The conference
IMN's 19th Annual Global Indexing & ETFs: The Preeminent Investment Management Conference will take place December 7-9, 2014, in Scottsdale, AZ. As the preeminent event in the field, IMN looks forward to continuing its long and proud history of bringing the indexing, ETF and broader investment management community together for three days of lively discussion, thoughtful debate and countless networking opportunities.

As the past few years have illustrated, the interconnectivity of the international investing sphere is here to stay. The Global Indexing and ETFs conference looks forward to hosting investment players from across the globe in December and to welcoming you once again.

This Program Was Designed Under The Guidance Of Our 2014 Advisory Board:
  • Sanjay Arya, Senior Vice President, MORNINGSTAR, INC.
  • Jack Ablin, Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, BMO PRIVATE BANK
  • Rolf Agather, Managing Director, Research & Innovation, RUSSELL INDEXES
  • David Blitzer, Managing Director & Chairman of the Index Committee, S&P DOW JONES INDICES
  • Rick Ferri, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, PORTFOLIO SOLUTIONS, LLC
  • Brett Hammond, Managing Director and Head of Index Applied Research, MSCI, INC.
  • Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner & Co-founder, ETFGI
  • John Tucker, Senior Managing Director, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS
  • Dave Underwood, Assistant Chief Investment Officer, ARIZONA STATE RETIREMENT SYSTEM
  • David Lerman, Senior Director, Pension Funds, Endowments and Foundations, CME GROUP
Who should attend
  • Public & Corporate Pension Plans
  • Non-Profit Plans & Investors
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Sovereign Funds
  • Family Offices
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Fund Managers
  • Researchers
  • Academics
  • Index Service Providers
  • Traders
  • Investment Consultants
  • Financial Advisors
  • Planners
  • RIAs
Sunday, December 7th, 2014
3:30 PM
Registration Opens

Join us to begin our conference by addressing cutting edge subject matter that is both timely and critical to stay competitive in today's marketplace

3:20 PM
Opening Economic Spotlight Presentation
Inflation, interest rates, and new rules for managing risk are some of the factors driving the global economy in 2014. IMN's 19th Annual Global Indexing and ETFs Conference kicks off with a rundown of the top five factors that are most likely to drive the economy in 2015 so that portfolio managers can focus on the fundamentals that drive valuation in the context of the global macro environment.
  • Central banks, interest rates and the effects of quantitative easing
  • Unemployment
  • Inflation
  • Global sovereign debt
  • Emerging markets

  • Mary Wladkowski, Economics Professor, UNIVERSITY OF ALBANY, STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
4:00 PM
Strategic Beta Workshop – The Fast-Growing Middle Ground on the Active-to-Passive Spectrum

As the line between active and passive investing becomes ever more blurry, strategic beta investment products are experiencing unprecedented growth. What Morningstar calls Strategic Beta refers broadly to a growing category of indexes and the investment products that track them. In this session, learn about:

  • Global Landscape Report, reviewing trends in assets, flows, and product development
  • Morningstar definition and taxonomy developed to help investors make sense of what is a very broad, very diverse, and increasingly complex group of investments
  • Selection process through the lens of the five "Ps" underlying the Morningstar Analyst Rating (Process, Performance, People, Parent, and Price)

  • Ben Johnson, Director of Global ETF Research, MORNINGSTAR, INC.
4:40 PM
The Benefits of Diversity and Women’s Participation and Leadership
  • Women in ETFs (WE): The back-story on the launch of the group
  • Critical components and drivers of the growth of ETF strategies from the perspective of women industry leaders
  • Women as investment decision-makers and leaders in financial service firms
  • Sharing success stories and the importance of connecting dots in the ETF ecosystem

  • Kathleen Moriarty, Partner, ARNOLD & PORTER KAYE SCHOLER LLP (Moderator)
  • Sue Thompson, Senior Advisor, BLACKROCK
  • Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner and Co-founder, ETFGI
  • Michelle Mikos, ETF Business Development Director, INVESCO POWERSHARES
  • Linda Zhang, Head of Research, Senior Portfolio Manager, WINDHAVEN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, INC.
5:20 PM
Women in ETFs - Networking Opportunity

