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IMN is pleased to invite you to the 14th Annual European Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Conference on October 14-15, 2013 in London, UK. European Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum is part of IMNs industry leading series of global opportunity fund conferences, bringing the top real estate practitioners throughout the world together to discuss the critical issues facing Europe's real estate investment market. With over 400 investors, fund managers, lenders, developers, owners, consultants and other real estate professionals in attendance, this is the must-attend for Europe's real estate market.

We look forward to hosting you in London in October.

Who should attend
Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Representatives Investors, Advisors & Consultants Property Managers, Developers & Owners Finance Professionals & Service Providers to the Real Estate Industry
Monday, October 14th, 2013
6:17 PM
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8:10 AM
Opening Remarks from IMN

6:17 PM
Current State & Future of Europe’s Real Estate Funds Business
What key developments have there been in the fund and real estate markets over the past 12 months? What further changes are likely? ** What fund structures are being favored right now? ** What will be the new normal for funds going forward? ** What is the outlook for niche funds? Mega Funds? What will be the role of opportunity funds in the current climate? ** Transaction volumes: What to expect in 2014? ** Deployment of capital ** Capital flows: Where is the money coming from? ** What is the state of the LP market? Who is investing in real estate? Are new investors coming on board and why? ** How functioning are the debt markets? Lender appetite vs. demand for capital** How have the mortgage origination, CMBS, sub-debt and distressed debt markets evolved over the past year? Where are these markets headed in 2014? ** Fund consolidation: Will it continue? ** Fund Management vs. Asset Management ** Is too much money really chasing too few prime products? ** How are risk/return scores shifting? ** Is Europe the best distressed market in the world right now? ** Exit Avenues
and options ** Impacts of technology on the market

  • Joseph Smith, Partner, SCHULTE ROTH & ZABEL LLP (Moderator)
  • David Marks, Co-Managing Partner, BROCKTON CAPITAL LLP
  • David Bouch, Managing Director, EUROCAPITAL PROPERTY INVESTORS
  • Jos Short, Founding Partner and Executive Chairman, INTERNOS REAL INVESTORS LLP
  • Christian Schulte Eistrup, Managing Director, Capital Markets, MGPA (UK) LTD.
  • Keith Breslauer, Managing Director, PATRON CAPITAL ADVISERS, LLP
  • Ric Lewis, Chief Executive, TRISTAN CAPITAL PARTNERS
6:17 PM
Large Fund Plenary: Investment Strategies for Increasing Deal Flow in an Evolving & Challenging Climate
Looking at Euro zone & non-Euro zone markets: Where are you making money? Which markets are you redlining? Of Emerging markets, BRICs & Americas: How are you exploring different markets? ** 24 hour cities vs. Regional markets ** Are you willing to take a little risk? How are you handling risk? Is the economic cycle improving for value added? ** Are you chasing quality products on the market? How do you plan to add value? ** Are you going to Core? ** Are the PIIGS attractive? Nordics? **Exit: Is the demand there? ** Are you having a difficult time sourcing deals? Are you going smaller? ** Is large deal liquidity improving?** Is development & construction on the investment menu? ** Finding financing: Is the environment improving?

  • Alan Samson, Partner & Co-Chair, Real Estate Group, GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP (Moderator)
  • Roger Orf, Partner & Head of Real Estate, Europe, APOLLO GLOBAL REAL ESTATE
  • Ronald Rawald, Partner & Head of European Property, CERBERUS EUROPEAN CAPITAL ADVISORS, LLP
  • Van Stults, Managing Director, ORION CAPITAL MANAGERS
  • Anthony Myers, Senior Managing Director, Real Estate, THE BLACKSTONE GROUP
  • Joseph Sitt, President, THOR EQUITIES, LLC
6:17 PM
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6:17 PM
A) Distressed Opportunities in Europe
Is distressed the best play out there? Are you just buying other peoples problems? ** Examining the drivers of change across the distressed industry: Which industries are showing above-average levels of distressed opportunities? ** What are todays best ways to take advantage of the current and future wave of distressed real estate assets? ** How to find deals in todays market? ** Is distressed being priced accordingly? Is it oversold? ** What are the expected returns? ** Availability of debt & seller finance **Financing and structuring considerations **Valuing distressed buildings ** Update on Country-Level distress ** Evaluating sectors

