The conference
IMN is proud to announce the 20th Annual Alpha Hedge West conference, September 21-23, 2014, in San Francisco. Our West Coast program historically focused on emerging markets and macroeconomic themes, but this year we are excited to go further and delve deeper.

Of special consideration will be hedge fund seeding, private equity, mainstreaming alternatives, the growth of the family office, and more. The agenda and content are developed in partnership with leading industry professionals who represent the best of the global investment community.

With cutting-edge content and fresh perspectives from a Who's Who in the hedge fund space, we anticipate another top class conference experience for our stakeholders, with the strongest asset allocator-to-fund manager ratios the event has seen to date.
Who should attend
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Fund of Funds
  • Registered Investment Advisors
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Pension Funds
  • Foundations
  • Endowments
  • Accountants
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Exchange Services
  • Software/Technology Providers
  • Sunday, September 21st, 2014
    8:00 AM
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    This is an invitation-only event. For invite consideration, please contact Gina Dzurenda at

    Breakfast will be served at 8am, prior to bus departure. The bus will be departing at 9am outside of the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco.

    2:24 AM
    Registration Opens

    5:00 PM
    Open Door Session for Practitioners
    This discussion will offer attendees from across the spectrum of the hedge fund space an opportunity to confidentially discuss, in a peer-to-peer and exclusive forum, issues at the top of their agenda.

    *Please confirm your registration by emailing Gina Dzurenda at

    • Christian Lena, Principal, VIVALDI ASSET MANAGEMENT (Moderator)
    6:00 PM
    Welcome Cocktail Reception
    Connect with old acquaintances and make new ones at the Alpha Hedge West opening cocktail party. The outdoor setting of San Francisco will provide an ideal location to kick-off the event's proceedings.

    7:00 PM
    Day One of Alpha Hedge West Concludes

    Monday, September 22nd, 2014
    2:24 AM
    Closed Door Breakfast for Institutional Asset Allocators
    This closed door breakfast discussion will offer investment officers and trustees from pension funds, foundations and endowments, family offices and other institutional asset allocators to freely converse about the issues at the top of their agenda.

    To register, please contact Gina Dzurenda at

    • John Linder, Consultant, Principal, PENSION CONSULTING ALLIANCE, INC. (Moderator)
    2:24 AM
    Registration and Continental Breakfast

    2:24 AM
    Host's Opening Remarks

    • Dave Hoffman, Conference Producer, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT NETWORK
    2:24 AM
    Private Sector Growth Amidst Economic Headwinds

    • Joseph Brusuelas, Chief Economist, MCGLADREY LLP (Moderator)
    2:24 AM
    State of the Hedge Fund Union 2014
    Leading fund managers will discuss their approach to investing in alternatives with an eye on risk management, reporting, performance measurement, and how to approach shifting risk allocation in the current economic environment.
    • Reviewing the inflection points that characterized 2014 so far
    • Examining new financial products and how they fit into your strategic and tactical mix
    • How will fund managers adjust their approach to risk for 2015?
    • Assessing the global economic landscape

    • Kelly Easterling, Principal, KPMG LLP (Moderator)
    • Kurt Billick, Chief Investment Officer, BOCAGE CAPITAL, LLC
    • Gareth Henry, Managing Director, FORTRESS INVESTMENT GROUP
    • John Rohal, Executive Chairman, North America, MAN GROUP
    • John Burbank, Chief Investment Officer, PASSPORT CAPITAL
    • Jeffrey Sica, President & Chief Investment Officer, CIRCLE SQUARED
    2:24 AM
    Networking Refreshment Break

    2:24 AM
    Eye on the Future: What is Spurring Hedge Fund Innovation?
    Fund managers will discuss what they see as the main drivers spurring innovation and growth in the hedge fund industry as they overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. Discussion will focus on factors such as:
    • The Business Cycle: Five years into the current bull market, what are hedge fund managers doing to prepare for the next downturn?
    • Regulations: How are hedge funds generating alpha to replace strategies that have recently been limited by regulation?
    • Technology: How will big data, high frequency trading, and cyber security issues shape investment strategies?
    • Competition: How are hedge funds retaining their value proposition in the face of increased use of 40 Act Funds by institutional investors?

