The conference
On behalf of Information Management Network (IMN), I would like to invite you to attend IMN’s 2nd Midwest Bank & Financial Institution Special Asset Executive Conference on Real Estate Workouts. With over 270 registrants and 100+ Bank Real Estate Workout, Special Asset/Servicers, REO, Credit in attendance at IMN's Inaugural Midwest Forum we are excited to return to the windy city for what promises to be an informative and well-attended event. IMN is not resting on its laurels for this conference. A whole new agenda has been constructed for this event. Some of the new sessions include: * Why Workouts Sometimes Don’t Work out * How have your Current Credit Policies Changed? * Buyer Plenary: What are you Looking for in a Bank When Buying a Note or REO? * Evaluating State Commercial Mortgage Foreclosure Laws And some of the returning favorites updated for 2012 include: * Extend vs. Sale vs. Invest: As the Economy, Certain Geographies & Product Types Improve are you Treating New Workouts & Second Trips Differently? * Investor Strategy Discussion * Operating, Selling Loans & Exiting Regulatory Restrictions Including High CAMELS Rating/Loss Share/ FDIC Regulatory Action or OCC MRA *Plus*... Pre-conference bank-only discussions for all the bank workout attendees (day 1) and small/mid-sized banks (day 2) IMN’s Bank & Financial Institution Special Asset Executive Conference on Real Estate Workouts is part of our series of Distressed Real Estate Conferences covering distinct asset classes (hotels, office, residential, retail) & hosted in various local markets (Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, New York, South Florida). This series uncovers the latest real estate opportunities in various markets & attendance has been in the 250-400 range with 100+ bank real estate workout attendees. We look forward to seeing you this October.
Who should attend
Special Asset, Special Servicers, REO, Credit & C-level executives
Saturday, April 21st, 2018
5:28 PM
Registration & Breakfast for all Pre-Conference Session Attendees

5:28 PM
Pre-Conference Bank Only Closed Door Discussion
This meeting has been a highlight of the forum and will be hosted and attended by special asset/special servicers and real estate restructuring representatives from banks only to candidly discuss the key issues of the day in an open, Q&A format where all are encouraged to participate.

  • Kenneth Grams, President & CEO, KINETIQ GROUP (Moderator)
5:28 PM
Registration & Breakfast for all Attendees

9:00 AM
Remarks from IMN

9:05 AM
Current Macroeconomic Issues
• Shadow inventory: Has it come into the light? • Loan maturities on the horizon- Is the sheer volume an issue? • Cost of increased regulatory compliance • Residential market over-exuberance • Are the 24-hour cities overvalued? Are the secondary cities undervalued? • Market conditions going forward: How do you think they will change workouts?

  • Tim Buss, SVP, Special Asset Solutions , NAI GLOBAL (Moderator)
  • Justin Barr, President, BANKDATAWORKS.COM
  • Jon Winick, President, CLARK STREET CAPITAL
  • Michael Iannaccone, President, MDI INVESTMENTS, INC.
5:28 PM
Extend vs. Sale vs. Invest: As the Economy, Certain Geographies & Product Types Improve are you Treating New Workouts & Second Trips Differently from Troubled Locations and Asset Types?
• What parts of your portfolio are improving? Disappearing? Is it a sellers’ market now? • Cash flow vs. Valuation improvements • How are you treating smaller, worse-off loans? • Selling vacant leases • Can we extend and pretend under the current regulatory regime? • Evaluating the pitfalls of existing remedies • Is the first loss your best loss? • One-offs vs. regular customers • Rescue capital yield: Is it becoming more reasonable? • Current recovery rates • Do you really want to own this property? • Cost of carry • Considering lien issues, attorney cost & Foreclosure time period • Impairment regulations • Cash flow analysis • Recent changes in credit policy to insure no triple trips

