The conference
IMN's Financing, Investing & Real Estate Development for Data Centers is taking place on May 30-31, 2013 in New York. For this event we will cover some of the most popular themes including:

* The Macroeconomy & Data Centers
* The President/CEO Panel
* Mergers, Private Equity & IPOs We've also added some new, exciting topics that will give much food for thought including:
* The President/CEO Panel: Colo Players
* Scale vs. Scalability vs. Rightsizing
* Connectivity-Creating & Tapping into New Revenue Streams
* Evaluating & Standardizing Data Center Standards & Performance Metrics
* Should you Own the Underlying Data Center Real Estate?
* Closing the Lease: Top Negotiation Points

Looking forward to seeing you at our data centers conference in New York on May 30-31.
Who should attend
Data center owners Data center tenants Data center investors Capital and Service providers
Thursday, May 30th, 2013
5:28 PM
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5:28 PM
Remarks from IMN

5:28 PM
Opening Remarks

  • Jeffrey Moerdler, Member, MINTZ, LEVIN, COHN, FERRIS, GLOVSKY AND POPEO, P.C.
5:28 PM
Macro Trends, The Economy & Their Data Center Impact
• Mini-data centers • Software defined networks and the future role of the router • Flash, not Gordon • We are a data center and we’d like to help the federal government • New server & network developments • Markets with excess capacity • Changing/blending of business models • Telcos coming back in • Impact of consolidation • Shrinking servers and cloud impact • Which of these trends will be totally disrupt the future of data centers? • Capital flow into the market • Will demand growth continue?

  • Thomas Watts, CEO, WATTS CAPITAL GROUP (Moderator)
  • Philip Johnston, Territory Sales Manager, EXTREME NETWORKS
  • Eric Wells, Vice President, Data Center Services, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS
  • Rob Stevenson, Managing Director - Head of U.S. REIT Research, MACQUARIE
  • James Breen, Equity Research, Internet Infrastructure, WILLIAM BLAIR & COMPANY
5:28 PM
The President/CEO Wholesale Panel: What is the Right Formula for Organic vs. Inorganic Growth?
• Cost of integrating new companies and facilities • Build vs. buy vs. partner: Managed services • International acquisitions • Expanding through joint ventures • Financing growth through private vs. public markets • Prioritizing your capital • Looking for organic growth in the retail sector • Role of modularity and other innovations in decreasing organic growth costs • Cross-border acquisitions

  • Miles Loo, EVP, NEWMARK KNIGHT FRANK (Moderator)
  • Chris Dolan, President & CEO, 365 MAIN
  • Hunter Newby, CEO, ALLIED FIBER
  • Todd Coleman, President & CEO, ESTRUXTURE DATA CENTERS
  • Pete Marin, President & CEO, T5 DATA CENTERS
  • Jim Trout, Founder & CTO, VANTAGE DATA CENTERS
5:28 PM
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5:28 PM
Capacity Planning/Scale/Scalability/Rightsizing/Density
• True utilization measures • How high is high? Can density trendscontinue? • Measuring customer’s demand now and in the future • Powercapacity issues • Demands of new vs. old technology • Capacity planning for critical systems including power, cooling and storage • Forecasting estimated growth • Is a full data center a good thing or bad planning? • Scale planning in over-crowded market • Putting a number on economies of scale and its impact on pricing • Ability to scale down • Equipment combinations • Optimization & demand capacity forecasting • Finding & using lost capacity • Efficiently managing peaks and valleys

  • Joe Higgins, VP of Engineering, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS (Moderator)
  • Brent Behrman, Senior Vice President, COMPASS DATACENTERS
  • Andris Gailitis, CEO, DEAC
  • Hector Diaz, Strategic Director, Mission Critical Sector, INTERMOUNTAIN ELECTRONICS
  • Colton Brown, Regional Director, Sales & Leasing, DUPONT FABROS TECHNOLOGY
  • Isaac Fieg, AVP & Data Center Manager, KNIGHT CAPITAL GROUP
  • Joe Reele, VP, Solution Architects, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
5:28 PM
Local/State Survey of Taxes & Legislation, Measuring their Value in Multi-Variable Analysis & their Role in Site Selection
• Finding programs that are already on the books vs. the cost of negotiated deals • Strategies to get more incentives • Site selection process and timeline • Customer proximity vs. cost • Impact that site choices have on the project’s schedule and ability to be sustainable • Factoring in power and climate • Are local salaries a factor? • Green initiatives • Access to fiber: Is it readily available in rural America?