    • Christian Lena, Principal, VIVALDI ASSET MANAGEMENT (Moderator)
    • Casey Wamsley, Director, COLLINS CAPITAL INVESTMENTS
    • Don Muller, Head of Middle Office Services, NORTHERN TRUST
    • Kristin Bentz, Executive Director, PMG VENTURE GROUP
    2:24 AM
    Public Fund Policy Panel: Making a Case to Management Committees for Changing Alternatives Allocations
    This session will address how pension trustees and investment officers can communicate the value and purpose of a hedge fund allocation through a decision making process that can be overly bureaucratic. Panelists will discuss their organizational structure and how they have successfully communicated value through it. Hedge fund managers will learn how to best target pension funds and make sure they make the process as seamless as possible from their end.
    • Understanding the role of different hedge strategies in funds of varying sizes
    • Due diligence in selecting alts manager/hedge funds
    • Monitoring hedge funds
    • Assessing risks versus value in your alternatives allocations

    • John Linder, Consultant, Principal, PENSION CONSULTING ALLIANCE, INC. (Moderator)
    • Scott Metchick, Senior Portfolio Manager, AQR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    • Arn Andrews, Chief Investment Officer, Assistant Director, Retirement Services, CITY OF SAN JOSE
    • James Medeiros, Senior Managing Director, GRAHAM CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    2:24 AM
    Adding Value as a Fund of Hedge Funds
    Managers of funds of hedge funds will discuss issues that will help investors better make allocation decisions and hedge fund managers understand what their role may be in overall portfolio construction. Discussion will focus on the evolution from being product managers to more of a fiduciary partner, consulting role, operational due diligence, and the increased importance of access to key people.
    • Merits of tactical allocation versus non-tactical
    • Understanding liquidity preferences of clients while considering comingled funds or separately managed accounts
    • Recognizing different risk and return appetites between funds of funds
    • Examining portfolio construction of the fund of funds level

    • Rachel Minard, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MINARD CAPITAL, LLC (Moderator)
    • Justin Sheperd, Chief Investment Officer, AURORA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
    • Robert Christian, Senior Managing Director and Head of Research, K2 ADVISORS & FRANKLIN TEMPLETON SOLUTIONS
    • Andrew Ross, Associate Director, PAAMCO
    • Kurt Braitberg, Portfolio Manager, TEAMCO ADVISERS, LLC
    1:00 PM
    Networking Luncheon

    12:00 AM
    Please Choose Track A or B

    2:00 PM Track A
    Due Diligence and Monitoring of Hedge Fund Service Providers
    This session examines how a hedge fund may conduct due diligence and monitoring of prime brokers and service providers, and how institutional investors conduct operational due diligence on hedge fund service providers.
    • Basics of service provider due diligence and monitoring of prime brokers and service providers
    • How are hedge funds becoming less opaque?
    • What are investors demanding when it comes to due diligence and reporting?
    • Assessing counterparty risk best practices for documentation and operational risk

    • Nicholas Tsafos, Partner, EISNERAMPER, LLP (Moderator)
    • Monel Amin, Head of Risk Strategy, ARTHANCE
    2:00 PM Track B
    How are Institutions Using 40 Act Funds as a Part of Their Portfolio?
    40 Act Funds are often viewed as a new product line for companies selling into the retail market. Yet increasing usage from institutional investors raises new questions about the impact these funds will have on the market. This session focuses on the rising interest from institutions in 40 Act Funds.
    • What role do 40 Act Funds play in the institutional portfolio?
    • Comparing the value of 40 Act Funds with traditional hedge funds
    • How are institutional investors evaluating 40 Act Funds?
    • How will 40 Act Funds affect the growth of traditional hedge funds?