6:00 PM
The Global Feast, hosted by:

8:00 PM
Evening Events Conclude

Monday, December 8th, 2014
7:00 AM
Registration and Continental Breakfast is Served in the Main Exhibition Hall

7:00 AM
Closed-Door Workshop: Global Think Tank, presented by:
This invite-only breakfast allows buy side leaders to interact with their peers in an exclusive workshop setting. Speakers include Bank of America Merrill Lynch Head of U.S. Equity and U.S. Quantitative Strategy, Savita Subramanian, as well as BofAML Head of Instinct Knowledge, Lee Morakis. Topics will include efficient asset allocation and factor analysis, multiple asset class trading implementation, and real world issues faced by todays buy side practitioners.

If you are a pension fund, foundation or endowment and are interested in attending this closed-door workshop, please RSVP to Gina Dzurenda at to be considered.

  • Lee Morakis, Head of Instinct Knowledge, BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH (Moderator)
  • Michail Steliaros, Global Head of Quantitative Solutions, BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH (Moderator)
  • Savita Subramanian, Managing Director, Head of US Equity & Quantitative Strategy, BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH (Moderator)
8:10 AM
Welcoming Remarks from IMN

  • Andy Melvin, Managing Director, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT NETWORK
8:15 AM
Keynote Presentation: Asset Management 2020

  • John Siciliano, Managing Director, Global Strategy Lead, Asset Management Advisory, New York, PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS LLP
9:05 AM
The View from 30,000 Feet: Perspectives from the C-Suite and Heads of Business

  • Ari Weinberg, Contributor, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Moderator)
  • Robert Arnott, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, RESEARCH AFFILIATES, LLC
  • Ron Bundy, Chief Executive Officer, RUSSELL INDEXES
  • Dan Draper, Managing Director & Head of Global ETFs, INVESCO POWERSHARES
  • Alex Matturri, Chief Executive Officer, S&P DOW JONES INDICES
  • Diana Tidd, Managing Director and Global Head of Equity Index Products, MSCI
10:00 AM
Networking Refreshment Break

10:30 AM
Pension CIO Roundtable: Dissecting Portfolio Construction

A top level look at trends in asset allocation and portfolio construction from the worlds leading investment officers.

  • Providing a macro framework for investing
  • Identifying and defining risk tolerance in different market conditions
  • Being adaptable to change

  • Tendai Musikavanhu, Chief Executive Officer, OLD MUTUAL GLOBAL INDEX TRACKERS (Moderator)
  • David Goerz, Executive Vice President, Investment Strategy & Risk Management, ALBERTA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CORP.
  • Catherine Ulozas, Chief Investment Officer, DREXEL UNIVERSITY
11:15 AM
ETF Industry Overview: What is the State of the ETF Industry and What Does the Future Hold?
Exchange-traded instruments have become increasingly complicated as their numbers have grown. This session will examine the importance of ETPs and their role in liquidity, asset allocation, portfolio hedging, and investment management. Panelists will present a birds eye view on developments in tradable products.

  • Joseph Keenan, Managing Director, BNY MELLON (Moderator)
  • Dodd Kittsley, Director, Head of ETF Strategy, DEUTSCHE ASSET & WEALTH MANAGEMENT
  • Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner and Co-founder, ETFGI
  • Bobby Brooks, National Sales Director, INVESCO POWERSHARES
11:55 AM
Smart Beta, Alternative Indices, and Factor Investing: Examining Labels in a Quickly Evolving Industry

What is in a name? Creating indices that use factors other than market cap is a growing trend. Some of the terms used to describe this include: Alternative Weighting, Smart Beta, Factor Investing, Alternative Beta, and others. This session will examine the different definitions that fall under the title Smart Beta and the implications for how these indexes can be constructed and used.

  • Is there a single term to describe non-market cap weighted indexes?
  • What are the substantial differences between traditional, market cap weighted indices and new alternatives?
  • What will facilitate the migration of factor investing from institutional investors into the retail space?