  • Robert Weinberg, Managing Director, FORUM CAPITAL PARTNERS (UK) LLP (Moderator)
  • Simon Blaxland, Executive Director - Head of Investments Private Equity Funds, AEW EUROPE
  • Stefan Jaeger, Senior Vice President, COLONY CAPITAL, LLC
  • Roland Schmidt, Principal, FORTE CAPITAL
  • Paul Rivlin, Joint Chief Executive, PALATIUM INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
  • Roger Barris, Founding Partner, PEAKSIDE CAPITAL ADVISORS LTD
6:17 PM
B) The Case for Investing in Non-Performing Real Estate Loans in Europe Today
Market snapshot covering supply, products and prices ** Have more NPLs been available? ** What vehicles and strategies should investors consider ** Joint ventures with banks ** Comparing US vs. EU NPLs ** Getting to the NPLs: Entity- level purchases ** Evaluating the structure ** Property-level due diligence ** Legal and practical issues ** Would you invest in the Italian NPL market? Spain? ** Attractive asset types? Geography?

  • Michael Bolton, CEO & President, CLAYTON EURO RISK (Moderator)
  • Ruprecht Hellauer, Managing Director, ALBULUS ADVISORS GERMANY GMBH
  • Jonathan Driscoll, Group Chief Executive Officer, BREAM REAL ESTATE GROUP
  • Conor Houlihan, Partner, DILLON EUSTACE
  • Fabrizio Grena, Executive Director, GOLDMAN SACHS
  • Shamik Narotam, Vice President Real Estate, MORGAN STANLEY
6:17 PM
A) Subscription and Short-Term Financing: 2013 and Beyond
Financing secured by the capital commitments of investment grade quality (or similarly-profiled) fund investors can often be obtained on more flexible terms usually reserved for corporate issuers and at better pricing than other financing alternatives available to fund sponsors. The current state of the market, emerging trends, and structuring of such facilities will be the focus plus...

What products are available? At what pricing/terms? Todays terms, including pricing, tenor and maturities **Line use availability and restrictions ** Credit approval process for repeat/new funds ** Current underwriting standards for investors ** How should funds ensure their interests are protected? ** Providing funds for JVs, club deals and other structures ** How are investor concentration limits being addressed? ** What subscription lines, aftercare, and term hedging solutions can banks get approved ** Working through a default or modification ** Cost of capital vs. longer term financing **Capital availability ** Restructuring lines ** Collateral and priority ** Restrictions to transfer **Tax issues

  • Ellen McGinnis, Partner, HAYNES AND BOONE, LLP (Moderator)
  • Mark Monte, Managing Director, BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH
  • David Wasserman, Vice President, SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION
6:17 PM
B) European Real Estate Market & Bank Workout Update
How is the current macro situation impacting your workout strategy? ** How has the market changed in the past year? Emerging industry trends & what can be expected beyond 2013? Has there been an increase/decrease in bank workout activity over the past year? ** What will the worsening effects of the European financial crisis do to the bank workout environment?  What are the major issues expected on the agenda for real estate workout/restructuring executives for the next year? **Multi-jurisdictional and cross-border workout issues **Bank/Fund Joint ventures** Structured product workouts **Strategy for residential assets ** Structured exiting and divestments ** Voluntary agreements vs. legal routes

  • Wayne McArdle, Partner, GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER (Moderator)
  • Ralf Zeitlberger, Head of Group Corporate Workout, ERSTE GROUP BANK AG
  • Lee Galloway, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, PIMCO
  • Michael Walton, Chief Executive, RYNDA PROPERTY INVESTORS LLP
6:17 PM
A) Evaluating the London Markets: Do You Still Think It Is a Good Buy or a Goodbye?
Has the UK reached a pricing peak? Is the risk premium justified? Are core assets overpriced? ** Central London: Still money to be made? **Where are valuations going? ** Second tier: How is the market holding up? London vs. the Continent: Where will your focus be for the next year? ** Which sectors should you be investing in? Yields in different asset classes **Retail: Evaluating demand, where to go and where not to go ** How sustainable is current tenant demand and rental levels? Is the Central London residential market overheated? ** Technology, Media, & Telecommunications (TMT Sector) opportunities ** Middle Eastern and other foreign investor demands **Looking outside of London: Where should you be putting your money? **Value-added opportunities in and around London **Non-core ** What is the outlook for the UK Market?