    • Ricardo Cortez, Co-Chief Executive Officer, BROADMARK ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC (Moderator)
    • Ed Rzeszowski, Portfolio Manager, BLACKROCK ALTERNATIVE ADVISORS
    • John Thompson, Partner, Head of Investment Solutions, Institutional Advisory Services, HEWITT ENNISKNUPP
    • Jonathan Miles, Managing Director and Head of Hedge Fund Advisory, WILSHIRE ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED
    • Jeffrey Nipp, Managing Director, Head of Invesco Solutions, INVESCO
    2:45 PM Track A
    Modern Market Structure: What You Can't Afford to Ignore About Dark Pools, HFT and Execution Strategy
    Innovations surrounding the speed of trading are putting increased pressure on buy side firms to navigate market structure and the effects of increased market fragmentation. Panelists will discuss the impact of the the speed race in determining execution success across the many trading venues now available. Other topics to be addressed include:
    • Latency and technology concerns
    • The range of accessible trading venues
    • Innovations that give more control to institutional traders
    • Potential regulatory changes to market structure as we know it

    • D. Keith Ross, Chief Executive Officer, PDQ ENTERPRISES (Moderator)
    • Roderick Burns, Director, Electronic Trading, BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH
    • Andrew Upward, Vice President, Market Structure, ROSENBLATT SECURITIES
    • David Weisberger, Executive Principal, TWO SIGMA SECURITIES, LLC
    2:45 PM Track B
    Liquid Alternatives: Benefiting from the Migration of Alternatives from Institutional to Retail Markets
    The number of ETFs and mutual funds that invest in alternatives has doubled since 2008, with more than $550 billion represented in close to 1,000 portfolios. This avenue may provide hedge fund managers with a new audience that has unique needs for their products. With alternatives expected to reach 25% of retail portfolios, this session examines how retail investors will affect the greater market for alternatives investing and hedge fund strategies.
    • Effectively approaching the retail market by understanding product development and positioning, distribution, investment culture, and regulations unique to that market
    • Educating RIAs and DC plan providers on how to integrate alternatives into individual investor portfolios
    • Understanding replication products and their effect on the underlying hedge strategies as active managers are forced to compete with more passive fees
    • Assessing institutional interest and demand for liquid alternatives

    • Lisa Lewin, Vice President, PERSHING PRIME SERVICES, A BNY MELLON SERVICE (Moderator)
    • Robert Worthington, President, HATTERAS FUNDS
    • Doug Fincher, Portfolio Manager, IONIC CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    • Avery Kiser, Senior Vice President, NB ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LLC
    • George Sapp, Senior Vice President, U.S. BANCORP FUND SERVICES, LLC
    2:24 AM
    Networking Refreshment Break

    4:00 PM Track B
    Activist Strategies
    Shareholder activism, especially by hedge fund managers, has experienced a renaissance of sorts recently. What is behind this trend, and can market participants expect it to be sustained?
    • What unique opportunities and risks are presented by activist investing?
    • Understanding best practices in reporting protocols
    • Proactively investing in companies that fit your, and your investor's, criteria for long term value

    • Bill Douglass, Principal, GOTHAM COMMUNICATIONS, LLC (Moderator)
    • Philip Larrieu, Investment Officer/Corporate Governance, CALIFORNIA STATE TEACHERS' RETIREMENT SYSTEM
    • Christopher Teets, Partner, RED MOUNTAIN CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC
    • Matthew Hepler, Managing Director, RELATIONAL INVESTORS LLC
    • Ken Shubin Stein, Founder and Portfolio Manager, SPENCER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    4:00 PM Track A
    Expanding Opportunities for Investing in Volatility
    Volatility trading gives investors opportunities to add resiliency to their portfolios and create upside potential. While most investors understand the why of volatility trading, this session will offer more clarity on the how.
    • How has the volatility landscape changed in terms of types of products and their users?
    • Trading to your advantage on the upward sloping structure of a contango
    • Adding volatility trading to your directional play or hedging as a portfolio diversifier
    • Being aware of the level of volatility and time to expiry in regards to futures or options market timing

    • Jay Caauwe, Managing Director, CBOE FUTURES EXCHANGE (Moderator)
    • Christopher Cole, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, ARTEMIS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    • Christine Gaelzer Helou, Principal, GLOBAL FUND MATCH
    • Jeff Kilburg, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, KKM FINANCIAL
    • Brian Stutland, Managing Member, STUTLAND VOLATILITY GROUP
    4:45 PM Track A
    Alternative Income: How to Invest in a Rising Interest Rate Environment
    This session will begin with a debate on the direction of rates, and examine debt investment strategies for different scenarios.
    • Strategies for profiting in a rising interest rate environment: private credit, structured debt, and distressed debt as an income investment, among others
    • What are the effects of rising interest rates on alternative income?
    • Discussion of the risks and potential tradeoffs of these strategies

