The conference
After last year’s successful NY-based event, IMN is delighted to bring this CFO-specific forum to the West Coast on May 13-14. Panel discussions outline the current issues and challenges real estate CFOs, treasurers and controllers are encountering, and the strategies and tools they are employing to succeed. Attend to hear a speaker faculty of your industry peers and specifically-tailored content. Meet with forward-thinking professionals working in your role and learn the cutting-edge strategies needed to stay ahead of the curve. This CFO-specific forum will showcase the current issues and challenges real estate CFOs, treasurers and controllers are encountering, and the strategies and tools they are employing to meet these challenges. While other industry conferences may offer general overviews of the market, IMN's Real Estate CFO Forum is the only place to hear specifically-tailored content crafted by an advisory board and speaker faculty of your industry peers. Meet with forward-thinking professionals working in your role and learn the cutting-edge strategies needed to stay ahead of the curve. We look forward to welcoming you to IMN's Real Estate CFO Forum in May!
Who should attend
Chief Financial Officers (of REITs, Funds, Lenders and Operating Companies) Controllers Treasurers Chief Tax Officers Chief Accounting Officers Accountants Service Providers
Monday, May 13th, 2013
12:00 AM
Registration: Light lunch is served

3:11 PM
IMN Opening Remarks

1:00 PM
CFO Overview: The Top 5 Issues Today
An introductory panel outlining the top five issues affecting Real Estate CFOs today. This session introduces the key talking points that will be discussed in depth throughout the event, and an examination of California and the wider Western USA’s real estate market. CFOs, treasurers and controllers will gather to discuss specifically-tailored content addressing the top issues in their day-to-day management.

  • Scott Farb, Partner, INDEPENDENT INVESTOR (Moderator)
  • John Haymes, CFO Alternative Products, PIMCO
  • Sue Kreusch, Chief Financial Officer, MACFARLANE PARTNERS
  • Jonathan Needell, President & Chief Investment Officer, KAIROS INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY
  • Justin Enbody, Chief Financial Officer, KENNEDY WILSON
  • A. William Stein, CFO, Chief Investment Officer, DIGITAL REALTY
3:11 PM
The Outsourcing Decision and Monitoring Outsourced Departments
Some real estate investors and financiers can benefit by outsourcing accounting and administrative functions to save time, save money, and increase efficiency. Others prefer to keep these functions in-house and view them as an asset to the overall business.

• When should you outsource, and which departments should you consider outsourcing? • How much control should you retain over outsourced departments, and how can you monitor outsourced accountants, auditors and administrative functions among others? • What are the overall benefits versus potential downsides?

  • Stephanie Matz, Director, CARVAL INVESTORS (Moderator)
  • Thomas Green, Partner, National Real Estate Group, MCGLADREY LLP
  • Marc Hartley, Principal, Property Tax Services, RYAN, LLC
  • Tom Scott, Chief Operating Officer, AMP TECHNOLOGIES
3:11 PM
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3:11 PM
Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
• Utilizing Low-Income Housing Tax Credits • Benefits to your fund • Opportunities in the Low-Income Housing market • What types of developments qualify for tax credits • What are the requirements and limitations • Ensuring that Low-Income Housing properties are compliant with regulatory requirements • Additional foreseeable tax credits on the horizon?

  • Beth Mullen, Partner, Office Managing Partner, COHNREZNICK LLP (Moderator)
  • Steve Spall, Managing Director, TCAM
3:11 PM
Tax Overview & Managing Tax Rates
Tax professionals from REITs, Funds, Lenders and Operating Companies outline the keyissues they face today, and what the CFO must be aware of.

• Avoiding mismanagement of taxes can result to prevent your organization paying more in taxes than necessary • Tax-efficient management strategies • How to best manage your organization’s tax rates to avoid common pitfalls and eliminate overspend.

  • Troy Van Dongen, Partner, WINSTON & STRAWN LLP (Moderator)
  • David Benz, Principal, ROTHSTEIN KASS
  • Gian Pazzia, Shareholder, KBKG
3:11 PM
Back-Office Best Practices (Operational and Technological)
Implementing the best property and fund administration systems can significantly increase your team’s efficiency, improve the quality of your fund correspondence and quarterly reports, and give you a barometer on the performance of the portfolio.

  • Rick Edelheit, Partner, National Real Estate Leader, MCGLADREY LLP (Moderator)
  • Kevin Kujawski, COO/CFO, MENLO EQUITIES
  • Jim Hibbert, Principal, PALLADIUM PACIFIC
6:00 PM
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7:00 AM
Day One Concludes

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013
3:11 PM
Breakfast is served for Closed Door Discussion

3:11 PM
Closed-Door CFO/Treasurer/Controller Breakfast
A closed-door breakfast discussion will offer CFOs, treasurers, controllers and tax officers a confidential peer-to-peer open forum to freely converse about issues at the top of their agenda. This closed-door session is strictly reserved for CFOs, treasurers, controllers and tax officers*, and allows attendees a unique opportunity to discuss pressing concerns in a private setting.

* Please confirm your registration for the closed-door breakfast by emailing

SUGGESTED TOPIC:Growth Targets, Cost Cutting, Compensation and Benefits What are realistic targets for your organization’s growth? Should you look to a single standard or should targets vary based on organization size, structure and goals? And in what way can your organization reduce costs in order to maximize profits and increase the likelihood of revenue growth? What is an appropriate level of compensation for a CFO? What about other roles within the company structure? What other types of non-salary compensation and benefits do your staff members receive? How can you attract and retain the best managerial and operational talent in your organization by ensuring compensation levels are competitive?