  • Robin Carr, Fund Manager, AERIUM FINANCE LTD (Moderator)
  • Serge Maton, Director, CARVAL INVESTORS UK LTD
  • Robert Mills, Partner, CLEARBELL CAPITAL LLP
  • Michael Kovacs, Partner, MERCER REAL ESTATE PARTNERS
  • Edouard Fernandez, Principal, WAINBRIDGE LIMITED
6:17 PM
B) Fund Structuring 2013 Style
Separate accounts, JVs, club deals, and other alternative structures & identifying the key drivers : Control? Lack of fund investors? The search for better asset management on the ground? ** Is deal structuring today more concentrated on risk mitigation or driving returns? ** How do discretion and control work in these environments? ** What types of investors are interested in what type of structures? **What size fund do you need to effectively use these strategies? ** Tax structuring challenges of each/ Governance issues/ Exclusivity concerns **Structuring to deal with problems **Termination, removal, & giveback provisions **Approvals/block rights ** Co-Investment rights

  • Ray Haarstick, CEO, RELEVANT EQUITY SYSTEMS, INC. (Moderator)
  • Anne Lemonnier, Managing Partner, ALREAS LTD
  • Jyrki Konsala, Director, AMPLION
  • Rüdiger von Stengel, Managing Director and Partner, ART-INVEST REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT
  • Russell Beer, Founding Principal, BIG OCEAN LLC
  • Angus Henderson, Head of Business Development, F&C REIT ASSET MANAGEMENT UK
  • Michael Siefert, Managing Director, MADISON INTERNATIONAL REALTY
1:00 PM

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2:00 PM
A) LP Panel: Investor Perspectives
What are you doing differently today from a year ago? What is your risk tolerance now? Are lower risk- lower return strategies more attractive today? ** What is your attitude towards real estate investments? Are you becoming more aggressive about deploying capital? How will the political/economical environments impact your investment real estate strategy? Current real estate allocation ** Return expectations:  Are they being met? ** Funds vs. direct investment vs. listed real estate ** Are you moving beyond core investments? ** What do you see as the greatest risks and opportunities in real estate for the next 6-12-18 months? Are you looking more short term? What asset classes are you favoring?  Preferences: country-specific or sector-specific funds, or regional coverage? **Investor yields and safety demands ** Separate accounts vs. club deals vs.  Co-investments vs. joint ventures ** What type of relationships do you want with your fund managers & what terms are they demanding? ** The use of advisors & consultants ** Attractiveness of secondary markets **Options for LPs pulling out of Fund ** Key considerations when evaluating whether to work with new, emerging managers ** Family office vs. institutional approaches

  • Steen Ehlern, Managing Partner, Switzerland, FERGUSON PARTNERS FAMILY OFFICE (Moderator)
  • W. Michael Crawford, Partner, EATON PARTNERS, LLC
  • Claire Woolston, Senior Consultant, Private Markets, NEW ENGLAND PENSION CONSULTANTS
  • Eric Byrne, Managing Director, Global Head – Multi-Managers & Securities, Global Real Estate, UBS AG
2:00 PM
B) The Residential Investment Market: An Overview of the Current Economies & Strategies
Are we on the upswing? Is interest in the sector still strong? ** What real estate fundamentals are being analyzed when making investment decisions in the residential sector? ** What markets will have the most potential over the next 12 months? Is there any new development on the horizon? ** Comparing and contrasting the different residential sector investment opportunities ** Prime London vs. other markets vs. sub-markets ** Is there a sweet spot in terms of residential deal size right now? **Financing availability surrounding residential ** Institutional investors appetite for residential ** Is multifamily becoming hotter? Inflation concerns **Distressed opportunities **Diversification, volatility, risk/return and correlation with other markets **Buy-to-let market ** Student and retirement housing focuses** New institutional interests ** Development financing **Rented residential appetites

