Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP

Stradley Ronon is nationally recognized for having one of the premier investment management practices in the United States, representing investment company clients with more than 700 separate mutual funds and assets under management exceeding $1 trillion. With 48 dedicated professionals, our Investment Management/Mutual Funds Practice Group represents retail and institutional investment companies marketing shares through every distribution channel, as well as investment advisers, hedge fund sponsors, managers, administrators and underwriters/distributors, and serve as independent legal counsel to investment company independent directors/trustees, and as special counsel to other law firms with regard to complex issues arising under the Investment Company Act of 1940. Our knowledge of the law governing investment companies dates to 1928, when Stradley Ronon name partner Andrew Young helped establish one of the first mutual funds in the country, the Wellington Fund. Stradley Ronon has a long and rich history in assisting clients with new and innovative investment products addressing industry trends in portfolio management. Stradley Ronon is also actively involved in helping clients respond to the changing investment management environment as well as the sweeping SEC initiatives of late. The foundation of Stradley Ronon’s investment management/mutual funds practice is its recognized capability to advise and assist in all facets of an investment fund’s legal operations - from evaluating a client’s strategies on forming a mutual fund, to assisting with potential transactions. In addition, we offer a full range of services to our clients on related areas of law, including litigation and securities enforcement, taxation and ERISA.