    • Chris Cary, Director, Financial Institutions Ratings, STANDARD & POOR'S RATINGS SERVICES (Moderator)
    • Bob Jesenik, Chief Executive Officer, AEQUITAS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    • Eli Combs, Co-Founder and President, MEEHANCOMBS
    • Robert Mullin, Partner/Portfolio Manager, REAL ASSETS EQUITY INCOME FUNDS
    • Andy Ball, Portfolio Manager, WEST SIDE ADVISORS
    4:45 PM Track B
    Looking Under the Radar: Incubators and Investing in Emerging Managers
    Session will showcase hedge funds who provide incubators for emerging managers, and highlight managers who have gone through the process. Panelists will also discuss where the value may be found with emerging managers.
    • Benefits of investing with emerging managers
    • Evaluating the risk profile of emerging managers
    • Different ways for investors to gain access: incubators, funds, and direct investments

    • Fiona Treble, Associate Director, AIMA (Moderator)
    • Jason Huemer, President, SYMMETRY PEAK MANAGEMENT
    • Sanford Brown, Managing Director, Head of Business Development, ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT GROUP
    • Michael Sedoy, CIO and Portfolio Manager, KIMMERIDGE CAPITAL
    2:24 AM
    Networking Cocktail Reception

    2:24 AM
    End of Day Two

    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
    2:24 AM
    Registration and Continental Breakfast

    12:00 AM
    Please Choose Track A or B

    9:00 AM Track A
    Structured Credit: Developments in the Loan Market

    This session will examine the loan market structured credit investment options including asset backed securities, collateralized loan obligations, direct lending, and hard assets.

    • Where is the relative value in new issues versus the secondary market?
    • Where are yields going?
    • How will an increase in leverage affect pricing?

    • Eli Sokolov, Managing Diirector, CLIFFWATER (Moderator)
    • Bret Leas, Co-Head of Structured Credit, APOLLO CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    • Damon Krytzer, Managing Director, HIGHLAND CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    • Andrew Peisch, Head of Business Development, SEER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LP
    9:00 AM Track B
    Perspectives on Investing in Tech Companies
    This session will examine the investment landscape for emerging technologies companies. Hedge fund investors and venture capitalists will discuss their investment criteria, outlook on the industry, and new investments and tech companies will showcase their opportunities.
    • What are the newest technological breakthroughs that will lead to successful products and companies?
    • How are needs evolving where technology is the solution?
    • Evaluating the potential for growth in a fast changing industry

    • Stephen Solaka, Managing Partner, BELMONT CAPITAL GROUP (Moderator)
    • Ramneek Gupta, Managing Director, CITI VENTURES
    • Patrick Gallagher, Co-Founder, CRUNCHFUND
    • Chris Kelly, Partner, FORMATION 8
    9:45 AM Track A
    Understanding and Avoiding Insider Trading

    Senior compliance professionals and in-house counsel discuss best practice internal protocols for preventing insider trading violations, lessons learned from recent SEC and DOJ prosecutions, and steps for managing communications once a firm has received notice of an insider trading investigation from the SEC and/or the DOJ.

    • What compliance protocols are effective for ensuring information sharing can occur without crossing any legal lines?
    • When does information sharing become tipping? What lessons can be gleaned from recent federal criminal prosecutions?
    • How has recent regulatory and law enforcement actions approach to expert networks?
    • What steps should a firm take to managing communications internally and with investors when it receives notice that it is the subject of an investigation?

    • Robert Gottlieb, Managing Partner, GOTTLIEB & GORDON LLP (Moderator)
    • Paul Friedman, US Legal Head and Chief Compliance Officer, BLUEMOUNTAIN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    • Jason Crelinsten, Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, GREYLOCK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    • Dan Viola, Partner, Regulatory Defense and Compliance Practice, SADIS & GOLDBERG LLP
    • Jina Choi, Regional Director, San Francisco Regional Office, U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION
    9:45 AM Track B
    Alternative Beta and Risk Premia
    • What is alternative beta or alternative risk premia, and what explains their source of returns?
    • What opportunities and uses do they offer investors as tools for benchmarking hedge fund investment or as investments in themselves?
    • What are the implications of alternative beta research for hedge fund selection fees?