  • Eric Shirbini, Global Product Specialist, ERI SCIENTIFIC BETA (Moderator)
  • Mark Carver, Multi-Asset Investment Strategist, BLACKROCK
  • John Feyerer, Vice President, ETF Product Management, INVESCO POWERSHARES
  • Paul Kaplan, Director of Research, MORNINGSTAR CANADA
  • Tom Goodwin, Senior Director Research, RUSSELL INDEXES
  • Emiliano Rabinovich, Global Equity Beta Solutions, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS
12:45 PM
Networking Luncheon Sponsored by:
The William F. Sharpe Indexing Achievement Awards Ceremony will take place during Monday's networking luncheon


2:30 PM
Selecting Benchmarks by Looking Under the Hood: Understanding how Indexes are Constructed
Attendees will gain a better understanding of what variables are being measured by common indexes and how to make more symmetrical decisions about what indexes accurately measure the makeup of their portfolios.
  • Understanding what commonly used indexes are measuring
  • Gaining the skills to assess the DNA of new indexes
  • Effectively identifying the best indexes for your investment goals

  • Lynne Ward, Executive Director, UTAH EDUCATIONAL SAVINGS PLAN (Moderator)
  • Robert Verhelle, Vice President Index Development, BNY MELLON, DEPOSITARY RECEIPTS DIVISION
  • Lori Richards, Managing Director, Index Products, RUSSELL INDEXES
  • Philip Murphy, Vice President, North American Equities, S&P DOW JONES INDICES
  • Allan Roth, Founder, WEALTH LOGIC, LLC
3:10 PM
Evaluating Which ETP Instruments are Best Suited for Your Goals

A review of the different variables that can make a difference in how well an ETP will work in your portfolio.

  • Measuring management fees, taxes, and trading costs
  • Evaluating the risks associated with the instruments structure
  • Assessing the liquidity of the ETP in both the primary and secondary markets
  • Determining how well the ETP tracks its underlying index
  • Understanding the index provider and issuer
  • Index and portfolio construction

  • Timothy Atkinson, Chair, AUSTIN POLICE PENSION (Moderator)
  • Vinny Catalano, Member, Chief Macro Strategist, ADRIATIC CAPITAL PARTNERS
  • James Pupillo, Managing Director, Partner, HIGHTOWER ADVISORS
3:50 PM
Networking Refreshment Break

4:10 PM
Growth and Roadblocks for Active ETFs

The universe of ETFs that are actively managed is limited to fixed-income, commodities, and broadly traded securities. In order to expand this universe, major providers are waiting for the SEC to approve non-transparent ETFs. This session will discuss how a non-transparent ETF can be different from actively managed mutual funds  and possible reception in the marketplace.

  • Understanding how ETFs will trade on the exchanges
  • What will spreads look like, and will this lower the effectiveness of the product?
  • What leads firms to think there is a client need or appetite for these products?

  • Ari Weinberg, Contributor, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Moderator)
  • Gregory Friedman, Senior Vice President, Head of Product Strategy and Development, FIDELITY
  • Kathleen Moriarty, Partner, ARNOLD & PORTER KAYE SCHOLER LLP
  • Natalie Zahradnik, Executive Vice President, ETF Strategist, PIMCO
  • Vijay Singal, Professor of Finance & Department Head, Finance, VIRGINIA TECH UNIVERSITY
4:50 PM
Moving Beyond Cap-Weighted Index Funds to Leverage Market Inefficiencies
This panel will review non-market cap weighted indexes, also known as smart beta. Smart beta provides similar benefits to traditional indexes, such as low cost, high investment capacities, transparency, diversification, and broad market exposures while providing additional exposures into different market segments or other considerations.
  • Understanding how fundamental indexes and other smart beta approaches may outperform market-cap indices
  • Examining the role of smart beta in portfolio construction and how it compliments market weighted indices
  • What do we consider smart beta, and what dont we?
  • Looking are more precise ways of getting exposure by managing factors, such as value, momentum, quality, and volatility
  • Evaluating the use of multi-factor smart beta products

  • Paul Bouchey, Chief Investment Officer, PARAMETRIC (Moderator)
  • Eric Shirbini, Global Product Specialist, ERI SCIENTIFIC BETA
  • Howard Hodel, Investment Officer - Risk Management, HAWAII EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM
  • Raman Aylur Subramanian, Managing Director, Head of Equity Applied Research, Americas, MSCI
  • Vinit Srivastava, Senior Director, Strategy Indices, S&P DOW JONES INDICES
  • Jan-Carl Plagge, Director - Product Development, STOXX LTD.

