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Thomson Reuters Pricing & Reference Data Solutions Across asset classes, industry segments and business activities, Thomson Reuters Pricing & Reference Data Solutions provide global financial institutions with content and technology to power critical business applications, from pre-trade analytics through post-trade clearing and settlement. This includes evaluated pricing, reference data, organization authority, and enterprise data management solutions. Our evaluated pricing service leverages experience and professional expertise to offer a reliable, impartial view of the fair market value of exotic and hard-to-price securities. We provide reliable prices for individual instruments or entire portfolios, reducing liability risk from inaccurate pricing. We deliver high quality, consistent, transparent evaluations to meet your deadlines, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. Thomson Reuters LPC Thomson Reuters LPC is the premier global provider of information on the syndicated loan and high yield bond markets. Our first-to-the-market news and comprehensive real-time and historic data help you stay informed about market trends and facilitate trading and investment decisions. With field offices around the world, we are the one source for comprehensive coverage of the global syndicated loan markets worldwide. Our publications, online news, interactive databases, analysis and valuation services are used daily by banks, asset managers, law firms, regulators, corporations and others to drive valuation, syndication, trading, and research and portfolio management activities. eMAXX Web access to eMAXX allows ABS professionals to find holders of groups of bonds based on various criteria like collateral type, maturity range, issuer name, etc. Find institutional owners of specific securities and links to the firms that manage their money so you know the right people to call. Private portfolio or trade blotter info can also be easily updated on a proprietary basis to increase the value of the matching tool. eMAXX users can turn axes into targeted sales opportunities by pasting BWICs or inventory and matching holders to any of the bonds to be traded. All eMAXX data is also available as a data feed, enabling you to import the data directly into your own system for customized needs.