    • Kevin Yousif, Chief Investment Officer, LS INVESTMENT ADVISORS (Moderator)
    • Michael Gayed, Chief Investment Strategist, PENSION PARTNERS
    • Roberto Croce, Director – Quantitative Research, SALIENT PARTNERS, L.P.
    • Ryan Abrams, Assistant Portfolio Manager, WISCONSIN ALUMNI RESEARCH FOUNDATION
    2:24 AM
    Networking Refreshment Break

    10:45 AM Track A
    The Future of Macro as a Strategy: Understanding a New Risk Regime
    Macro fund managers will talk about their view of the broad, systematic factors that create opportunities in a macro investment environment underlined by compressed risk premia.
    • Reconciling conflicting signals from the bond and stock markets
    • Evaluating how monetary policy has changed the rules of risk. Time to adapt, or hold out?
    • Discussing the possible direction of interest rates and inflation based on different criteria

    • Charles Krusen, Chief Investment Officer, KRUSEN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (Moderator)
    • Charlie Bilello, Director of Research, PENSION PARTNERS
    • Ben Hunt, Chief Risk Officer, SALIENT PARTNERS, L.P.
    10:45 AM Track B
    Emerging Markets Strategies: Repositioning your Emerging Markets Plays to Take Advantage of New Levels of Liquidity, Derivatives, and Increased Sophistication in Trading
    Emerging markets continue to mature, with increased liquidity and the introduction of derivatives offering investors an increasingly sophisticated array of investment strategies. Yet as markets become more complex, they also become more unique, requiring each country to be approached at a more individualized level. After a rough start in 2014, is now the time for a contrarian play?
    • Active versus passive investing in emerging markets
    • Which markets are showing signs of growth, and which frontier markets are emerging as having potential for hedge strategies down the road?
    • Understanding how slower growth rates in emerging markets may impact foreign exchange, bonds, and equities plays
    • Accurately benchmarking emerging markets investments based on the correct growth attributes
    • Examining the growth attributes of emerging markets companies and which sectors are likely to grow as a country's economy develops

    • Steven Quamme, Senior Managing Director, CARTICA CAPITAL (Moderator)
    • Ali Bora Yigitbasiouglu, Senior Portfolio Manager – Emerging Markets Macro, THE CAMBRIDGE STRATEGY
    • Adam Choppin, Manager Research - International Equities, FIS GROUP
    • Frank Brochin, Chief Investment Officer, BERENS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
    • sam hou, president, TRUE ARROW
    1:30 PM Track A
    Asset Managers: The Big Data Edge
    In the 2010's Big Data has become a buzz word akin to risk management in the 90's. What does it mean? What do companies do with it? In the asset management world, be it for Alpha generation, risk management, or operational improvement, data has always been big, but often underutilized partly due to technology and partly due to misunderstanding. Big data is now here and more easily accessible. This panel separates fact from fiction, and discusses real cases currently used by practitioners as well as projects to be developed for the future.
    • Data as a source of trading ideas
    • Data as a source of better execution, including high frequency trading
    • Data to facilitate risk management

    • Nathaniel Baker, Editor, BLOOMBERG, L.P. (Moderator)
    • Oren Shiran, Portfolio Manager, BAYLIGHT CAPITAL
    • David Andre, Chief Executive Officer, CEREBELLUM CAPITAL
    • Peter Lupoff, Chief Investment Officer, TIBURON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC
    1:30 PM Track B
    Examining the Convergence of the Private Equity and Hedge Fund Business
    Hedge fund managers have a capability for dynamic risk strategies that exceed those of private equity managers or traditional asset managers.  As hedge funds and private equity firms merge, do hedge fund managers have the opportunity to drive the process? 

    • John Murphy, Head of Research, SAGUENAY STRATHMORE CAPITAL (Moderator)
    • Robert Stobo, Portfolio Manager, ANGEL ISLAND CAPITAL
    • Yunhee Yoo, Portfolio Manager, VECTOR CAPITAL
    2:24 AM
    The 20th Annual Alpha Hedge West Conference Concludes

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    Andy Melvin
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