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Data Centers, the buildings housing corporate servers & backup facilities, are an emerging asset class, that investors need to seriously consider for their investment portfolio. While the opportunities in the current real estate market are froth with tranche warfare, extend & pretend & trophy buildings at nosebleed valuations & the rest of the investment market is worrying about a double dip, data center growth has continued throughout the recession with demand doubling every 2 years. Many believe this is the one place where 20% returns are still possible. IMN’s reboot of it’s data center series of conferences took place in Los Angeles, past September, and was attended by over 200 senior executives including some of the most prominent data centers owners, tenants, investors, capital and service providers. For our recent Chicago event 300+ data center owners, real estate investors and tenants signed up. For this sophomore event we will continue to cover some of the most popular themes including >Demand dynamics, >The President/CEO Panel >The private Equity panel We are also working on some new, exciting topics that will give much food for thought including: >Tiering & Redundancy: How Important are they in the Data Center Environment of Today? >Demand Capacity Forecasting on a Facility/Entity Level; >Data Center Bankruptcy & the Impact on the Tenant >Measuring how Much Tax, Power & Other Incentives are Really Worth? >Power Rates, Build Times, Volatility, Contracts & Pricing >Data Center CAPX & TCO >Carrier Neutrality Vs. Bundled Services >Modular Data Centers We look forward to seeing you in LA, Nov 9.
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Data center owners Data center tenants Data center investors Capital and Service providers
Sunday, November 19th, 2017
8:00 AM
Registration...Networking Breakfast...Exhibit Hall Opens

9:16 PM
IMN's Opening Remarks

9:16 PM
Day One Chair's Opening Remarks

  • Jeffrey Moerdler, Member, MINTZ, LEVIN, COHN, FERRIS, GLOVSKY AND POPEO, P.C.
9:16 PM
Data Center Business Models in an Era of Convergence: When the Lines Blur, What are the Inquiries that will Clear the Cloudiness?
* Wholesale vs. Colo vs. Managed Services vs. Cloud * The Cloud: How is it Delivered? * Asset-based Businesses vs. Margin-based Businesses * Selling Up the Stack vs. Selling to the Customer * Variable Cost vs. Fixed Cost Models * Using Employees and Customers as an Indicator for Scaling a Business * Risks and Rewards Inherent in the Opportunity of Convergence

9:16 PM
President/CEO Panel
* What are your current return expectations? * Cloud: How are you Defining? How are you embracing? Are you embracing or is it raining on your parade? * What is your exit strategy? Expansion strategy? * Public and private financing * Which services have you recently added? * Breaking into new markets: What are your plans? * Facility/market expansion strategies * Modular facilities: Are you integrating? Why? * Are you embracing wholesale or the collocation model? * What are the top IT initiatives likely to have an impact on demand for new data centers?: How are you reacting to them? * How are you treating your obsolete data centers? * Breaking into new markets: What is your strategy?

  • Marty Friedman, Partner & Managing Director, DH CAPITAL, LLC (Moderator)
  • Tony Wanger, President, IO
  • Avner Papouchado, CEO, SERVER FARM REALTY
  • Pete Marin, President & CEO, T5 DATA CENTERS
  • Jim Trout, Founder & CTO, VANTAGE DATA CENTERS
9:16 PM
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9:16 PM
Site Selection Strategies: Low Cost of Energy vs. Urban/Suburban Center: Which Way Should you go?
* Will corporate America go to Branson? * Retail Vs. Business site selection * Measuring how much tax, power & other incentives are really worth * Taxes & Depreciation on pods vs. Free standing buildings * Factoring in local carbon ordinances * Local economic profile: What should you be looking for? * Data center job and economic creation * Network availability * Evaluating the local LA market vs. other local and not-so-local options

  • David Gross, Principal Business Planner, SALESFORCE.COM (Moderator)
  • Jason Shepard , Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Services , CB RICHARD ELLIS
  • Chris Kenney, Vice President Acquisitions, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST
9:16 PM
Global Expansion Strategies: What has Worked for you?
This session will detail global expansion by telcos & large independents and will review the major hot markets outside the US. Other issues to discuss include: * Comparisons vs. the US market * Demand and customer profiles * Carbon concerns * International players playing in the US playground * Expected growth * Following your customers around the globe * Local market evaluation and practices

  • Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, OVUM (Moderator)
  • Luiz Zamagna, CTO, DCT REALTY
  • Owen DeLong, IPv6 Evangelist, HURRICANE ELECTRIC
  • Keith Wilson, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer, PAETEC HOLDING CORP
  • Everett Thompson, CEO, WIREDRE GROUP
9:16 PM

