IMN's business is built upon bringing together the leaders within their respective disciplines to discuss the newest and most innovative strategies for success; attracting market participants from around the globe. Conference sponsorship is great for upping your presence at a conference and meeting potential clients face to face; you get a mention on the website, exhibit space at the conference and passes for your team and clients.

If you are brand building, product launching or trying to source new leads, digital advertising provides high visibility exposure to our conference attendees and non–attendee conference website visitors. Conference attendees make up a fraction of the traffic we generate on our conference websites. Our pool of unique conference website visitors is 5–10 times greater than our conference attendance totals, so our highly visible interactive digital advertising banners reach the most eyeballs with precision focus. Real time reporting on impressions and click–throughs is only a few clicks away on our website for our digital advertisers.

Our most effective digital advertising campaigns are yielding CTRs above .6% (double the industry average) and conversions to warm leads above 10%. As sensitivity about data privacy and controlling contact information grows, marketers are turning to digital advertising to avoid risky direct contact with potential customers. With the onset of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe, IMN is uniquely positioned to reach some of the most sought after prospects within the institutional investment and finance fields.

When you are ready to take your advertising to the next level, digital advertising on the IMN website and attendee emails is a highly cost effective means for reaching our very niche audiences. Digital advertising space is limited, so contact us today to discuss your objectives and see if any of IMN's digital advertising opportunities are right for your firm.

Let's have a conversation to figure out if interactive digital conference advertising is right for you.
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IMN Conference Specific Banner Advertisement Specifications

Exclusive or SOV IMN conference specific digital advertising includes 3 banner positions:

1. Conference Website Leader Board:
752x96 pixels file formats accepted:
jpg, gif, png max file size 100kb
animated gif accepted
(no more than 10 second rotations)

2. Conference Website Tower Banner:
200x500 pixels file formats accepted:
jpg, gif, png max file size 100kb
animated gif accepted
(no more than 10 second rotations)

3. Conference Attendee Communication
Email Tower Banner:

150x600 pixels file formats accepted:
jpg, gif, png max file size 100kb
animated gif NOT accepted

We do not accept FLASH files

For questions, please contact
Matt Gessel at +1(212)224-3024

Please email creative and landing page url to:

Title Date Location Last year’s unique visitors Last year’s impressions Price/Share Shares Deadline
26th Annual ABS East Virtual Conference 12/1/20 Virtual Event 29786 212831 $4995.00 3/4 8/14/20