IMN's Real Estate Quarterly Newsletter - August 2023

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IMN's Real Estate Quarterly Newsletter - August 2023


Welcome to IMN's Quarterly Newsletter. We’re talking conference highlights, company spotlights, and best bits to come. For your essential real estate events calendar we’ve got you covered. So, let’s take a look…


ILE Homes, based in Dallas, Texas, is a real estate investment and asset management

company that focuses on acquiring, improving, leasing, and managing SFR (Single Family Rental) homes.

Here's what CEO, Mahesh Shetty, is looking for as a judge at IMN’s SFR Industry Awards on December 3rd in Scottsdale, Arizona

“I am honored to serve as a judge at IMN’s Annual SFR Industry Awards. The awards represent the highest and most prestigious recognition of companies and individuals who have exemplified excellence in their companies and as a result elevated the single-family rental industry’s profile and reputation in business and in particular, the real estate industry.

As a judge, I will favor companies and individuals that have sector level experience, demonstrate innovation, have integrity, swiftly adapted to the rapid market changes in the last 18 months (resilient) and have a vision that allows them to embrace corporate goals and anchor it to a larger vision of making a difference in their communities and society at large. We will also consider the scale of the nominee’s achievements in comparison to their peers in the business.”


Single Family Rental: The 11th Annual Single Family Rental Forum (East)

As homeownership becomes increasingly challenging for many, the single-family rental market continues to gain momentum across the country. One of the most striking trends is the continued surge in demand for single-family rental properties.

The market's allure is fueled by various factors, including shifting lifestyle preferences, financial flexibility, and the desire for more space and privacy compared to traditional apartment living. We recently hosted our esteemed single-family rental conference centered around the future of the SFR market.

The conference brought together over 1650 industry experts, 150 exhibitors/sponsors, and 300 speakers to share their insights and predictions for the market’s trajectory. Topics of discussion ranged from equity structuring and financing to harnessing technology for better property management and investment decision-making. At IMN, we are committed to assisting you in navigating this dynamic market and look forward to hosting another successful edition of this conference in Scottsdale, AZ from December 4-6.

Private Funds: The 23rd Annual U.S. Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum

In the wake of the pandemic-induced economic changes, staying updated on real estate and private fund investment opportunities has become increasingly critical. This year marked the 23rd edition of our esteemed Real Estate Opportunity and Private Funds Forum, set against the scenic backdrop of Newport, Rhode Island. With over 500 professionals specializing in diverse aspects of the real estate investing cycle, the event provided an invaluable platform for networking, learning, and conducting business, all while surrounded by the beauty of Narragansett Bay. During the forum, we delved into a wide range of topics, including the fascinating evolution of private funds' investment strategies and the profound impact of remote working on the demand for office spaces. As the market continues to evolve, it becomes imperative for investors to adapt and flourish. One excellent opportunity to do so is by joining us for the upcoming west coast edition of this series, which will take place in Laguna Beach in January 2024.

Short Term Rental: The 2nd Annual Short Term Rental Forum

Over the past few years, the demand for short-term rentals has experienced a remarkable surge due to several factors, including the growing popularity of remote

work and "bleisure", a new trend in family travel, and advancements in property management technology. Despite economic challenges, the travel industry continues to thrive, benefitting short-term vacation property owners immensely. In Austin, TX, a gathering of 435 owners, operators, investors, and service providers took place to assess the state of the short-term rental market and forge profitable business partnerships to keep the momentum going.

Attendees had the opportunity to understand the preferences and needs of renters, strike lucrative deals, and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving market. Don't miss the chance to be part of the winter edition of this conference in Florida in January 2024.

ESG & Sustainability: The 2nd Annual ESG & Decarbonizing Real Estate Forum

Real estate professionals have fully embraced the significance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and recognize that being mindful of environmental needs, community welfare, and employee well-being results in better outcomes for stakeholders and investors. ESG considerations are now a necessity, given the rise of green financing, the growing emphasis on sustainability, and evolving tenant demands. At our ESG & Decarbonizing Real Estate Forum, over 300 esteemed executives went beyond general discussions, exploring specific topics like crafting impactful ESG reports, scope 3 emissions, addressing the global water crisis, implementing community solar projects, devising effective data collection strategies, and understanding ESG's influence on underwriting and insurance practices. As ESG concerns remain at the forefront of real

estate professionals worldwide, we are committed to monitoring emerging trends and

providing cutting-edge education to cater to the market's needs. Join us at the winter

edition of this series, scheduled for February 2024 in Nashville, TN, to discover the latest

insights and advancements in ESG practices for the real estate industry.


Irvin Adu-Gyamfu, Conference Producer

Q: How long have you been at IMN?

A: I have been with IMN for a little over a year! I started in May of 2022.

Q: When is your next event and what are you looking forward to about it?

A: I was just in California for our Distressed Forum for Bank Special Assets. This was full

circle for me as this was my first event working with IMN. Love the pace of Californians and how involved the bankers who attend this particular meeting are and the

resort we stay at. My next events will be SFR Property Management, and NPL, Notes &

Default Servicing Forum.

Q: Can you tell us a fun fact or hobby about yourself?

A: My fun fact is that I recently went to Ecuador on vacation and stood on the middle

point of the equator (mitad del mundo) which was a very cool experience. My favorite

hobby is playing soccer around different fields in NYC.


Committed to enhancing inclusion and diversity, we invite organizations to collaborate with us on IMN events. Our recent "Diversity of Thought" real estate webinar series showcased underrepresented groups such as women, members of the LGBTQAIA+ community, members of the AAPI and Black communities. Stay informed about upcoming webinars and networking opportunities by joining our Real Estate DEI LinkedIn group.

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