Elizabeth Ritter, Legal Counsel to Commissioner Chilton, COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION

Elizabeth L. Ritter

Legal Counsel to Commissioner Chilton

Elizabeth has practiced law in Washington D.C. at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission since 1988. She has an undergraduate degree from Penn State and received her law degree from the George Washington University. Elizabeth has received appointment as legal counsel to six Presidential appointees in the last four administrations. She specializes in the area of financial market regulation, and has served as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Office of General Counsel as Deputy General Counsel for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs. During the drafting of Dodd/Frank legislation, Elizabeth served as Senior Counsel to the Senate Agriculture Committee. Elizabeth is an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University School of Law, specializing in regulation of derivatives. She has also taught at the George Washington University National Law Center, the American University Washington School of Law, and the Catholic University Law School.