  • Simon Phillips, Executive Director, MILL GROUP (Moderator)
  • Raj Kotecha, Executive Director, AMRO REAL ESTATE PARTNERS
  • Mark Tagliaferri, Managing Partner, GI PARTNERS
  • Laure Duhot, Director – Strategic Capital Markets, GRAINGER PLC
  • Martin Skinner, Partner, INSPIRED ASSET MANAGEMENT
6:17 PM
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Please Choose Track ‘A’ or ‘B’

3:00 PM
A) “Defending Turf”: Comparing International Real Estate Investment Opportunities with Opportunities in the EU
Investment case for the UK and EU in the global context: What is the current outlook for the European real estate market in comparison to the global market? **Evaluating the current fiscal positions ** Growth possibilities ** Macroeconomic and political risk ** Assessing local market strength ** Where are the safe havens in the Euro zone? **Are Western European markets becoming less attractive? **Factors driving international LPs to allocate to Europe over other markets ** Comparing the investment conditions and risks ** In evaluating risk/return is Europe all that bad? ** Competing with China and India

  • Jason Liu, Managing Principal, AMCAP, INC. (Moderator)
  • Seth Lieberman, CIO Real Estate Investments, ADVANCED CAPITAL
  • Wilson Lee, Founding Partner, FIRST GROWTH REAL ESTATE CAPITAL, LLP
  • Parry Singh, Co-Founder & Senior Managing Director, RED FORT CAPITAL, LLC
3:00 PM
B) Core vs. Value-Add vs. Opportunistic Investing: Where to Make $ in this Slow Environment?
Core vs. Value-Add vs. Opportunistic Investing: Blurring The Lines?

Identifying the best opportunities today ** Attractive risk-adjusted plays ** Risk tolerances: value-add, opportunistic, and core ** Core: Strategic thinking and competition for product; Time to explore the secondary markets or products?; Evaluating the secondary markets and products in Germany and the UK ** Value-Add: Is the cycle right for value-added?; Thinking creatively: How to identify hidden value ** Opportunistc: How opportunistic are today's opportunity funds?; Are size and complexity the remaining bastions of (large) opportunistic funds? ** What will the focus during the next 12 months **

  • Michael Gerlich, Managing Partner, FIDUCIARY CAPITAL GMBH (Moderator)
  • Candace Valiunas, Head of European Real Estate, CAMBRIDGE PLACE PROPERTY SERVICES LTD
  • Adrian Benedict, Investment Director, FIDELITY WORLDWIDE INVESTMENT
  • Miles Stephenson, CEO, GARIGAL RETAIL
  • Tom Richardson, Research Analyst – Private Real Estate, RUSSELL INVESTMENTS
6:17 PM
A) Fundraising: How to Attract LP Attention in a Crowded Market
How has fundraising strategy changed over the past 12 months? Going into 2014, what are the successful strategies that will able to attract new capital and why? How will the political & economic environment likely impact fundraising strategy further? ** Evaluating the different investor types: Who is still putting money in? What are the preferred asset classes/ geo regions? ** What foreign capital is focusing on the European real estate market? What are they targeting? How to tap into this? ** What does it take for a new manager to access capital today? ** Is it possible to reach your goal today without a 3rd party fundraiser? ** Pitching to the investment consultant ** Dealing with fund legacy issues in a fundraise ** The performance and track record universe ** Raising opportunistic vs. core **What are investors looking for other than returns? ** Impact and the performance of AIGM, Solvency II and other regulatory changes on raising capital from European LPs ** Finding international investors ** What do you do when you cant raise funds? : Segregated accounts