  • James Grice, Partner, BRYAN CAVE LLP (Moderator)
  • Jeremiah Lynch, Principal, RYAN, LLC (Moderator)
  • Kent Hill, Manger, Strategic Economic Dev, DOMINION ENERGY
  • Brian File, Senior Manager, Economic Development, KCP&L
  • Tim O'Brien, Manager of Economic Development, OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT
  • Spencer Sessions, Target Market Specialist-Data Centers, TVA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
5:28 PM
Services: Build vs. Buy vs. Acquire
• Cost and capital expenditures of partnership approach • How important is control? • The 4th option: The joint venture • What type of value-added service are you looking to add? What are the means you are considering to add the service? Is this addition being requested by existing companies or are you trying to reach new customers? • What is your approach to adding cloud services? • Acquiring software partners: When is it a good idea? • Buying managed services from a competing data center

  • Bo Bond, Managing Director, JONES LANG LASALLE (Moderator)
  • Carl Strang III, Managing Member, 6/10 CORP.
  • Tim Kiser, Owner & Founder, COLO ATL
  • Vello Ehvert, President, EHVERT ENGINEERING INC
  • Paul Schlattman, Vice President, Mission Critical Facilities, ESD - ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS DESIGN, INC.
5:28 PM
No Excuse for Downtime: Evaluating Availability
• Is there more downtime or is it better reporting? • SLA issues-What are reasonable financial penalties? • The quest for 6-9’s • Do people cause downtime? Site selection - is staffing taken into consideration?• Optimizing automation • Emergency procedure practices & procedures

  • Peter Panfil, Vice President, Global Power Sales, EMERSON NETWORK POWER (Moderator)
  • Jack Pressman, Director, Strategic Planning, Dev. DC, Cloud Computing, NETRIX, LLC
  • Jeffrey Moerdler, Member, MINTZ, LEVIN, COHN, FERRIS, GLOVSKY AND POPEO, P.C.
  • Peter Kazella, Principal, PETER KAZELLA & ASSOCIATES, INC  / PKAZA LLC
  • Robert Massie, Director, Quality Systems, Mission Critical Services & Software, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
5:28 PM
Acquisitions & Growing your Footprint, Local Demand/Supply Drivers and how to Decide Between NFL Cities/Suburban Sprawl/Rural America
• Sustainable site selection • Considering permits and build time • Factoring in your competitive advantage • The changing landscape of power, land and tax incentives • What geographies are starting to show signs of over-building? • Demand for wholesale vs. retail space • Considering local redundancy capacity • Single sector cities: How is the sector performing? • Evaluating public sector demand • Challenges of high-rise data centers • Proximity to customer • The NYC market • Cost of connectivity • Evaluating your customer base and where they are going • Acquisition terms • Valuation without comps • Company vs. portfolio vs. single site acquisitions • Sources of acquisition • Site integration & marketing strategy • Valuing the existing leases • Pricing and cap rates • On May 30, 2013 the next big market is…

  • Curt Holcomb, Executive Vice President, JONES LANG LASALLE (Moderator)
  • Christof Hammerli, Chief Acquisitions Officer, CARTER VALIDUS
  • Stephen Verp, Director of Real Estate, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST
  • James Grice, Partner, BRYAN CAVE LLP
5:28 PM
Distribution of Data Center Services Including White Label Strategies
• How has the customer profile of data centers changed? • How much do white label services cost? • Where is the demand coming from? • Agents and strategic partners • Cloud services • Appearance, policy, support • Partner vs. white label: Why? • What do you tell the customer?

  • Philbert Shih, Managing Director, STRUCTURE RESEARCH LTD. (Moderator)
  • David Shepard, Senior Vice President, IO
  • Darin Cook, President and CEO, STRATITSPHERE
  • Rob Stephenson, Chief Marketing Officer, Managing Partner, XAND
5:28 PM

5:28 PM
DCIM: Man vs. Machine
• Definitions and costs • Key decision points • Deployment realities • Real time monitoring, remotely: The advantages and disadvantages • How much downtime in caused by people? • End to end DCIM coverage in legacy vs. new buildings • Sensor densities: What is adequate?

  • Dan Bodenski, Director, Mission Critical Services, CRB (Moderator)
  • Adam Early, Vice President, Critical Systems & Engineering-Americas Corporate, GOLDMAN, SACHS & CO.
  • Christopher McLean, Director of Design & Construction, MARKLEY GROUP
  • Jon Gould, Manager-Data Center Management Solutions, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
5:28 PM
Totally Cool: All the Strategies; All the Costs; All the Return on Investments
• How much does cooling take out of your operational costs? • Identifying your cooling problem areas • Losing 70% of your cooling? Improving the efficiency of your existing cooling system vs. ROI of systems that reclaim wasted cooling capacity • Giving the tenant cooling control • Hot aisle cooling: Can you sell the customer? • Air distribution of rack • Modularity • Should you care about humidity? • Leasing out full modules to tenants • Natural & free cooling methods: How much do they cost? • Secondary cooling system • Cooling demands of new equipment

