The conference
IMN will host the 20th Annual Alpha Hedge East conference, March 3-4, 2014 at the PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Following successful 2013 events in New Orleans and San Francisco, the Alpha Hedge East 2014 program will feature fresh content, new speakers, and an incomparable asset allocator-to-fund manager ratio.

Now in its 20th year, Alpha Hedge is a prestigious event series with a long history of delivering value for investment professionals who understand the importance of in-person networking and thought exchange.

The 2014 Alpha Hedge East Conference builds off of a new, rebooted Alpha Hedge series, and promises to be the hedge fund event that will give you the most value for your time because of IMN's extensive network within the institutional investment community.

As an added bonus, Alpha Hedge participants are invited to attend the final round of the PGA Honda Classic held at the hotel on Sunday March 2, the day before the event.

Alpha Hedge East Features:
  • Top quality speaker faculty with a balance of leading, multi-billion dollar hedge funds, innovative emerging managers, asset allocators with an active alternatives mandate, and service providers sharing insights and expertise on how to get more return from your investment strategies.
  • Phenomenal ratio of allocators, hedge funds, and service providers (1:1:1). Over 400 investment professionals attended Alpha Hedge last year, and we expect continued growth.
  • Excellent balance between investment strategies, operational issues, and broader economic/policy implication. Profit from an event that addresses all of the issues that you deal with on a daily basis.
Join us this upcoming March for two days of valuable education, along with robust networking opportunities, including complimentary access to the final round of the PGA Honda Classic.

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Who should attend
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Fund of Funds
  • Registered Investment Advisors
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Pension Funds
  • Foundations
  • Endowments
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Exchange Services
  • Software/Technology Providers
Sunday, March 2nd, 2014
PGA Honda Golf Classic
Complimentary access to the final round of the Honda Classic is available for those Alpha Hedge East attendees staying at the PGA National on Sunday night. Come join us and cheer on the very best in the world of golf as this year's tournament comes down to its exciting finish.

Monday, March 3rd, 2014
2:25 AM
Registration and Continental Breakfast

2:25 AM
IMN Welcome

  • Dave Hoffman, Conference Producer, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT NETWORK
8:45 AM
Asset Allocation Roundtable: Examining the Role of Different Alternative Assets in the Institutional Portfolio

After years of extreme liquidity, the Fed continues the suspense of when tapering will start. The more time passes, the more the taper seems imminent. This session addresses how institutional investors are viewing the long term viability of their portfolio mix, especially with reference to investments with long lock up commitments, in light of unknown timeline for increasing interest rates.

  • Examining how allocating to hedge funds can mitigate equity risk
  • Discussing how to regulate restrictions on hedge fund investing against the need for diversification
  • Comparing trends in asset allocation and hedge strategies

  • Leandro Festino, Investment Strategist, MEKETA INVESTMENT GROUP, INC (Moderator)
  • Susan Slocum, Treasurer and Investment Officer, CHILDREN'S HOSPITALS AND CLINICS OF MINNESOTA
8:00 AM
State of the Hedge Fund Union 2014
  • Reviewing the inflection points that characterized 2013 and are shaping Q1 2014
  • Examining new financial products and how they fit into your strategic and tactical mix
  • How will fund managers adjust their approach to risk for 2014?
  • Assessing the global economic landscape

  • Joseph Brusuelas, Senior Economist, BLOOMBERG, L.P. (Moderator)
  • Diego Ferro, Co-Chief Investment Officer, GREYLOCK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC
  • Louis Gargour, Chief Investment Officer, LNG CAPITAL LLP
  • Melanie Rijkenberg, Associate Director, PAAMCO
  • Lee Partridge, Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director, SALIENT PARTNERS, L.P.
9:30 AM
How will Credit Strategies Look in a Secular Rising Interest Rate Environment?

This session will examine how structured credit strategies may look during 5-10 years of rising interest rates

  • Structured credit: ABS, RMBS, CMBS
  • Opportunities in corporate credit
  • Opportunistic credit investing
  • Regional opportunities: comparing the US to Europe

  • Chris Cary, Director, Financial Institutions Ratings, STANDARD & POOR'S RATINGS SERVICES (Moderator)
  • Bill Murray, Portfolio Manager, CQS ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Michael Craig-Scheckman, CEO, Lead Portfolio Manager, DEER PARK ROAD CORPORATION
  • Andrew Springer, Partner, MARATHON ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Rajesh Agarwal, Managing Director, NAPIER PARK GLOBAL CAPITAL
  • Philip Weingord, Chief Executive Officer, SEER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LP
10:30 AM
Networking and Refreshment Break

1:00 PM
Policy Roundtable
This session focuses on policy issues that affect the economic and investment landscape, such as Congress and the regulatory environment, Federal Reserve moves, and regulations in the pipeline.
  • What are the economic effects of congressional gridlock surrounding the budgeting process and government shutdowns?
  • How can you prepare for the greater economic effects of tapering?
  • What additional tools are at the Fed’s disposal to keep things moving?
  • What opportunities are created by banks selling off assets such as commodities desks to comply with regulations?

