Richard Matsui, Chief Executive Officer, KWH ANALYTICS

Richard Matsui

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Matsui is the CEO of kWh Analytics, a data aggregation and analytics company for the solar industry. The firm offers insights to investors that are making decisions about risk and valuation in the solar asset class, using state-of-the-art statistical algorithms. Their dataset is the industry's largest independent aggregation of solar asset data, representing thousands of PV systems. Prior to co-founding kWh Analytics, he was the founding partner of Honua Solutions, a management consultancy to the global solar industry, advising clients across Asia, Europe, and the US.Prior to Honua Solutions, he was a consultant with McKinsey & Company in Greater China.As a founding member of the firm's global solar practice in 2007, he established himself as a leading expert on the industry, having accumulated more solar experience than any other pre-partner consultant (9,000 globally). Mr. Matsui graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. He is also a Forbes "30 Under 30" award recipient for Energy.