2:30 PM
The Role of Volatility in Asset Allocation and Risk Management Strategies
Volatility trading gives investors opportunities to add resiliency to their portfolios because if its negative correlation to the major benchmark indices. This session will offer more clarity on how institutional investors can use volatility positively in their portfolio including an evaluation of volatility indexes and other products.
  • Features of tradable indexes in different volatility regimes
  • How has the volatility landscape changed in terms of types of products and their users?
  • Dynamic and rebalanced strategies in portfolio management
  • Being aware of the level of volatility and time to expiry in regards to futures or options market timing

  • Matt Moran, Head of Global Benchmark Indexes Advancement, CBOE
  • Gary Gordon, President, PACIFIC PARK FINANCIAL, INC.
  • Patrick Fay, Director, Listed Derivatives, Global, RUSSELL INDEXES
3:10 PM
Volatility and Returns: Is there a Way to Reduce the Correlation?

When greater volatility comes along in a rising market, it is often viewed as a harbinger that things are preparing to change. As prices begin to swing, investors seek ways to remain focused and retain growth.

  • What can be done with volatility in benchmarks
  • Examining volatility across regions and types of investments
  • How does volatility correlate with the business cycle?
  • How does volatility correlate with risk perception in new markets?

  • David Smith, Associate Professor & Director, Center for Institutional Investment Mgmt, UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY (SUNY) (Moderator)
  • Casey Wamsley, Director, COLLINS CAPITAL INVESTMENTS
  • John Thompson, Partner, Head of Investment Solutions, Institutional Advisory Services, HEWITT ENNISKNUPP
  • Tendai Musikavanhu, Chief Executive Officer, OLD MUTUAL GLOBAL INDEX TRACKERS
3:50 PM
Networking Refreshment Break

4:10 PM
Addressing the Impact of Currency Fluctuations on Investment Returns
When trading in an international portfolio, it is important to consider and account for volatility in foreign exchange rates. This session will discuss the best way to hedge currency fluctuations, especially using an index.
  • Is it better to fix, or hedging throughout the trade?
  • What is the role of liquidity providers?
  • Understanding currency hedging from a historical perspective

  • Pete Adler, Retirement Board Chair, METRO WASTEWATER RECLAMATION DISTRICT (Moderator)
  • David Garff, President & Chief Investment Officer, ACCUVEST GLOBAL ADVISORS
  • Larry Steinberg, Financial Quarterback, FINANCIAL ARCHITECTS
  • Anil Rao, Vice President, Equity Applied Research, MSCI
  • Dodd Kittsley, Director, Head of ETF Strategy, DEUTSCHE ASSET & WEALTH MANAGEMENT
2:50 PM
Options, Overlays, and Alpha Strategies for Managing Volatility
  • How options can be used to hedge volatility
  • Using weighted indexes to optimize returns
  • Understanding portable alpha and overlay strategies

  • Don Chance, Chair of MBA Studies and Professor of Finance, LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY (Moderator)
  • Joseph Cunningham, Executive Vice President, Head of Capital Markets, HORIZONS ETFS MANAGEMENT (USA) INC.
  • Jay Strohmaier, Senior Portfolio Manager, PARAMETRIC CLIFTON GROUP
  • Jerome Casamatta, Vice President - Global Markets Division, Cross-Asset Solutions, SOCIETE GENERALE