  • Maria Carmen Pou, Chief Executive Officer, B P & PARTNERS LTD.
  • Sasha Silver, Director, Real Estate Private Fund Group, CREDIT SUISSE
  • Alex Price, Chief Executive, PALMER CAPITAL PARTNERS
  • Mike Riley, Joint Managing Partner, WAYPOINT ASSET MANAGEMENT
6:17 PM
B) German Investments: Is it still Ripe for Real Estate Investments?
Macroeconomic and real estate fundamentals **Market performance and capital growth ** Capital availability/Market liquidity ** Lending market in Germany ** Mezzanine financing options ** What types of properties are being financed by banks? Terms for the properties the banks arent financing? ** Foreign investment attraction and commitments ** Gateway vs. Peripheral cities: Where to look outside of the big 4? ** Germany vs. UK market practices ** Distressed Opportunities ** Retail, residential, commercial- Which sectors are outperforming others? **Are core markets hot in Germany? Hot sub-markets **Residential opportunities & multifamily investing **Sale/leaseback opportunities ** Land, development, and construction ** Office market investment strategies ** Retail/Logistics

  • Robbin Herring, Managing Director, BOXBERG CAPITAL (Moderator)
  • Rodney Bysh, Managing Director, FELDBERG CAPITAL
  • Thomas Kessler, Partner, Real Estate, Germany, HERBERT SMITH FREEHILLS
  • Marcus Disselkamp, Managing Director, IMMOBILIS GMBH
6:17 PM
A) LP/GP Relationship: Evolving for Better or Worse?
How have market events over the past 12 months impacted the LP-GP relationship? Are investors still pushing back? Will trust ever be restored? What to expect in 2014? ** What are investors looking for and can fund managers satisfy the LPs needs? ** Aligning Interests: Control & discretion; compensation; communications & transparency; fees, promotes & incentives ** LP fund due diligence:  Is there a trend of more transparency required and warranted than ever before? ** Structural considerations ** Evaluating legacy issues and investments gone wrong ** Managing risk and investor expectations ** Investor relations best practices

  • John Gellatly, Head of Europe, Global Indirect Real Estate (GIRE), AVIVA INVESTORS (Moderator)
  • Andrew Friend, Director of Institutional Business, HENDERSON GLOBAL INVESTORS
  • Mikkel Bülow-Lehnsby, CEO & Partner, NORDIC REAL ESTATE PARTNERS
6:17 PM
B) New Fund & Emerging Managers: Overcoming the Barriers to Entry
What are the keys to success today? ** Best formats for an emerging manager (blind pool fund, separate account, club fund, single deal JVs)? ** Investor experience: What types of investors are looking more towards smaller, niche, emerging managers? ** How can emerging & small cap managers make themselves more attractive to institutional investors? **How interested are placement agents in supporting new & emerging managers? ** Strategy: Building up a track record pre-new fund formation; Fund Administration; Fund Terms including incentive arrangement, commitment period length; Reporting/transparency; Fundraising; Staffing & overhead ** AIFMD: Impact on 1st time funds & attractiveness to LPs

  • Oliver s'Jacob, Partner, REED SMITH LLP (Moderator)
  • Josh Cleveland, Partner, STEPSTONE GROUP LP
  • Bryan York Colwell, Co-Founder/Managing Partner, LCN CAPITAL PARTNERS
  • David Boyle, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Head, MORGAN STANLEY ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT PARTNERS
6:17 PM
A) Secondary Investment Appetites
Enhanced returns with lower risk? ** Achieving a diversified portfolio: Whats for sale? ** Driving forces of secondary markets ** How to find transparency and liquidity in secondary markets ** Correctly identifying and pricing opportunities ** Comparing and contrasting the market for core vs. non-core secondary activity ** How do alternative investments stack up in secondary and tertiary cities ** Return characteristics in secondary & tertiary cities compared to gateway cities ** How is mezzanine financing in secondary and tertiary markets done differently to gateway cities?