9:16 PM
Determining Data Center CAPX (Capital Expenditures) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of Building vs. Leasing vs. Colo
* Evaluating the changing financial model inputs of a data center * Life of pods vs. Traditional data centers * Infrastructure: Should you use 10 years or 5 for depreciation? How about generators, UPS and coolers? * Evaluating the true cost of power * What are the proper reserve levels for capital expenditures? * Power, taxes, space, employees * How have modular units changed the equation? * Costs of acquisition, installation, operations, and maintenance * Common owner mistakes when evaluating data center ownership * Evaluating the cost of density * Role of migration * Private and public clouds * Mixed approaches * Cutting costs of fixed assets

  • Christopher Trapp, Managing Partner, TRAPP TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS (Moderator)
  • Robert Smith, Founder, 2POPDIGITAL.COM
  • Rob Morris, Vice President, Principal, CASSIDY TURLEY
  • Joe Goldsmith, VP - Sales - Global Allicances, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST
  • KC Mares, President and CEO, MEGAWATT CONSULTING, INC.
9:16 PM
Expansion Options: Considering Modular vs. Traditional Construction/Building Conversion When Building Out and Designing your New/Expanding your Existing Facility
* Tenant Expansion Options * Are there still redevelopment opportunities around? * Land development issues * Impact of modular facilities * Factoring capacity forecasts * Building an enterprise vs. collocation facility * Construction cost per megawatt of power * LEED certification * Cost Comparisons * Deployment of pod vs. Building new * How much customization is in a modular data center? * What do you do with the pod when it becomes functional obsolete? * Impact of cloud: Do you really have to expand your facility? * Role of energy efficiency * Taxes and depreciation of modular vs. traditional facility * Facility expansion vs. 2nd facility: Which way to go? * Demand capacity forecasting

  • Brian Quigley, Vice President-Development, CENTERPOINT PROPERTIES TRUST (Moderator)
  • John Patterson, Senior Managing Director, Principal, CASSIDY TURLEY
  • Kristina Metzger, Associate, CB RICHARD ELLIS
  • Mark Schneider, President, DSA ENCORE
  • Tony Wanger, President, IO
9:16 PM
Tiering & Redundancy: How Important are they in the Data Center Environment of Today?
* Impact of cloud of tiering * Tiering Of data center: What does is mean? How much does it cost? * Size/Growth of Tier 3/4markets * Rigid standards: Getting tier 3 resiliency from a tier 2 data center * How much more are customers willing to pay for added redundancy? *Application- level vs. tech-level resiliency * Impact on older, out-of-date facilities * Measuring the cost of failure

  • Timothy Caulfield, Chief Executive Officer, AMERICAN INTERNET SERVICES - AIS (Moderator)
  • Daniel Hallett, Mechanical Engineer, Building Services, ARUP
  • Eric Klaiber, Data Center Marketing Specialist, CORNING CABLE SYSTEMS
  • Jeffrey Moerdler, Member, MINTZ, LEVIN, COHN, FERRIS, GLOVSKY AND POPEO, P.C.
9:16 PM
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9:16 PM
Services: Build vs. Buy vs. Acquire
* Data center/Managed services joint ventures * What type of value-added service are you looking to add to your stable? What are the means you are considering to add the service? Is this addition being requested by existing companies or are you trying to reach new customers? * What is your approach to adding cloud services? * Acquiring software partners: When is it a good idea? * Will a data center buy managed services from a competing data center?

  • Zane Alsabery, CEO, ALCHEMY COMMUNICATIONS, INC. (Moderator)
  • Hector Diaz, Director - International Region, CBRE
  • Timothy Nicols, VP of Channel Sales & Business Development, RAGINGWIRE DATA CENTERS
  • Simon Tusha, Principal, TRUE DATA CENTERS
9:16 PM
The Public Markets: M&A, Public Market Debt, Mortgage & Equity Financing
* The analysts view: What makes a merger a positive? * Big Telco and big Tech: Looking for data center companies? * Post merger integration * Cost savings: Do they really materialize? * Non-US M&A * Property vs. Company acquisition * Financing terms * Managed service provider/Data center mergers * Going Public/IPO * Entity-Level Financing * Debt/Mortgage Financing *Project-Level/Construction Financing * Capital available without pre-leasing * How can new data center providers can obtain debt and equity financing? * Revolving credit facility terms and availability * Credit financing * Current pricing and valuation

  • Rob Stevenson, Managing Director - Head of U.S. REIT Research, MACQUARIE (Moderator)
  • Jonathan Schildkraut, Senior Managing Director, Equity Research-Telecom Services & Data Center Services, EVERCORE PARTNERS
  • Jeff Ferry, Vice President, GOLDMAN, SACHS & CO.
  • Lukas Hartwich, Senior Analyst, GREEN STREET ADVISORS
  • James Breen, Equity Research, Internet Infrastructure, WILLIAM BLAIR & COMPANY
9:16 PM
Networking Reception

9:16 PM
Day One Concludes

Sunday, November 19th, 2017
8:00 AM
Breakfast...Exhibit Hall Opens

9:16 PM
Day Two Recap

  • Jim Kennedy, Director of Critical Facility Engineering, RAGINGWIRE DATA CENTERS
9:16 PM
Secondary Cities & Beyond
* Identifying customers who would collocate outside of urban areas; What kind of services would they require? * Are secondary cities more profitable because of less competition? * How far out of will urban banks go? * Do you need less redundancy in secondary markets? * Can warehouse space work?

