.

  • Vinny Catalano, President & Global Investment Strategist, BLUE MARBLE RESEARCH (Moderator)
  • Greg Peterson, Managing Director, BALLENTINE PARTNERS, LLC
  • Martin Kremenstein, US Passive Investment Management, DEUTSCHE ASSET & WEALTH MANAGEMENT
  • Jacques Longerstaey, Senior Vice President, Investments, F-SQUARED INVESTMENTS
  • Christian Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, LONGVIEW CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC
3:10 PM Track B
Track B: China, Emerging & Frontier Markets: Are They Worth the Hype? How Do ETPs Compare with Other Investment Vehicles for Exploiting Growth in these Markets?
 China, emerging and frontier markets continue to attract significant investor interest in 2013. However, the integration of emerging markets (EMs) with developed markets has limited the diversification benefits of some EM investments. In addition, recent studies indicate that frontier markets (FMs) have had lower volatility than EMs and developed markets for several years now. So, are FMs the new EMs? In this session we examine the strategic case for EM and FM investments and the pros and cons of the different investment vehicles. In doing so, we explore which EMs/FMs are attracting the most investment and within which asset classes, returns expectations and the markets and asset classes to watch based on key geo-economic factors. Additional points to be addressed include: Defining terms: What can be considered as emerging and frontier markets today? Navigating the routes to market (equities, debt, currency, natural resources, commodities, etc.) Comparing and contrasting investment vehicles for broad and niche exposure Assessing the risk-reward profiles Risk management issues Cost management considerations

  • David Pappalardo, Senior Vice President - Advisor Solutions Group, SEGAL ROGERSCASEY (Moderator)
  • Jeff Weniger, Investment Strategist, Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Strategy, BMO GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Mark Abssy, Senior Index and ETF Manager, ISE ETF VENTURES
  • Seddik Meziani, Professor of Economics and Finance, MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY
4:00 PM
Afternoon Networking Refreshment Break

All Attendees Reconvene for Closing General Sessions

11:52 AM
Keynote Presentation: The Impact of Population Aging in the Investment Management Industry
Learn how to help clients overcome counterproductive investing behaviors. In this keynote session, we will examine the potential challenges and opportunities for the investment management industry as baby boomers reach retirement age. In particular, we will discuss the dynamic changes in investor risk aversion, the need for income solutions, the considerations in asset allocation decisions, and explore alternatives to reduce exposure to asset bubbles.

  • Omar Aguilar, Chief Investment Officer, Equities, CHARLES SCHWAB INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
11:52 AM
Best Practices in RIA Practice Management: Building Value; Driving Growth; Creating Efficiency
 In this practically-focused session we address approaches to the successful growth and management of RIA practices, as well as trouble-shooting common challenges. Among the areas we address are: Strategic business planning, with a particular focus on aggressive growth strategies; Optimizing client profitability; Maximizing operational efficiency/streamlining business processes; Technology leverage and integration including an overview of current CRM solutions; Risk management: Regulatory/compliance considerations; Implementing the transition: Critical first steps

  • Kol Estreicher, Director of ETF Execution, WOLVERINE EXECUTION SERVICES (Moderator)
  • Paul Ingersoll, Chief Executive Officer, GOOD HARBOR FINANCIAL
  • Rick Ferri, Founder & Member, PORTFOLIO SOLUTIONS, LLC
11:52 AM
Networking Reception

11:52 AM
IMN’s 4th Annual World Series of ETFs & Investment Management Concludes

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