BNY Mellon

Drawing upon 35 years of experience, BNY Mellon provides one of the world's largest securities lending programs. Our technology infrastructure and trading tools provide us with the ability to manage diverse client requirements and give us the flexibility to accommodate virtually any program structure. Key highlights of the program include: lending to creditworthy borrowers who have been reviewed and approved based upon our prudent credit standards, a daily automated mark-to-market process to ensure we are holding sufficient collateral against loans, professionally managed cash collateral that features a disciplined course of reinvestment for securities lending and offers separately managed funds customized to client parameters, and detailed on-line reporting with multiple views of loan and collateral information, including management summaries for board reporting. Our proprietary Internet auction tool, i-BIDSM, helps drive additional returns for our clients possessing highly intrinsic value securities. i-BID gives us the ability to swiftly and efficiently capitalize on changing market dynamics. As a client-centric organization, we also provide our clients with a series of informational pieces and Thought Leadership papers to help them navigate the complex changing regulatory environment. For additional information about BNY Mellon's flexible securities lending solutions, contact: securities