With vast and growing quantities of data and rapidly evolving market conditions, analyzing loan-level data is one of the most critical and challenging tasks facing securitization market participants. Without granular analysis of current and historical data, companies cannot manage risk and capitalize on latent opportunities. 1010data provides mortgage and asset-backed securities participants with the industry's most comprehensive data storage and analytics and ad hoc query tools to recognize and respond to changing market dynamics. Counting almost one hundred firms as ABS/MBS customers, 1010data provides the market-leading solution to store and analyze large quantities of loan and deal level data for prepayment, delinquency, default and loss-severity rates, leading to more effective risk management and portfolio valuation. Users can load their own data to our servers, or access over 30 of the leading vended databases for MBS and CMBS Markets. We provide the user with a ready-to-use interface that is both fast and flexible. The user has easy access to the data and the ability to analyze thousands of pools, hundreds of millions of loans and billions of payment records. Users can also seamlessly incorporate HPI series, linked borrower credit data, and their own uploaded datasets into their analyses. Commonly-used databases can be made available to new customers almost immediately. We can also assist customers set up other databases quickly since our unique technology allows us to build and manage databases in a fraction of the usual time and at a fraction of the usual cost. And our fast set up time does not sacrifice ongoing performance: Even complicated analyses on large amounts of raw data can run in minutes or seconds.