2:30 PM
Examining the Role of Hedge Funds in the Institutional Investor Portfolio
Experts and practitioners will discuss how alternative assets can be used to lower volatility, and provide diversification to the traditional stock/bond asset mix. The result is meant to be greater overall returns. Panelists will share their views on:
  • Portfolio liquidity needs
  • Global Macro vs. Equity Long-Short
  • Portfolio Beta: Relative to changes in broader equity markets
  • Expected Risk vs. Return

  • Keith Black, Managing Director, Curriculum and Exams, CHARTERED ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT ANALYST ASSOCIATION (CAIA) (Moderator)
  • Catherine Ulozas, Chief Investment Officer, DREXEL UNIVERSITY
3:10 PM
Evolution of the Core Satellite Allocation Strategy

Both ETFs and Hedge Funds are growing in importance quickly in asset allocation strategies, with one estimation predicting that they will represent 35% of total industry wide assets under management by 2020.

  • Cost and transparency as a driver supporting ETFs as a core strategy
  • The role of smart beta in the evolving core-satellite allocation strategy

  • Ronald DeLegge, Founder & Chief Portfolio Strategist, ETFGUIDE.COM (Moderator)
  • Scott Williamson, Managing Director, BLACKROCK
  • Steve Blumenthal, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, CAPITAL MANAGEMENT GROUP
  • Matthew Forester, Chief Investment Officer, CREATIVE FINANCIAL GROUP
  • Brendan Cooper, Director of Research, INVESTMENT METRICS
3:50 PM
Networking Refreshment Break

4:10 PM
Accessing Your Alternatives Allocation Through ETPs

Alternatives investments such as hedge funds, private equity, real estate, commodities and other investments outside of the traditional stock/bond mix. They offer risk adjusted returns that can be replicated by traditional exchange-traded instruments.  In this session, panelists examine how alternative strategies can bring low correlation and high return, and what alternative ETPs exist.  Attention will also be paid to methods for benchmarking alternative strategies.

  • Keith Black, Managing Director, Curriculum and Exams, CHARTERED ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT ANALYST ASSOCIATION (CAIA)
  • Gina Sanchez, Chairwoman and Founder, CHANTICO GLOBAL, LLC
  • Don Robinson, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Chief Investment Officer, PALLADIEM LLC
4:50 PM
Smart Beta in Asset Classes Outside of Equities

The concept of smart beta and alternative weightings of stocks has a growing influence for institutional investors, raising the question of where else the concept may be applied.

  • Applying smart beta to different factor exposures outside of equities
  • Alternative weighting in other asset classes such as fixed income or currencies
  • Issues and challenges in defining smart beta in fixed income and other asset classes

  • Michal Foriest Settles, Business Professor, SAN FRANCISCO CITY COLLEGE FOUNDATION (Moderator)
  • Larry Steinberg, Financial Quarterback, FINANCIAL ARCHITECTS
  • Kevin Yousif, Chief Investment Officer, LS INVESTMENT ADVISORS
  • Dave Gedeon, Associate Vice President, NASDAQ

5:30 PM
Managed ETF Portfolios

The growth in both the number of providers and of AUM of Managed ETF Strategies has grown in an exponential fashion. We will discuss some of the rationale behind this trend including:

  • The changing role of investment advisors
  • An increase in the number of asset classes that can be utilized within a managed portfolio
  • The rise in available tools that can be accessed by the RIA and institutional investment community
  • The expediency of client reporting and ease of implementation

  • Ling-Wei Hew, Analyst, ETF Managed Portfolios, MORNINGSTAR, INC. (Moderator)
  • Sharon French, Senior Advisor - Multi Asset and ETF Solutions, BNY MELLON
  • Andrew Gogerty, Vice President, Investment Strategies, NEWFOUND RESEARCH
  • Doug Sandler, Chief Equity Officer, RIVERFRONT INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC
  • Jack McManmon, Managing Director, WINDHAVEN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, INC.
5:30 PM
Closed-Door Q&A Reception for Pensions, Foundations and Endowments
If you are a pension fund, foundation or endowment and are interested in attending this closed-door Q&A event, please RSVP to Gina Dzurenda at to be considered.