  • Mike Klein, Co-CEO, ONLINE TECH (Moderator)
  • Richard Bader, President, EASYSTREET ONLINE SERVICES
  • John Sheputis, President, INFOMART DATA CENTERS
  • Bruce Lehrman, Chief Executive Officer, INVOLTA
  • Tim O'Brien, Manager of Economic Development, OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT
9:16 PM
Cloud, Managed Service & Hosting Tenant Panel: Evaluating the Top 5 Customer Wants
This discussion, will feature leading tenants discussing what they look for in a data center before they become a tenant and will include power, connectivity, carrier options, location, security, software, green practices and contract terms

  • Rob Klug, Chief Executive Officer, STREAMING MEDIA HOSTING (Moderator)
  • Phil Nail, Chief Technology Manager, AISO.NET
  • Shawn Conaway, Systems Services Manager, APS HEALTHCARE, INC
  • Scott Clark, President/CEO, DEOPLI CORPORATION
9:16 PM
What are the Coolest Parts of Cooling you Need to know?
For every watt of power a data center uses 1.5 watts have to be used to cool it. This makes data center cooling a very large part of your operational expenses and worthy of close examination. * ROI of the latest technologies * Cooling in Minnesota vs. Arizona *Pumping out the heat and using outside air: Ready for prime time? Upfront cost vs. savings * Child water vs. outside air: An ROI comparison

  • Anton Self, Chief Executive, BASTIONHOST LTD. (Moderator)
  • Gary Cudmore, Principal, DEERNS CONSULTING ENGINEERS
  • Fletcher Kittredge, CEO, GWI
  • Tarif Abboushi, Vice President of Data Center Infrastructure, NTT AMERICA, INC.
  • Jim Kennedy, Director of Critical Facility Engineering, RAGINGWIRE DATA CENTERS
9:16 PM
Refreshments Courtesy of:

9:16 PM
NextGen Colo Agreements, Including Downtime and Service Level Agreements
* New structures involving First time power failure; Cost of leases allowing single failure vs. no downtime structures * Sublease, coloback and lease takeovers * Colocation vs. Financial tenants * Dealing with a tenant’s phantom power demand * Are maintenance agreements necessary considering the data center company’s reputation risk of downtime? * Power billing structures

  • Shawn Mills, President, GREEN HOUSE DATA (Moderator)
  • Barry Novick, Global Data Center Manager, BLACKROCK, INC.
  • Jeffrey Moerdler, Member, MINTZ, LEVIN, COHN, FERRIS, GLOVSKY AND POPEO, P.C.
  • Everett Thompson, CEO, WIREDRE GROUP
9:16 PM
Private Equity & Private Market Financing: What Makes a Deal Attractive? What are the Red Flags? (2)
* Where is the deal flow coming from? * Creative ways to get deals done, 2011 * M&A activity by PE firms* Investing in new vs. established providers * What is your appetite for facility updates? * Cloud plays * What will the proceeds be used for? * Current financial terms * Market expansion plays vs. New start-ups * Management team evaluation

  • Robert Nolan, Managing Partner, HALYARD CAPITAL (Moderator)
  • Robert Morse Jr., Partner, OAK HILL CAPITAL
  • Adrian Polak, Vice President, ROCKWOOD CAPITAL, LLC
9:16 PM
Mixed-Use Buildings vs. Campus vs. Stand-Alone Data Center Approaches
* Separate vs. Single building infrastructure costs * Connectivity and power * Does it make sense for a smaller facility to be mixed-use? * The less than obvious role in location * Shifting from a mixed-use building to a dedicated carrier hotel * Alternative energy approaches in different building types * Comparing building income and costs * First floor retail vs. data center potential income * Non-data center tenants: Are they happy campers? * Asset management strategies * Comparing cloud-friendly vs. Static vs. Dual-use facilities

  • Joseph Suppers, President and CEO, NODE COM, INC. (Moderator)
  • Sigurd Anderson, Director-Critical Environments, CH2M HILL - IDC ARCHITECTS
  • Grant Leathers, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, KELLEY BLUE BOOK
  • John Savageau, President, PACIFIC-TIER COMMUNICATIONS
9:16 PM
IMN’s 2nd Annual Financing, Investing & Real Estate Development for Data Centers Concludes

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