  • David Seif, Director of Research, QUADRATIC CAPITAL (Moderator)
  • Steve Slaughter, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, OAK RIDGE INVESTMENTS LLC
  • Chad Earnst, Assistant Director, U.S. SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION
1:30 PM
Expanding Opportunities for Investing in Volatility

Volatility trading gives investors opportunities to add resiliency to their portfolios and create upside potential. While most investors understand the why of volatility trading, this session will offer more clarity on the how.

  • How has the volatility landscape changed in terms of types of products and their users?
  • Trading to your advantage on the upward sloping structure of a contango
  • Adding volatility trading to your directional play or hedging as a portfolio diversifier
  • Being aware of the level of volatility and time to expiry in regards to futures or options market timing

  • Jay Caauwe, Managing Director, CBOE FUTURES EXCHANGE (Moderator)
  • Christine Gaelzer Helou, Principal, GLOBAL FUND MATCH
  • Jeff Kilburg, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, KKM FINANCIAL
  • Zem Sternberg, Senior Managing Partner, LAKE HILL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC
  • Brian Stutland, Managing Member, STUTLAND VOLATILITY GROUP
2:15 PM
Networking Luncheon

1:15 PM
What is the Potential Impact of Rising Interest Rates on your Fixed Income Portfolio?
With all eyes on the eventual tapering of Federal Reserve stimulus, asset allocators are looking for the next move for their fixed income portfolios.
  • Is it still credit's moment, and what opportunities still exist?
  • How to reduce portfolio duration and mitigate rate risk via long/short opportunistic credit strategies in the face of Fed tapering?
  • How to anticipate and benefit from the Fed taper?

  • Daniel Levinson, Partner, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, ATALAYA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP (Moderator)
  • Steve Mason, Portfolio Manager, COLLINS CAPITAL INVESTMENT
2:00 PM
Redefining Risk Management and Protecting Capital
Studies have shown that a fund underperforming its liabilities requires three to four times as much upside to recover the loss. This session will examine traditional notions of risk and suggest strategies fund managers can use to effectively protect their investments.

  • Ricardo Cortez, Co-Chief Executive Officer, BROADMARK ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC (Moderator)
  • Ben Hunt, Chief Risk Officer, SALIENT PARTNERS, L.P.
  • Steven Turi, Chief Investment Officer, SKYVIEW INVESTMENT ADVISORS
  • Nancy Davis, Founding Partner, CIO, QUADRATIC CAPITAL
2:45 PM
Examining the Case for a Strategic Allocation of Commodities
  • What are the complications on risk and return of adding commodities to a portfolio?
  • Examining commodity correlations in futures markets and against traditional asset allocations
  • How have institutional/long only/ETFs affected the commodity markets and the shape of the forward curve?
  • Understanding how growing demand for biofuels and in emerging markets, currency market fluxes, and increased institutional investment in commodities may affect prices

  • Tready Smith, Founder & CEO, BAYSHORE CAPITAL ADVISORS, LLC (Moderator)
  • Christian Lena, Principal, VIVALDI ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Keith Black, Managing Director, Curriculum and Exams, CHARTERED ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT ANALYST ASSOCIATION (CAIA)
  • Aron Rempel, Principal, J E MOODY & COMPANY LLC
  • Robert Mullin, Portfolio Manager, TOCQUEVILLE ASSET MANAGEMENT
3:30 PM
Networking and Refreshment Break

3:45 PM
Emerging Markets: Asset Allocation and Hedge Strategies
  •  Are Emerging Markets at an Inflection Point?
  • Repositioning your Emerging Markets Plays to Take Advantage of New Levels of Liquidity, Derivatives, and Increased Sophistication in Trading

  • Edgar Sullivan, Senior Strategist, SECOR ASSET MANAGEMENT, LP (Moderator)
  • Luis Laboy, Senior Managing Director and Head of Thematic Research, EVEREST CAPITAL INC.
  • Robert Rauch, Partner, Portfolio Manager, GRAMERCY FUNDS MANAGEMENT
  • Michelle Kelner, Co-Founder, Senior Partner, SANDGLASS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
  • Frank Brochin, Chief Investment Officer, BERENS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
  • David Hinman, Chief Investment Officer, SW ASSET MANAGEMENT
4:45 PM
Advancing Incentive Alignment between Asset Allocators and Hedge Funds

As the hedge fund world and investors gain experience with the asset class, there is call for hedge funds to become more creative and results-centric with fees and incentives. This session will explore what unique arrangements institutional investors and fund of funds may have with hedge funds.