  • Anton Self, Chief Executive, BASTIONHOST LTD. (Moderator)
  • Barry Novick, Global Data Center Manager, BLACKROCK, INC.
  • Steve Madara, Vice President and General Manager-Global Precision Cooling, EMERSON NETWORK POWER
  • Kevin Gerson, Senior Telecom Real Estate Manager, LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS
  • Bruce Myatt, Executive Vice President, THE DATA CENTERS, LLC
5:28 PM
What is the Next Big Service you Need to Offer? How are you Pricing these Services in a Price-Pressured Environment?
• Industry cross connects • Adapting to big data • Private clouds • Security expectations • Blast from the past in light of Sandy: Redundancy and business continuity • Big vs. small customers • More industry specific regulations, more compliance… Is this translating to demand? • Are you experiencing pricing pressures? • Impact of cheap debt • Expenses and their role in pricing • Where is pricing getting aggressive? • Pricing wholesale vs. retail • Pricing upon entering new, mature markets • Pricing for long term deals • Determining prices of specific managed services

  • Philbert Shih, Managing Director, STRUCTURE RESEARCH LTD. (Moderator)
  • Michael Boccardi, President & CEO, CERVALIS LLC
  • Fred Tanzella, CEO, CIRRACORE
  • Dany Bouchedid, CEO, COLOTRAQ
  • Owen DeLong, IPv6 Evangelist, HURRICANE ELECTRIC
  • James Peters, Vice President, QUASAR DATA CENTER
  • Charles Hoop, IT Sourcing and Procurement Category Managment, ACCENTURE
5:28 PM
Mergers & Acquisitions
• Deal terms • Valuation trends • Acquiring sites vs. the whole company • Telecomm/Data center mergers • Meshing product lines • Partial acquisitions • Branding decisions • Personnel integration • Looking internationally • Public vs. private company acquisitions • Hints for companies looking to shop themselves

  • James Breen, Equity Research, Internet Infrastructure, WILLIAM BLAIR & COMPANY (Moderator)
  • Todd Clapp, Partner, CATALYST INVESTORS LP
  • Jonathan Schildkraut, Senior Managing Director, Equity Research-Telecom Services & Data Center Services, EVERCORE PARTNERS
  • Bill Bradley, Managing Director, WALLER CAPITAL PARTNERS
4:10 AM
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5:28 PM
Differentiating your Data Center, Lease & Winning Deals
• Why do some firms need to manage churn? • Managed services offered • As competition heats up is branding becoming of more importance? • The changing sales cycle: How is impacting your business? • Creating ecosystems and cross-connects • Tenants and the right of first refusal in expansion • Lease practices in competitive markets • Leasing to colo providers • Wholesale vs. retail deals • Leasing out full modules to tenants

  • Michael Seeve, President, MOUNTAIN DEVELOPMENT CORP. (Moderator)
  • Doug Riches, Vice President-Mission Critical Facilities, ALLIED PROPERTIES REIT
  • Jeffrey Moerdler, Member, MINTZ, LEVIN, COHN, FERRIS, GLOVSKY AND POPEO, P.C.
  • Tony Greenberg, CEO, RAMPRATE
  • Sean Weaver, Director, RYAN LLC
5:28 PM
Risk Tolerance vs. Cost vs. Future-Proofing for Design, Implementation & Construction
• Conversion vs. new construction • Lining up the tenants, pre construction • Design impact on insurance rates • Cost of redundancy: Real redundancy vs. published standards • Cloud redundancy • Does it pay designing for a non-data center exit? • Backup concept of operations • Build time lines • Containers and pods • Maintaining, replacing or upgrading without disrupting service • Generator issues • Load balanced systems/active-active architecture

  • Brad Watford, Senior Electrical Engineer, CRB (Moderator)
  • Joshua Vallario, Director, Data Center Manager, BLACKROCK, INC.
  • Aaron Isenhart, CEO, President, SHORELINE POWER SERVICES
  • Dave Leonard, Chief Data Center Officer, VIAWEST
General Session

5:28 PM
Green Data Centers: Future Governmental Policy, TCO Impact vs. Cost of Non-Compliance and Customers Willingness to Pay
• NY tristate regulatory environment vs. federal • Who have the government been targeting non-compliance? • Methods to defray expenses • Current class action suit update • What would a carbon tax mean? • How green can save $$ • Coal power considerations • Clean water enforcement • How much of a percent of operating costs is power? How much would that increase with a carbon tax?