  • Andrew Halhead, Director Underwriting, HUDSON ADVISORS (Moderator)
  • Andreas Ewald, Executive Director, ERNST & YOUNG REAL ESTATE GMBH
  • Paul Parker, Managing Director-Real Estate Europe & Asia, LANDMARK PARTNERS
  • Michael Siefert, Managing Director, MADISON INTERNATIONAL REALTY
6:17 PM
B) CMBS in a Different World: What to Expect in 2014 & The Impact on The Debt Market
The current state of the CMBS market, predictions for 2014, and the likely impact on the debt markets ** What is the outlook for upcoming maturing CMBS loans? ** Are CMBS lenders lending today? How sustainable is the current market? Demand vs. supply **What are obstacles to future issuance? Impact of rating agencies **What kind of deals is CMBS going after- new origination or refinancing? Core vs. non-core assets? Primary vs. secondary vs. tertiary markets? Size of deal? Underwriting standards? Pricing? ** Where will origination really be in 2014? ** What can the European market learn from the US market? ** Mezz: What are your thoughts about being behind CMBS today? ** Battle of servicers

  • Tamara Box, Chair Financial Industry Group, REED SMITH LLP (Moderator)
  • Nassar Hussain, Principal, BROOKLAND PARTNERS LLP
  • Peter Hansell, Managing Director, CAIRN CAPITAL LIMITED
  • Matthew O'Sullivan, Head of Commercial Securitisation, M&G INVESTMENTS
6:00 PM
Networking Cocktail Reception

7:00 PM
Day One Concludes

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
8:00 AM
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Please Note: The 8:30 & 9:15 sessions will be hosting attendees for both IMN’s Annual European Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum and IMN’s Inaugural Real Estate CFO Forum - Europe conference

6:17 PM
The Economy: Where We Were, Where We Are, & Where We Are Going
Is there a strong sense of optimism that the recovery will continue?  Is this optimism justified? When will we return to pre-crisis values & volumes? ** Where does the European economy currently stand and what can we expect in 2014? ** Long term structural changes in European markets: demographics, economics, and resilience ** Assessing how the US and other global economic/political forces will impact the European economy over the next 12-18 months** Cap rates; Interest rates; Inflation/Deflation; Unemployment rates and future job growth prospects. ** What markets have stabilized and what further stabilization can we expect in 2014? What areas will take longer to stabilize? How long? ** Assessing local market strength: What are the safe havens in the Euro zone today? ** Where is pricing of assets heading in Europe? ** The banks and their hidden debt

  • Richard Balfe, Chairman of the Board of Directors, MEMBERS OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT PENSION FUND A.S.B.L (Moderator)
  • Tony McGough, Chief Global Real Estate Strategist, BCA RESEARCH
  • Holger Schmieding, Chief Economist, BERENBERG BANK (UK)
  • Sabina Kalyan, Global Research Director of Operations and Chief Economist, CBRE GLOBAL INVESTORS
  • Manfred Wiesner, Managing Director, PERELLA WEINBERG REAL ESTATE UK LLP
6:17 PM
Updates & Implementation Strategies for Key Regulatory and Legislative Developments that will Impact your Fund
Basel 3 and Solvency 2: Their significance on bank lending and its effect of the institutional investors appetite for real estate ** US regulatory impact with Volcker Rule and Dodd-Frank ** AIFMD: What is required now in order to be compliant? Which policies is your firm implementing to address remuneration concerns? Issues concerning separating risk management from investment management ** Managing the FATCA requirement ** Key tax considerations ** Cross- border marketing compliance ** Placement agent regulations to be aware of **Coping in the new over-regulated environment? New fund structures

  • Amelia Slocombe, Associate Director, LOAN MARKET ASSOCIATION (Moderator)
  • Ryan McKee, Senior Advisor- Regulatory Advisory Services Group, CHATHAM FINANCIAL
  • Peter Cosmetatos, Chief Executive, CRE FINANCE COUNCIL EUROPE
  • Robert Short, Managing Partner, LANGHAM HALL UK LLP
  • Liam Collins, Partner, MATHESON
  • Gavin Farrell, Partner, MOURANT OZANNES, GUERNSEY
10:00 AM
Refreshments Courtesy of:

6:17 PM
The Current Lending Market & Financing For The Future
Examining the current availability of debt and financing: How has the market changed over the past year? What will 2014 hold in store? ** What direction are the European debt capital markets moving? ** Where in the capital stack currently offers the greatest returns? ** Do current market conditions favor borrowers or lenders? ** Current state of banks in the lending environment: What are the banks lending on and what are they not? ** The new wave of financing: funds, sovereigns and insurance companies sweet spots ** New structures? **Financing outside of core and outside of 24-hour cities** Where to find the senior debt? Senior debt fund activity. Impact of rising cost of senior debt** Providing equity vs. Junior vs. Mezz ** Assessing real estate mezzanine loan/ CMBS investment opportunities ** Yield expectations **Pricing levels for debt ** Lending ROI today

  • Adam Joseph, Managing Director, MACQUARIE BANK LIMITED (Moderator)
  • Warren Malschinger, Managing Director, EQUITYBRIDGE ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Norbert Kellner, Head of Debt Capital Markets - Real Estate, HELABA
  • Chris Lydiker, Vice President, PARTNERS GROUP REAL ESTATE, LLC
  • Chris Philip, Partner, PLUTO CAPITAL
6:17 PM
The European Private Rented Sector Market
Characteristics of private rental markets in EU ** Reaching its potential? ** The challenges for growth and what will the private rented sector look like in the future? ** Drivers for expansion in the PRS markets ** The Role of Institutions and other funds in market ** Providing opportunities for new institutional investment. ** Funding available to improve and grow PRS **Expanding the Private Rented Sector: The Governments approach to the rented sector and private and affordable rent. ** Valuation of property in PRS: Factors to consider in the assessment of residential investment property ** Impact of regulation on size of private rented sector**

  • Pantazis Therianos, Managing Partner, EUROTERRA CAPITAL
  • Andrew Cunningham, CEO, GRAINGER PLC
  • Martin Skinner, Partner, INSPIRED ASSET MANAGEMENT
12:00 PM
Hotels: Where Does The 5th Food Group Stand?
What countries are worth considering? * Whats happening with the consumer? **Availability of debt and equity ** Distressed opportunities ** The development market ** Opportunistic opportunities ** Is cross border capital going to the hotel sector? ** Financing hotels ** Where is lender confidence on performing vs. non-performing hotel acquisition financing? **Assessing opportunities in the different hotel-related assets (timeshare; casinos; condo hotels) ** Small/ budget hotels vs. luxury & inner city vs. resort: Where are you investing? ** What are the underwriting standards in the current debt market? ** Brand and management company issues ** Navigating distressed hotel workouts ** Sustainable development trends

  • Ascan Kókai, Director, Development & Asset Management, NH HOTEL GROUP (Moderator)
  • Eric Jafari, Managing Director, UNION HANOVER SECURITIES
  • Anne Lemonnier, Managing Partner, ALREAS LTD
  • Ramsey Mankarious, Chief Executive, CEDAR CAPITAL PARTNERS
  • Richard Kaufman, Founder and President, CITY-CORE DEVELOPMENT, INC.
  • David Cox, Partner, WHITE & CASE LLP
6:17 PM
Investing in Non-Euro Zone Europe: Where Should You Be?
Poland & the Czech Republic? The Nordics? The Baltics? Turkey? Russia? Which markets are of interest and why? Increasing or decreasing allocations?  Investment environments and opportunities within each market ** Execution in different markets ** Finding financing: Debt financing/ Refinancing in these markets ** Assessing local market strength: Which countries are weathering the storm best? ** Logistics demands ** Distressed real estate opportunities ** Recent fundraising activity ** Regulatory environments ** Transparency and fee structures: Are you comfortable? ** New fund evaluations

  • Anthony Khoi, President, AERIUM (Moderator)
  • Ben Habib, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, FIRST PROPERTY GROUP PLC
  • David Neil, Director, CEO, GENESTA PROPERTY NORDIC
  • Richard Bentley, Head of UK Real Estate Finance, HELABA, LANDESBANK HESSEN-THÜRINGEN
6:17 PM
IMN’s 14th annual European Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum Concludes

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