  • Jerome Casamatta, Vice President - Global Markets Division, Cross-Asset Solutions, SOCIETE GENERALE
6:15 PM
Networking Cocktail Reception, Hosted by:

7:15 PM
Monday’s Events Conclude

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014
7:00 AM
Registration and Breakfast

7:00 AM
ETF Strategist Breakfast Workshop
This session will allow ETF strategists to share insights on industry developments.  Attention will be paid to how to manage ETFs in a manner that best leverages their liquid, transparent, and tax efficient characteristics and how to provide value for the growing number of industry participants who are increasingly turning to outsourced portfolio management.


8:00 AM
Finding Smart Beta in the Factor Zoo

Smart beta strategies capture a diverse basket of factor premia. With the proliferation of these strategies in recent years, investors need to be able to answer two key questions when considering various alternatives: which factor premia exposures are desired?; and which smart beta strategies capture these premia most efficiently?

  • Jason Hsu, Co-Founder, Vice Chairman, RESEARCH AFFILIATES, LLC
8:30 AM
The Annual Roundtable on the Indexing Landscape and the Continually Changing Market Environment

Index funds and related products have continued to grow since the first index fund was incorporated in 1975. Our annual roundtable of indexing leaders discuss how index funds have developed into more intricate quantitative strategies and continue to expand.

  • Revealing new investment niches covered by indexes
  • Discussing how the market has changed, and how indexes are adapting
  • Reviewing how non-market weighted indexes augment or impact the utility of traditional indexes
  • What are the grounding principals driving factor premiums?
  • What is the next frontier on additional beta products?
  • Examining the major issues in creating indexes for the fixed income market

  • Rick Ferri, Founder & Member, RICK FERRI, LLC. (Moderator)
  • Brett Hammond, Managing Director and Head of Index Applied Research, MSCI
  • Sanjay Arya, Head of Morningstar Indexes, MORNINGSTAR, INC.
  • Rolf Agather, Managing Director, Research and Innovation, FTSE RUSSELL
  • David Blitzer, Chairman of the Index Committee, S&P DOW JONES INDICES
9:30 AM
Goal Based Investing: Benchmarking Challenges and Breakthroughs

10:00 AM
Networking Refreshment Break


10:30 AM
Risk Management in a Compressed Risk/Reward Investment Environment
The financial crisis has given way to a regime where institutional investors are more cautious about their risk tolerance and more diligent about reporting and risk management.
  • Heightened needs for transparency and detailed reporting
  • Reevaluating your funds risk philosophy
  • The evolving role of chief risk officers
  • Finding congruence in risk management and compliance

  • Lawrence McDonald, Managing Director, Head of US Strategy, Macro Group, SOCIETE GENERALE (Moderator)
  • Michael Vogelzang, President & Chief Investment Officer, BOSTON ADVISORS, LLC
  • Mebane Faber, Chief Investment Officer, CAMBRIA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
  • Alan Skrainka, Chief Investment Officer, CORNERSTONE WEALTH MANAGEMENT
  • Robbert van Batenburg, Director of Market Strategy, SOCIETE GENERALE
1:10 PM
Commodity ETFs: Gaining an Overview of this Expanding Sector
The ever expanding array of commodity ETFs allows investors to access more and more specific sectors within the commodity space. Investors can choose broad commodity indices, specific commodity categories such as agriculture, metals or energy, or even narrow sub-divisions such as water or gold. This session will allow attendees to better understand the benefits of using ETFs to incorporate commodities into their asset allocations.
  • Examining commodity index construction
  • Evaluating the risk/return profile and diversification benefits of a commodities allocation compared to equities and bonds
  • Understanding how innovation is allowing for more granular investment options within the commodity ETF space

  • Tom Hendrickson, Chief Executive Officer, MITRE MEDIA (Moderator)
  • Mike McGlone, Director - Research, ETF SECURITIES (US) LLC
  • Christian Busken, Senior Vice President - Director of Real Assets, FUND EVALUATION GROUP
  • John Hyland, Chief Investment Officer, UNITED STATES COMMODITY FUNDS LLC
1:50 PM
Creating Customized Indexes

In the present day, investors are able to access a vast amount of data, enabling them to create indexes that are specifically designed to match their goals and risk profiles. This session will review the advantages of using custom indices and how they can be used with existing indices to help track performance and capture returns.