3:11 PM
Breakfast is served for All Attendees

9:00 AM
Deal Structuring, Loan Origination & Financing
What is the current state of the market for loans in California and other states? • Are banks lending or are risk averse policies contributing to a stagnant market? • How should joint ventures be structured and organized? • What are the main differences in financing for new construction vs.refurbishment?

  • David Kessler, Managing Partner, Real Estate, COHNREZNICK LLP (Moderator)
  • J.B. Gerber, Vice President - Alternative Investments, CORNERSTONE REAL ESTATE ADVISERS
  • Andrew Yoon, Partner & COO, GREENOAK REAL ESTATE
  • Robert Durand, Senior Vice President, Financing, KBS REALTY ADVISORS
  • Gregg Bloomberg, Partner, COHNREZNICK LLP
3:11 PM
Property Acquisitions, Due Diligence & Buying Distressed Real Estate
Prior to the execution of a new acquisition agreement, due diligence is critical toensure all parties are aware of the property’s situation.

• How should you undertake due diligence? • Should you employ outside consultants to assess a deal or keep it in-house? • How do you ensure awareness of local codes, regulations, etc. • What is the timeframe necessary to undertake due diligence? • Distressed real estate acquisition has its own due diligence requirements. What is unique to distressed real estate acquisition process? • Where are the investment opportunities in distressed real estate today? • As the economy continues to recover, what is the long-term outlook for distressed opportunities?  * Non-performing notes

  • Mark Nester, Chief Financial Officer, PEAK CORPORATE NETWORK (Moderator)
  • Steve Cameron, President, FOREMOST COMPANIES
  • Brent Rivard, Managing Director, CFO & COO, PATHFINDER PARTNERS, LLC
  • Steve Buck, Principal, Property Tax Services, RYAN, LLC
3:11 PM
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11:00 AM
Valuation Services
A panel outlining services for valuations and appraisals available to the CFO, including valuations of derivatives, debt and assets.

• Determining the best model for valuations • When to use independent outside advisors for valuations? • Quantitative approaches to valuations. • Compliance with GAAP and IFRS • Other regulatory and audit considerations

  • Jack Mullen, Founder and Managing Director, SUMMER STREET ADVISORS (Moderator)
  • Todd Hankin, Partner, EISNERAMPER, LLP
  • Tom Trinter, Product Manager, CHATHAM FINANCIAL
3:11 PM
Risk Management and Insurance
Risk management has seen its profile rise as organizations seek to manage their exposure to risk. With the US economy seemingly in recovery, but volatility still rife particularly in Europe, this panel will outline methods to protect your portfolio against risk.

• How much should you be paying for risk management /insurance? • Is it ever worth reducing insurance in a more stable investment environment?

  • Danielle Chayot, Vice President, National Real Estate Practice, WILLIS INSURANCE SERVICES (Moderator)
  • Leon Halperin, Chief Investment Officer, POST INVESTMENT GROUP, INC
  • Dan Kleiman, Head Commercial Real Estate Practice, ZURICH NA
  • Charity O'Sullivan, Senior Vice President, MARSH RISK & INSURANCE SERVICES
3:11 PM
Technological Solutions & Innovations
With the consistent trend of investors demanding more transparency from their fund manager, how should the CFO efficiently and cost-effectively facilitate secure investor reporting via web portals, while automating the historically time consuming middle-office partnership accounting process (e.g. commitments, capital calls, statement generation, and distributions)

• What property management and accounting solutions exist for commercial and multifamily property owners, investors and managers? • How can CFOs ensure they receive the best advice on upgrading or replacing outdated technological processes to ensure their organization remains at the cutting edge?

  • Leon Halperin, Chief Investment Officer, POST INVESTMENT GROUP, INC (Moderator)
  • Sabeer Bhatia, Co-Founder and Founder of Hotmail, AMP TECHNOLOGIES
  • Stephen Baker, Sr. Dir. Marketing and Business Development, MRI SOFTWARE
  • Paul Kevener, Director of Finance, NICOLA CROSBY ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Kevin White, Director of Client Services, NETAGE SOLUTIONS, INC
3:11 PM

3:11 PM
New Regulatory Developments
A look at the impact of government regulation and recent legislation on the industry, including examination of what aspects of the monumental Dodd-Frank Act the CFO must be aware of and how to prepare your organization accordingly to meet compliance needs.

• GAAP, FASB statements and IASB standards also feature in this discussion of new accounting regulations, standards and best practices. • What does the CFO need to know about lease accounting, what regulations or new standards might make your job easier (or more difficult) • What are the differences between what publicly-traded companies and private companiesneed to know? • What actions do CFOs need to take in order to comply with derivatives regulations under Dodd-Frank and how will risk management change?

  • Tim Bailey, Vice President and Conference Producer, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT NETWORK (Moderator)
  • Alison Sellers, Senior Manager, MOSS ADAMS LLP
  • Luke Zubrod, Director, CHATHAM FINANCIAL
  • Jonathan Needell, President & Chief Investment Officer, KAIROS INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY
  • Kristi Oates, Partner, SQUAR MILNER LLP
3:11 PM
Utilizing Green Energy Tax Credits
Federal and state governments are offering tax credits and incentives to stimulate development and economic activity. This panel examines how to maximize returns by effectively utilizing tax credits available in the real estate industry, with a particular focus on green energy tax credits.

• How public private partnership can be utilized in development financing • Specific incentives within California • Ensuring properties remain compliant with energy regulations • Green buildings and sustainability

  • Tim Bailey, Vice President and Conference Producer, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT NETWORK (Moderator)
  • CJ Aberin, Shareholder, KBKG
  • Mark Crowdis, President, REZNICK THINK ENERGY, LLC
3:11 PM
Conference Concludes

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