The conference
The financial technology environment is a dynamic, high-pressured, fast-paced world in which developing fast and efficient technology and systems is of primary importance. This conference aims to address the needs of financial institutions to develop and implement an effective financial technology and operational management framework. Firms are constantly faced with market innovation as well as regulatory and operational commitments therefore it is important to prepare a strategy to successfully operate in this ever-changing industry. Discussions will cover key topics in this arena including operational risk, risk management, the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act and the importance of technology and efficiency throughout the global financial infrastructure.
Who should attend
Head of Information Technology Heads of Performance Head of Compliance Portfolio Managers Head of Trading Traders Information Technology Business Management Market Analytics Trading Technology Execution Services Banking Technology System Architects Product Development Manager Information Security Internal Audit IT Analyst Back Office Systems Global Solutions Data Management Strategic Accounts Software Solutions Information Officer Policy Analyst Regulatory Affairs Financial Supervisory Compliance Solutions Wealth Management Services Electronic Markets Systems Development Brokerage & Clearance Head of Operational Risk Operational Risk Manager / Analyst Operational Risk Policy and Support Basel II Project Manager/Co-ordinator Chief Risk Officer Head of Risk Management Head of Risk Control Risk Manager Head of Corporate Governance Bank Examiners Fraud Examiners
Thursday, September 21st, 2017
10:55 PM
Registration and Breakfast

8:00 AM
Welcoming Remarks from:

8:05 AM
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

  • Dimitrios Tzimas, Managing Principal & Chief Technology Officer, XQUISITEC TECHNICAL CONSULTING
10:55 PM
Keynote Session

9:00 AM
Changing Regulatory Landscape
- Dodd-Frank and Basel III regulations: Discussing regulatory timelines, lack of clarity and future regulatory mandates - Achieving compliance in a changing regulatory landscape - Staying compliant: Reviewing data for completeness and accuracy - Industry concerns, experiences and proposed solutions and best practices for current and pending regulatory proposals

10:55 PM
Technological Innovations to Capitalize on a Changing Market Structure
- How the financial services industry is changing its technology and infrastructure - Evaluating your current infrastructure: The importance of having a robust and fast system to provide up-to-date, timely and transparent information - Data elements: Reviewing the effects of data quality, storage, retention and cost - Staying competitive: Aligning technology and business intelligence with organizational strategies - How mobility can/will change the dynamics

  • Adam Sussman, Partner & Director of Research, TABB GROUP (Moderator)
  • David Meitz, Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer, ITG INC.
10:55 PM
Networking Refreshments

10:55 PM
Evolution of Cloud Based Infrastructure
- Defining 'cloud' - How safe is the cloud environment? Understanding the risks and how it fits with your overall technology and outsourcing strategy - Cost savings vs. risk, compliance and security issues - A look at using a host versus your own

  • Dimitrios Tzimas, Managing Principal & Chief Technology Officer, XQUISITEC TECHNICAL CONSULTING (Moderator)
  • Daniel Gingras, Partner, TATUM LLC
10:55 PM
Establishing a Comprehensive Operational Risk Management Foundation
- Identifying and assessing key risks and compliance priorities - Developing an effective and efficient risk model - Validating, monitoring progress and updating efforts to promote continuous improvement to risk strategies - Developing and applying benchmarks for performance measurement: How to assess if a risk strategy is successful

10:55 PM
High Frequency Trading
- How prevalent is HFT? Staying competitive - How HFT will integrate with current risk management systems and other back office systems - Is HFT to blame for market volatility? - Developing an effective technology infrastructure to facilitate HFT such as ultra Low Latency, co-location in DC’s - Hardware acceleration

  • Alexander Wissner-Gross, The MIT Media Laboratory, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
1:00 PM
Networking Luncheon

2:00 PM
Discussing the OTC Derivatives Market
- Data reporting requirements ,standardized formats and new ways of managing systemic risk - Methodology for data aggregation on a global basis - Impacts on technology budgets - Valuing hard-to-price securities

10:55 PM
Examining Complexities of Today's Economic Environment: Enterprise Risk Management
- Tracking, quantifying, and analyzing risk: Using IT to implement a successful ERM program - Assess the risk management board’s oversight processes: Reducing operational risk, improving transparency and supporting governance - Best models to achieve risk objectives - Flexibility, speed and deployment of technology in support of risk management

  • Yvonne Pytlik, Chief Compliance Officer, DVM INVESTMENT ADVISER, Chief Compliance Officer, DREMAN CONTRARIAN MUTUAL FUNDS (Moderator)
10:55 PM
Networking Refreshments

10:55 PM
Technology Innovation and Maximizing Potential: Focusing on Financial Advisors
- How does technology provide a significant competitive advantage? - How systems can support compliance while advisors expand their activities and opportunities - Increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing costs

  • Kevin McGuire, Director, Investment Technology, LOOMIS SAYLES & COMPANY (Moderator)
10:55 PM
Perspectives on the Year Ahead
- Predictions for significant technology changes in financial services - New technologies or systems that will dominate the industry - Forecast for the 2012 election and impact on the technology and risk industries

  • Alexander Wissner-Gross, The MIT Media Laboratory, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (Moderator)
5:00 PM
Networking Cocktail Hour

6:00 PM
IMN’s Financial Technology and Operational Risk Summit Concludes

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A block of rooms is being held for this conference at the Seaport Hotel. In order to make a reservation, please call 617-385-5000 and asked for the IMN room block.