  • Shawn Mills, President, GREEN HOUSE DATA (Moderator)
  • Barry Novick, Global Data Center Manager, BLACKROCK, INC.
  • Ron Vokoun, Director, Mission Critical Design, RK MECHANICAL
  • Rich Hering, Technical Director, Mission Critical Facilities, M+W GROUP
  • Simon Tusha, Principal, TRUE DATA CENTERS
6:10 AM
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7:10 AM
Day One Concludes

Thursday, May 30th, 2013
8:00 AM
Breakfast Courtesy of:

5:28 PM
Hurricane Sandy: Lessons Learned
• Preparing for the next black swan • Cost of failures • Knee-jerk reactions: Are they becoming permanent? • Fuel delivery and storage • Infrastructure improvements • Sandy special rates by out-of-towners…Have you seen an uptick in demand of New York server huggers going away? • Disaster recovery sales • Design changes • Getting staff on location and protecting their safety • How much does it cost to get your servers out of the basement? • Customer communications • Change drivers and the evolution of data centers in emerging markets

  • Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO & Founder, JAYMIE SCOTTO & ASSOCIATES (Moderator)
  • Mike Sevret, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, CROSS RIVER FIBER
  • Walter Greaney, Senior Asset Manager-Portfolio Management, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST
  • Nathan Boylan, Head of IT Operations, LORD, ABBETT & CO. LLC
  • John Bonczek, Vice President, TELX
  • Robert Bianco, Vice President / GM, TW TELECOM
5:28 PM
Debt & Equity Deals in the Public & Private Markets
• REIT or not to REIT; Startup vs. conversion • Where is the money coming from? • How do venture capitalists decide where to put their investment monies? • Minority shareholders • Telcos coming back in • Capital flow into the market • How have the securities markets for data center companies changed in the last year? • Valuation drivers & metrics for the public vs. private companies • What are the credit markets showing their love to? • Impact of fund life and LP relations and expectations • Is it time for an exit? • What is your end game in 2013?: The Sell vs. run vs. go public decision • Are lending terms getting too loose • Sale lease-back deals • Role in financing of the pre-lease vs. spec building

  • Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director, RBC CAPITAL MARKETS (Moderator)
  • Joseph Junda, Managing Director-Communications, Media & Ent. Finance, CIT GROUP
  • Emmanuel Korchman, Senior Analyst REITs, CITI RESEARCH
  • Dave Schaeffer, Founder & CEO, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS
  • Robert Marcotte, Managing Director, MCG CAPITAL CORPORATION
  • Robert Morse Jr., Partner, OAK HILL CAPITAL
  • Lee Wittlinger, Principal, SILVER LAKE PARTNERS
5:28 PM
Modular/Container: When do they Make Sense to use?
• Costs vs. bricks and sticks • How much of the market has gone modular? • Price points of modular and container solutions • TCO of solutions • Risks/benefits • The first-time modular experience • Can modular be incremental? • Pre-fab vs. in-building modular • Timeline • Modular vs. container • Lifecycle • Can modular work on a mega scale? • What makes pods different than containers? • Operating costs?

  • Kevin Brown, Vice President Data Solutions, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (Moderator)
  • Christopher Trapp, Managing Partner, TRAPP TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS
  • Stephen Madaffari, Principal, DATA CENTERS DELIVERED
  • Ron Bednar, Director, Solutions Marketing, Liebert Business, EMERSON NETWORK POWER
  • Joe Higgins, VP of Engineering, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS
  • David Shepard, Senior Vice President, IO
  • Rick Gauthier, General Manager, MICROSOFT
5:28 PM
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5:28 PM
Colo President/CEO Panel: Competing Against the Large Cloud Providers
• Can you compete on price? • Cloud vs. private cloud vs. other flavors of cloud • Moving towards managed services? How has that impacted your operations?

  • Mike Klein, Co-CEO, ONLINE TECH (Moderator)
  • Gerald Marshall, Co-Chairman & CEO, AMERIMAR
  • Doug Recker, CEO & President, COLO5, LLC
  • Nicholas Kottyan, President & CEO, DATACHAMBERS, LLC
  • Richard Bader, President, EASYSTREET ONLINE SERVICES
  • Bruce Lehrman, Chief Executive Officer, INVOLTA
5:28 PM
The International Panel
• Where are you? Where are you going next? Why? • The strategic partner route • Build vs. acquire • Your first international deal: Lessons learned • What does capital think about going global? • Evaluating local rules of engagement • Change drivers and the evolution of data centers in emerging markets

  • Geoff Williams, VP, Global Customers, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (Moderator)
  • Anthony de Lima, Chairman & CEO, CTEX
  • Gonzalo Manrique, Chief Executive Officer, INSTAELECTRIC
  • Philip Lin, EVP, Strategy and Development, 21VIANET INC 
1:00 PM
IMN’s 3rd Spring Forum on Financing, Investing & Real Estate Development for Data Centers Concludes

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