  • Assessing unique risk reward profiles when creating customized indices
  • Understanding costs and processes involved in creating a custom index
  • Gaining an overview of service providers who can provide custom indices

  • Erin Heise, Senior Director, ETF & Index Services, INTERACTIVE DATA
  • Mark Abssy, Senior Index and ETF Manager, ISE ETF VENTURES
2:30 PM
Fireside Chat: How to Make Passive Massive in the Low Carbon Space
Hear from the world’s leading asset owners why a portfolio’s carbon footprint is a metric that matters and how they are factoring carbon into their passive strategies.
• The growing sophistication of carbon integration strategies that asset owners are demanding
• Versatile approaches to low carbon investment strategies (tilting, best of sector, ex-fossil fuels)
• Is there value in integrating carbon factors into index strategies?

  • Brian Rice, Portfolio Manager, CALSTRS
  • Conor Platt, Co-Founder, CLIMATE IMPACT FUND
  • Toby Heaps, Chief Executive Officer, CORPORATE KNIGHTS

10:30 AM
Implementing Credit Strategies to Maximize Yield (structured and opportunistic)
Credit strategies are of interest due to speculation on the direction of interest rates and mixed signals compared to the equities market.
  • Structured credit: ABS, RMBS, CMBS
  • Opportunities in corporate credit
  • Opportunistic credit investing
  • Regional opportunities: comparing the US to Europe

  • Jessica Toonkel, Correspondent, THOMSON REUTERS (Moderator)
  • Matt Tucker, Head of Fixed Income Strategy, BLACKROCK ISHARES
  • Leighton Shantz, Director of Fixed Income, EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF TEXAS
1:10 PM
Alternative Fixed Income Sources in a Rising Interest Rate Environment (non-bond)
 This session will examine debt investment strategies that can compensate long term investors for owning products with better risk/return characteristics and low market correlation benefits such as:
  • Master limited partnerships (MLPs)
  • Selling Option Premium
  • Real Asset Ownership
  • High-Dividend Common and Preferred Stocks

  • Mark Danchak, Partner, GRK PARTNERS (Moderator)
  • Jeremy Held, Director of Research, ALPS PORTFOLIO SOLUTIONS
  • Jeff Weniger, VP, Senior Strategist, BMO PRIVATE BANK
  • Christian Magoon, CEO & Founder, YIELDSHARES
  • Mitchell Marenus, Chief Investment Officer, TRANSITION FINANCIAL ADVISORS GROUP
1:50 PM
High Yield Bond Strategies (bonds)
High Yield bonds offer opportunities for investors poised to seize on information gaps and the mispricing of securities.  The panel will discuss the advantages of tax free interest and offer insights on how to predict default risks for both corporate and municipal bonds.

  • Casey Jones, Managing Director, WHITE OAK GLOBAL ADVISORS (Moderator)
  • Jeff Hudson, Partner, CEDAR RIDGE PARTNERS
  • Peter Ehret, ‎Director of Internal Credit, EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF TEXAS
2:30 PM
How Are Advisors Using ETFs and ETF Managers in Asset Allocation Models?

This session will focus on how managing a portfolio of ETFs differs from traditional active management.
  • Uncovering strategies and tactics for actively trading ETFs
  • How are financial advisors approaching portfolio construction using ETFs?
  • Identifying and overcoming any limitations in a managed ETF portfolio
  • Uses of indices/benchmarks (smart beta, ESG, volatility)

  • Gina Sanchez, Chairwoman and Founder, CHANTICO GLOBAL, LLC (Moderator)
  • Alan Skrainka, Chief Investment Officer, CORNERSTONE WEALTH MANAGEMENT
  • Neil Leeson, ETF Strategist, NED DAVIS RESEARCH INC
  • Rick Ferri, Founder & Member, RICK FERRI, LLC.
  • Eric Ervin, Co-Founder, President, CEO, REALITY SHARES, INC.