  • How to create mutually beneficial fee arrangements?
  • What is the appropriate level of transparency?
  • How to align asset allocators incentives so they have more skin in the game when selecting managers

  • Jay Steinle, Managing Director, LIGHTHOUSE PARTNERS (Moderator)
  • Charles Friedberg, Chief Operating Officer, BARNSTAR FUNDS
  • Alan Lenahan, Managing Principal/Director of Hedged Strategies, FUND EVALUATION GROUP
  • Darren Feld, Vice President, MESIROW ADVANCED STRATEGIES, INC.
5:30 PM
Understanding Opportunities Created by Institutional Investors who Focus on Return Driven Sustainability Investing
<p>Many public funds, foundations and endowments have a mandate for sustainable investing. While many funds limit their Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) issues to screening out undesirable companies, a growing number of sustainability investors look beyond a negative screen to proactively supporting companies engaged in sustainable business practices as a source of returns. This session will allow hedge fund managers to better reach investors who are looking for sustainability focused strategies with a focus on returns.</p><ul><li>Security selection identifying the technologies and innovations behind sustainability trends and relevant companies</li><li>Effectively communicating with investors looking to integrate sustainability into their portfolios</li></ul>

  • Brian Rice, Portfolio Manager, CALSTRS
6:00 PM
Networking Cocktail Reception

7:00 AM
End of Day One

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
8:15 AM
Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM
Liquid Alternatives: Benefiting from the Migration of Alternatives from Institutional to Retail Markets

The number of ETFs and mutual funds that invest in alternatives has doubled since 2008, with more than $550 billion represented in close to 1,000 portfolios. This avenue may provide hedge fund managers with a new audience that has unique needs for their products. With alternatives expected to reach 25% of retail portfolios, this session examines how retail investors will affect the greater market for alternatives investing and hedge fund strategies.

  • Effectively approaching the retail market by understanding product development and positioning, distribution, investment culture, and regulations unique to that market
  • Educating RAIs and DC plan providers on how to integrate alternatives into individual investor portfolios
  • Understanding replication products and their effect on the underlying hedge strategies as active managers are forced to compete with more passive fees
  • Assessing institutional interest and demand for liquid alternatives

  • Stephen Solaka, Managing Partner, BELMONT CAPITAL GROUP (Moderator)
  • Robert Worthington, President, HATTERAS FUNDS
  • Doug Fincher, Portfolio Manager, IONIC CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
  • Michael Singer, Chief Executive Officer, RAMIUS
  • Robert (Bob) Kern, Executive Vice President, Business Development, US BANCORP FUND SERVICES, LLC
9:45 AM
Financial Industry Landscape: Positioning your Fund to Benefit from the Revaluation of the Banking Industry

The banking industry has changed due to disruptive shocks to the system in recent years. This session will focus on understanding financial sector balance sheets, new regulations, and the trend towards M&A. Panelists will discuss what characteristics will allow banks to grow under new circumstances.

  • What investment opportunities exist within the banking industry?
  • What changes are the banking industry going through
  • Where are the greatest opportunities for returns?
  • Who is best poised to capitalize on new opportunities in banking?

  • Christian Lena, Principal, VIVALDI ASSET MANAGEMENT (Moderator)
  • Jason Ruggiero, Senior Portfolio Manager, EJF CAPITAL LLC
  • Worth Gibson, Chief Operating Officer, FOREST HILL CAPITAL
10:15 AM
Networking and Refreshment Break

2:25 AM
Exposing Select Black Box Strategies

This panel will feature traders explaining some less common strategies such as statistical arbitrage, quant driven relative value, high frequency or mean reversion strategies.   The session will give asset allocators the opportunity to expand their understanding and implement a greater variety of strategies into their portfolio.

  • Peter Lupoff, Chief Investment Officer, TIBURON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC (Moderator)
  • Michael Bleich, CEO, OPHIR PARTNERS, LLC
  • Alexei Chekhlov, Head of Research and Portfolio Manager, SYSTEMATIC ALPHA MANAGEMENT, LLC
1:30 PM
What to Expect When Moving From Working on a Bank Prop Desk to Working for an Independent Hedge Fund

When the Volker Rule takes in effect in 2014, many traders will have to leave bank prop desks for new opportunities.

  • Evaluating the advantages of seeding your own fund versus joining an existing platform
  • Understanding the resources of a bank versus an independent hedge fund
  • What should allocators look for when hiring a manager who was formerly on a prop desk?

  • Charles Krusen, Chief Investment Officer, KRUSEN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (Moderator)
  • Monel Amin, Head of Risk Strategy, ARTHANCE
  • Jason Huemer, President, SYMMETRY PEAK MANAGEMENT
  • Michael Weinberg, Chief Investment Officer & Adjunct Associate Professor, MOW & AYW LLC.
  • Josh Goldstein, President & COO, VERITION FUND MANAGEMENT
2:30 PM
IMN’s 20th Annual Alpha Hedge East Conference Concludes

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Andy Melvin
(212) 901-0542
Meeting Planner
Natalie Smith
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Head of Marketing
Matt Gessel
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