  • Christopher Seyfarth, Partner, Transaction Advisory Services/Transaction Real Estate, ERNST & YOUNG LLP (Moderator)
  • Martin Kearney, Vice President, FIFTH THIRD BANK
  • Steven 'Sonny' Ginsberg, Member, GINSBERG JACOBS LLC
  • Charmaine Ali, Senior Vice President, NEWMARK GRUBB KNIGHT FRANK CAPITAL GROUP
  • Ken Wojciak, Team Leader Special Assets Group, U.S. BANK
5:28 PM
Regulatory Update & Compliance: Dodd-Frank, The Volker Rule, BASL & State Foreclosure Laws
• Credit bidding: The latest • Anything new from the federal government on foreclosures? • Capital requirement update • Freddie/Fannie and modifications to non-owner occupied • Valuations • Classifieds-to-capital ratio: What is the magic number? • Cost of compliance • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Uniform Mortgage Data Program update • Documentation needed • A comparison among local state foreclosure laws and process length • Any new developments from the state capital? • The courts… • What foreclosure statutes to pay attention to • Foreclosure defense strategies & making sure the case is valid • Borrowers in foreclosure seeking reinstatement • Lien prioritization • Assignment of sale of loan

  • Steve McGlothlin, Executive Vice President , OLD NATIONAL BANK (Moderator)
  • Jim Bonner, Attorney, BROCK & SCOTT, PLLC
  • Timothy Howard, Attorney and Advisor, HOWARD & HOWARD ATTORNEYS PLLC
  • Robert Kline, Principal & CEO, RW KLINE COMPANIES
  • Brian Valenti, Supervisory Financial Analyst , US FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS
11:05 AM

5:28 PM
Selling Assets in a Bankruptcy Setting
• Taking a property into OREO through bankruptcy, automatic stay & foreclosure in judicial vs. non-judicial states • What are some of the obstacles to effectuate asset sales in bankruptcy? • Circumventing an owner’s reluctance to file for bankruptcy due to concern over a “bad boy” guarantee trigger? • Are there risks peculiar to bankruptcy that you seek to avoid? • Lessons learned from 363 sales • How much do you worry about junior lenders obstructing the bankruptcy process? • CMBS debt issues • Selling assets pursuant to a bankruptcy plan as opposed to a 363 sale? • Selling loans back to the borrower

  • Tim Mazzetti, Partner, President, COHEN FINANCIAL (Moderator)
  • Jeffrey Close, Partner, CHAPMAN AND CUTLER LLP
  • Navin Nagrani, EVP, HILCO GLOBAL
  • Alex Moglia, President, MOGLIA ADVISORS
  • Lori Kohn, Vice President, Special Assets Group, NORTHERN TRUST
  • Pat O'Keefe, Managing Member, O'KEEFE & ASSOCIATES
5:28 PM
Hotel Workouts: What are the Best Ways to Raise your ROI?
• Managing REO hotel assets • How are your handling new ADA regulations? • Selling assets in bankruptcy • Credit bid update • What kind of fraudulent activities have you seen in the hotel world? • When is locking up the hotel the best solution? • Keys for guarantees • Rescue capital: What type of hotels, brands and geographies? • What are the conditions that lead some deals to work out vs. receivership/REO? • What is the role of the receiver? • Assessing the value of the brand • How to work with them their PIPs

  • Michael Nanosky, President, JANUS HOTELS & RESORTS (Moderator)
  • James Buell, Vice President, Special Assets Manager, AMERIANA BANK
  • Doug Johnson, Managing Director, CBRE
  • Alex Moglia, President, MOGLIA ADVISORS
  • Luca Montalti, Senior Vice President, TORCHLIGHT INVESTORS
1:05 AM

2:05 AM
Why Workouts Sometimes Don't Work Out
• How to tell your borrower, who the bank has a long term relationship • Why CMBS workouts don’t work out • Different asset classes: What doesn’t work out? • Loan vs. REO: Comparing reasons for failure • Residential vs. Commercial properties • C&I/CRE loans • Structured & Securitized products • Receivership & Asset management issues • Surveillance & Review