10:30 AM
Analyzing Exposure to Emerging Markets Using ETFs
Emerging Markets indexes are heavily weighted in State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) from sectors such as financials, energy and materials due to the size of the companies in those industries. Yet many analysts believe that Emerging Markets growth is likely to come from sectors focused on consumption such as consumer staples, consumer durables, technology and health care. This session will take a look at how investors can target the Emerging Markets exposures they want using ETFs.

* Creating market neutral strategies with ETFs to hedge risk in Emerging Markets
* Understanding how ETFs with alternatively weighted indexes can capture the potential growth areas in Emerging Markets
* ETFs and the Alibaba Conundrum

  • Marc De Luise, Head of ETP Product Solutions, FTSE
  • Hany Shawky, Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Professor, UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY (SUNY)
1:10 PM
South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East (SAAAME)/Frontier Markets
Non-US and Europe countries make up a larger share of world GDP than are represented by most global indexes. What effect will be seen in these regions capital markets as indexes begin to include these countries?
  • The evolution and opening up of untapped markets
  • SAAAME markets/Frontier markets = new opportunities; Managers from SAAAME/Frontier regions = new competition
  • Role of pensions, SWFs and HNWIs as drivers of growth in SAAAME/Frontier regions
  • How asset managers can raise awareness for their brands in SAAAME /Frontier regions
  • Accessing untapped markets in SAAAME/Frontier regions

  • Ray Mitchell, Consultant, RIM UNLIMITED, INC. (Moderator)
  • David Garff, President & Chief Investment Officer, ACCUVEST GLOBAL ADVISORS
  • Seddik Meziani, Professor of Economics and Finance, MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY
  • Tendai Musikavanhu, Chief Executive Officer, OLD MUTUAL GLOBAL INDEX TRACKERS
1:50 PM
Investing in Small Cap Stocks
Small cap stocks are often underrepresented within a global equity portfolio. While global benchmarks are moving towards a more balanced global equity representation, actual allocation and implementation still lag.
  • Understanding the nuances of what is involved in small cap index construction
  • Active versus passive investments in small cap stocks
  • The future of small cap indexation and products
  • Differences between US and non-US stocks

  • Timothy Schoolmaster, President, Board of Trustees, EVANSTON POLICE PENSION FUND (Moderator)
  • Anil Rao, Vice President, Equity Applied Research, MSCI
  • Vijay Vaidyanathan, Chief Executive Officer, OPTIMAL ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • David Koenig, Investment Strategist, Research and Innovation, RUSSELL INDEXES
2:30 PM
Best Execution: How Current Market Structure Affects Indexing and ETF Trading

Technology, competition and regulation have been key drivers of todays fast-paced and fragmented equity marketplace. What are the issues and opportunities facing portfolio and single stock traders trying to achieve best execution today?

  • Overview of HFTs, Dark Pools and Complex Order Types
  • Transactions Costs: 
  • Trade strategies in a low latency and fragmented market for portfolio/ETF traders
  • Trading Blocks of stock and tough to trade names
  • Looking forward to new trading innovations and market developments

  • Jim Ross, Managing Director of Institutional Equities, PDQ ATS, INC. (Moderator)
  • Michael Baradas, Product Manager, BLOOMBERG TRADEBOOK
  • Scott Brunenavs, Senior Vice President, CONVERGEX
  • Dwijen Gandhi, Director, NYSE
  • Andrew McOrmond, Managing Director, WALLACHBETH CAPITAL LLC

1:10 PM
Closing Keynote: Super Bowl XLIX – By The Numbers
Arizona is proud to be hosting Super Bowl XLIX February 1, 2015. Each hosting community forms a Super Bowl Host Committee to serve as an extension to the NFL in the local community. In addition, the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee has three main objectives in its mission:
  • To showcase Arizona on the global platform
  • To fuel economic growth to the region
  • To leave a lasting legacy to the community through NFL charities

  • Tina DeNicole, Chief Financial Officer, ARIZONA SUPER BOWL HOST COMMITTEE
1:40 PM
IMN’s 19th Annual Global Indexing & ETF Conference Concludes

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