Richard Suttmeier, Chief Market Strategist, VALUENGINE

Richard Suttmeier

Chief Market Strategist

Richard Suttmeier holds an engineering degree from Georgia Tech and a master of science degree from Brooklyn Poly. He has been a professional in the US Capital Markets since 1972, transferring his engineering skills to the trading and investment world.

Richard began his financial services career trading US Treasury securities in the primary dealer community. He became the first long bond trader for Bache in 1978, and formed the Government Bond Department at LF Rothschild in 1981, helping establish that firm as a primary dealer in 1986. This experience gives him the insights to be an expert on monetary policy, which he features in his newsletters, and market commentary seen on the Internet. Between 1991 and 1995, he was the US Treasury market trading desk analyst at Smith Barney. Between 1997 and 1999 he was the Chief Financial Strategist for William R. Hough in St. Petersburg, Florida. Between 1999 and 2008 he was Chief Market Strategist for Joseph Stevens in New York.

Richard is currently the Chief Market Strategist at and Niagara International Capital, and is an Expert Contributor to

Suttmeier correctly predicted the crash of the homebuilders in the summer of 2005, and in April 2006 predicted the real estate meltdown that began the Great Credit Crunch. He correctly predicted the stock market peak in 2007 and the bottom in March 2009.

Richard has also been Chief Market Strategist at Niagara International Capital Ltd since 2009 and has a Series 7 license and is a Registered Principal (Series 24). Richard has been seen in the financial media since the early-1990's including CNNfn, CNBC, Fox Business and Yahoo Finance Breakout.

Richard has made numerous speaking appearances in recent years to investment groups such as the Market Technicians Associations, the American Association of Individual Investors, Wells Fargo Advisors, and The Executive Forum at the National Arts Club, the Investors Roundtable of Wilmington NC, and the University of Tampa Investment Club.

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