  • David Fischer, Partner, EDWARDS WILDMAN PALMER LLP (Moderator)
  • Andrew Hundertmark, Managing Director - Special Assets, CWCAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC
  • Arthur van der Vant, Receiver & Selling Officer, ILLINOIS RECEIVER
  • Steven Spinell, Principal , KINZIE REAL ESTATE GROUP
  • Brian Pollack, Vice President - Global Restructuring Group, RBS CITIZENS
5:28 PM
Buyer Plenary: What are you Looking for in a Bank When Buying a Note or REO?
• What should be in the due diligence package? • What kind of deals are getting done? • Pricing with docs vs. inadequate docs or without • Impact of liens • Risk factors you are looking for • The inspection… • Sale contract terms • Why did you walk away from the last deal due to a seller issue? • Reps and Warranties of a note acquisition

  • Keith Alexander, Aquisitions Director, MOUNTAIN REAL ESTATE GROUP (Moderator)
  • Matt Goode, Principal, VENTURE ONE REAL ESTATE LLC
  • Seth Singerman, President, SINGERMAN REAL ESTATE, LLC
  • Daniel Shorr, Partner, SMS FINANCIAL, LLC
5:28 PM

4:00 PM
Auctions: When are they your Best Option?
• How much value do you lose? • Residential vs. Commercial auctions • Receivership sales: Anything to be aware of? • Types of auctions • How to hire the right auction house • How to manage the auction process for greatest success • Price vs. Ability to close • Residential vs. Commercial properties • Auctioning Class “A” trophy properties

  • Paul Brenneke, CEO, GUARDIAN (Moderator)
  • Tim Mazzetti, Partner, President, COHEN FINANCIAL
  • Stephen Taglione, Vice President and Senior Sales Manager, FIFTH THIRD BANK
  • Michael Fine, Principal, FINE & COMPANY
  • Matt Corso, Chief Operating Officer, MARKNET ALLIANCE
5:28 PM
Addressing & Repairing Loan Documentation Deficiencies Including Avoiding Lender Liability
• What should you be looking for in a document review? • Have there been successful lender liability cases by borrowers? • Estoppel/Waiver provisions • Borrower communication • Getting borrower cooperation to fix problems

  • Anthony Nasharr, Shareholder, POLSINELLI SHUGHART (Moderator)
  • Larry Johnson, Executive Vice President, Director of Special Assets, BUSEY BANK
  • Kenneth Grams, President & CEO, KINETIQ GROUP
  • Scott Frost, Attorney & Counsel, HOWARD & HOWARD ATTORNEYS PLLC
  • Dev Strischek, SVP & Senior Credit Policy Officer, SUNTRUST BANK
5:28 PM
Valuation, Loss Recognition & Determining how Much Allowance for Loan Loss
• Stress Testing • How are you treating & reviewing appraisers? Fire sale appraisals? • Impact of available capital • Changes in accounting treatment • Impact of loss on bank risk rating • Marking-to-Market • Impairment & Valuation • Appraisal time periods • Land comps • Internal valuation vs. External appraisal: What to do if different? • Loan vs. REO • Residential vs. Commercial properties

  • James Buell, Vice President, Special Assets Manager, AMERIANA BANK (Moderator)
  • Brian Bailey, Subject Matter Expert, CRE, THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF ATLANTA
  • John Satter, Midwest Region Manager, HILCO REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL, LLC
  • Dev Strischek, SVP & Senior Credit Policy Officer, SUNTRUST BANK
  • Tim Clancy, Principal, ASSET ADVISORY CORP.
5:28 PM
Networking Reception Courtesy of:

5:28 PM
Day One Concludes

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012
5:28 PM
Breakfast is served

5:28 PM
Loan Modifications, Recaps & Non-Foreclosure Exit Options: Is it Worth the TDR and has the New Updated Guidance been Helpful?
• How helpful is the new guidance? • FASB TDR definition • Taking TDRs out of banks hands • A/B Notes • DC, local and different agency focuses • Concessions • And if the government isn’t enough… The internal auditors review • Tax implications • Pre-Negotiation agreements • Evaluating the role of the current owner • How secure are you with the collateral? • Foreclosing while the owner waits for a modification • Technology’s ability to handle TDRs

