Beth Ann Bovino, Senior US Economist, STANDARD & POOR'S

Beth Ann Bovino

Senior US Economist

Beth Ann Bovino is a senior economist at Standard & Poor's, based in New York. In this position, she works with David Wyss, the chief economist, on S&P's economic forecasts and publications, and co-authors the weekly Financial Notes and Weekly Economics Call. Beth Ann has created Industry Drivers reports for analyst research. She is quoted regularly in the press and has appeared on many major television programs. Further, she has written many articles for popular and professional publications. Prior to joining Standard and Poor's in February 2004, Beth Ann spent over ten years doing economic and market research with Sungard Institutional Brokerage, UBS Warburg, and the Federal Reserve. Beth Ann holds a PhD in Economics from Columbia University, a Master's in International and Development Economics from Yale University, and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.