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  Direct Connect  

DirectConnect: IMN's online customer portal provides IMN attendees with a private and secure environment to connect and network with other event registrants. DirectConnect's networking portal is unique in the fact that it is made up exclusively of IMN customers. When you receive a DirectConnect invitation, you can be confident it is coming from another industry professional.

Below is a screenshot of DirectConnect's networking interface. DirectConnect users receive access to their networks prior to the event and for a period of nine months post conference. Access to DirectConnect moves the conference dynamic from that of an annual get-together to a year round educational and networking experience.

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    Once a conference network is open, event attendees are able to: review the attendee list, search for other attendees by name, company, job function, business type, asset classes & investment strategies and AUM, save searches and send invitations to other event attendees to create a connection. Attendee contact information remains strictly confidential throughout this process. Connecting to other IMN customers is entirely at the discretion of the user. Other features of DirectConnect include: event communications, agenda updates, speaker presentations and session audio recordings (post event only). DirectConnect FAQs

Please note: DirectConnect is available to registered IMN event attendees only.

  1. What is the website address for DirectConnect login? If you are registered for a conference that is enabled for DirectConnect, use the link to sign-in

  2. How do I initiate my DirectConnect? To access DirectConnect you must first create an account on the IMN website. After clicking on "Create an Account" you will be prompted to enter your email address. If you already have an existing record in the IMN database you will be emailed your username and password immediately. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter your contact details. Once you submit the registration form you will also be emailed your username and password. Once logged in, if you are not taken to the DirectConnect dashboard right away, you can visit any IMN conference homepage to gain access to your DirectConnect dashboard. Once on a conference homepage, Click on your name just below the conference banner and select "home".

  3. How do I access the Networking area? You must be an IMN conference registrant to utilize the networking area. Once you have established a valid conference registration and the event networking area is turned on (typically 4-5 weeks prior to an event), you will be prompted to enter some basic demographic information about yourself to help other people locate you using the search function.

  4. How do I send an invitation? Once you are in the DirectConnect webpages (see above for access instructions), go to the "Network" tab on the top tool bar and select an event network and locate the member(s) you would like to connect with. Once you have selected all the people you would like to connect with (now listed in your connection queue) edit the message window at the bottom of the connection queue and click send. If you would like to personalize each person’s invitation message, you must send each invitation individually.

  5. How do I respond to an invitation? Each invitation you receive from DirectConnect will be emailed to you instantly unless you change your communication setting. Once you receive an invitation email you can respond directly from the email or you may log into your account and process the response from there.

  6. How do I know when my invitation is accepted? Each invitation response will be emailed to you instantly unless you change your communication settings.

  7. How do I communicate with my connections? Once you have established connection, you can compose emails from either your inbox located on the top tool bar or from "My Connections" in the Networking tab.

  8. How do I perform a search? You have several search options: first name, last name, company name, business type, job function, assets under management and asset classes/investment strategies. The name and company searches are predictive so as you type the list will automatically filter down to include only those records that match what you have typed. The other search criteria can be combined and saved. For example: if I would like to find Analysts for ABCP or CDOs I can cross select these option and save the search so the next time I return I do not have to recreate the search I can just run the search from my saved searches to see if anyone new that fits the search criteria has been added since my last visit.

  9. How do I add a headshot or bio? From your DirectConnect dashboard you have the option to add both a headshot and biography. To add a headshot you must have an image file that is either jpg, gif, or png format and not more than than 512KB in size. Simply click on the headshot link and locate the image file on your computer, then click "upload", after that you will have a core image saved from which you can create a properly sized headshot by using our cropping and compression tool by creating "Create Headshot". To add a biography you can cut and paste your biography into the space provided or type it directly in to the space provided.

  10. How do I remove myself from the DC list? To remove yourself from appearing on the DirectConnect networking list, please contact IMN's customer service on 212-901-0506 or email your request to

  11. How do I review content from my past event? From your DirectConnect dashboard, locate and select the "conferences attended in the past" tab. Scroll to the conference you are interested in reviewing content from and select the "content" button. Please note: Posting conference audios and presentations on IMN's DirectConnect website is entirely at the discretion of our speaking faculty, so not all session audios and/or presentations will be available on this website.

  12. How do I access conference updates? From your DirectConnect dashboard locate the conference of interest in the center box and click on "updates". This will pull the most recent speaker additions into the box on the right.