  • Francis Keldermans, Partner, HOLLAND & KNIGHT LLP (Moderator)
  • Gary Whittington, Business Unit General Counsel, AEGON USA REALTY ADVISORS, LLC
  • Chris Friis, Chief Credit Officer, THE BANCORP
  • Clark Rogers, Senior Vice President, KEYBANK REAL ESTATE CAPITAL
  • John Budyak, Managing Director - Special Assets, TALMER BANK
  • Matthew Howe, VP, Special Assets, LAKESIDE BANK
5:28 PM
Single Property vs. Bulk Disposition: Which Way Should you go?
• How do you decide whether to do a bulk or individual sale? • Auction sales v. direct sales? • Different asset classes • Evaluating online vs. Other methods • Note vs. REO • Retail vs. Wholesale prices • Vetting the buyer • Small balance loans • The auction option • Considering property size & portfolio • Comparing disposition costs vs. Portfolio discount • Residential vs. Commercial properties

  • Sean McVity, Managing Partner, GARNET CAPITAL ADVISORS (Moderator)
  • Geoffrey Wood, Senior Vice President, CWCAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC
  • Richard Levine, Managing Director, GUARDIAN
  • Kirsten Helma, Vice President, Manager of Real Estate Dispositions, MB FINANCIAL BANK, N.A.
10:10 AM
Note Sale Decisions for the Seller
• Mechanics & Performance • FDIC Sales • Owner financing • Selling CMBS vs. Whole loans • Connecting with buyers • Comparing disposal means • Valuing notes vs. how much of a hit your capital can take • Dealing with recourse • Selling under bank regulatory restrictions • Liability assumptions • Price vs. Ability to close • Selling the note back to the borrower • C&I/CRE loans

  • Julie Tanaka, CEO and Principal, COMPENDIUM CAPITAL GROUP (Moderator)
  • Michael Carp, Executive Vice President, BERKADIA COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE LLC
  • Charlie Kepner, Special Asset Manager, FIRST BANKS, INC
  • Craig Sherman, Senior Note Sale Advisor, NEWMARK GRUBB KNIGHT FRANK
5:28 PM

5:28 PM
Collecting/Enforcing/Selling/Buying Loan Deficiency Judgments
• Maintaining the property • When to walk away vs. when to settle • Determining if you would get a better ROI holding or selling • What are the factors that determine a price? • Selling assets in bankruptcy • Avoiding transfer & other taxes and fees • Legal fees • Pooling & Structuring considerations • In-house vs. External collection • Deficiency Judgment after Short Sales • International clients • Residential vs. Commercial properties

  • Jerry Switzer, Attorney, POLSINELLI PC (Moderator)
  • Thomas Lombardo, Attorney, GINSBERG JACOBS LLC
  • Chris Friis, Chief Credit Officer, THE BANCORP
  • Steve McGlothlin, Executive Vice President , OLD NATIONAL BANK
  • Tim Clancy, Principal, ASSET ADVISORY CORP.
12:00 AM
Discounted Payoffs, Deeds-in-Lieu & Structured Sales
• Do you have an aversion to a DPO? Once you give one customer a DPO do all want it? • DPO vs. Third-party buyer; Sell vs. Foreclose • DPOs & TDRs • Financing the DPO • DPO restrictions • Tax consequences • When is a deed-in-lieu the best option?

  • Larry Johnson, Executive Vice President, Director of Special Assets, BUSEY BANK (Moderator)
  • Henry Bieber, Managing Director, ARES MANAGEMENT
  • Michael Carp, Executive Vice President, BERKADIA COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE LLC
  • Kenneth Krejca, Director, (EX) C-III ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC
  • Matthew Howe, VP, Special Assets, LAKESIDE BANK
5:28 PM
Conference Concludes

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