1:24 AM
Registration & Continential Breakfast Opens for Participants of Closed-Door Roundtable
8:00 AM
Invitation-Only C-Suite Breakfast Roundtable Sponsored by:
Mobile Health Solutions and Cloud Based Systems that Deliver Meaningful Patient Engagement

Mobile health technology (mHealth) and cloud based systems are rapidly changing the way physicians monitor and communicate with patients. In this informal breakfast roundtable participants discuss:
  • Virtual Collaboration & Patient Monitoring - How are physicians using mobile technology to monitor remotely and deliver care to patients? How are patients using apps to manage conditions and communicate with physicians?
  • Patient Education - How can apps be used for preventative care and education? We know about the quantified self-movement - what about for chronically ill patients?
  • Business Collaboration/Partnerships to accelerate innovation - How do you make them happen even if you are a smaller/less resourced health system?
  • Cloud based systems that enable secure mobility and facilitate physician and patient adoption

Azeem Mohamed

CTO, HP Software Alliances and Channel
1:24 AM
Registration & Continental Breakfast Opens for General Delegation
1:24 AM
Welcome from Information Management Network (IMN)
1:24 AM
Welcome from Conference Co-Chairs

Sameer Badlani

Chief Health Information Officer
Intermountain Healthcare

Mohan Putcha

Chief Technology Officer
University of Chicago Medical Center and Biological Sciences
9:00 AM
Crossing the Chasm - Moving From Data Capture to Meaningful Improvements in Patient Care and Clinical Efficiency
Knee deep in the implementation of an EHR system it can be easy to forget the end goal. In this session, learn what is necessary to realize the vision of improved quality, safety and efficiency, engaged patients and families, improved care coordination, better public and population health, all the while ensuring the privacy and security of personal health information.
  • Achieving broad based EHR implementation, physician adoption, and system interoperability
  • The use of cloud based software and systems to control costs, improve scalability and create a secure environment for patient and physician collaboration
  • Building or securing the analytic infrastructure to make use of the data in a meaningful way
  • As we move towards a value based system how will technology enable health systems/clinicians to practice effective population health management?

Michael Millenson

Health Quality Advisors

Fred Rachman

Chief Executive Officer
Alliance of Chicago

Rasu Shrestha

Vice President, Medical Information Technology, Medical Director, Interoperability and Imaging Informatics
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

William Hudson

Senior Business Strategist
1:24 AM
The Silver Lining - What Cloud Based Services Mean for Collaboration, System Evolution and Population Health Management

The Healthcare System IT department can be one of a constant state of catch-up or you can try to get ahead. Meeting new regulatory requirements, evolving business needs and benefiting from the latest technology means the CIOs job is never done. In such a fast moving environment, how can a CIO stay ahead of the ever increasing and changing demands. In this panel, experts discuss resource management and how cloud based services can ease the constant churn in the IT department and help a health system be ready to deal with changing demands of patients and regulators.

  • Can cloud based services help avoid costly software upgrades and associated costs training physicians to use updated systems?
  • Can cloud based systems provide an easy framework for patient engagement and population health management?
  • How can systems bridge the gap between cloud based academic or industry research and clinical practice?
  • Technologies expected to emerge within the next five years, and how can you best prepare for eventual adoption?
  • Look to the future What should every CIO prepare for now and how can cloud based systems help?

Ralph Reyes

Chief Executive Officer & President, HCSage Consulting, Senior Advisor
AHA Healthcare Solutions, An American Hospital Association Company

Scott Holbrook

Strategic Advisor
Health Catalyst

Dan Gonos

Chief Technologist/HP Fellow

Robert Grossman

Chief Research Informatics Officer, Division of Biological Sciences
University of Chicago

David Goldsteen

Chief Executive Officer
VigiLanz Corporation
1:24 AM
Networking Break Courtesy of:

Concurrent Sessions: Choose Track A or Track B Track A: Data Driven Care Management Predictive Analytics & Data Driven Clinical Decision Making Track B: Integrated and Interoperable Systems for Integrated Delivery
1:24 AM
Big Data - What is the Big Deal in Healthcare?
Big Data is a big buzzword that means different things to different people. The most accepted definition is that Big Data is a tool that enables complex analysis of vast volumes of a variety of data sources at a high velocity. Hence the three Vs coined by IBM are volume, variety and velocity. No doubt these vs exist in healthcare but some question if the industry is really ready for Big Data. In this session, expert discuss:
  • The promise versus the problems of Big Data applications in healthcare
  • Real applications of Big Data in healthcare currently being implemented
  • How their organizations are looking at Big Data and when and how they are using it

Gordon Heinrich

Executive Director - Big Data Analytics
Sandlot Solutions

Gary Fingerhut

Acting Executive Director and General Manager, IT Commercialization
Cleveland Clinic

John Chelico

Chief Medical Informatics Officer
North Shore University Hospital & Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Sameer Badlani

Chief Health Information Officer
Intermountain Healthcare
1:24 AM
ACOs the Evolving Healthcare Delivery Payment Models Impact on Clinical and Administrative Systems

The total of approved ACOs is now over 250. At their core, ACOs depend on clinical integration, care management and financial risk management for success. By linking provider reimbursement to quality metrics and cost control, ACOs are incentivized to provide quality care for less. In this session youll hear from leading ACO IT experts on how they are:

  • Implementing EHR that supports clinical integration
  • Using data management tools to improve clinical decision making
  • Depending on HIE for a better picture of the health of their populations
  • Opportunities and challenges with clinical and financial system integration

Anupam Goel

Vice President, Clinical Information
Advocate Health Care
1:24 AM
Leveraging Analytics in Every Day Clinical Operations

It is hard enough to get physicians to use EHR systems, some argue that adding a layer of analytical tools over the EHR will be too much. However if your system isnt using the data you are collecting then where is the return on implementing these multi-million dollars systems? In this session, one hospital details their experience integrating an analytic suite into everyday clinical operations.

  • Project ownership and working with other key stakeholders
  • Make the business case for predictive analytics
  • Identify high impact areas for research and projects
  • Set up the infrastructure to ensure clean quality data collection
  • Measure success and evaluate impact on outcomes

Steven Merahn

Senior Vice President, Clinical Programs
ActiveHealth Management

Nancy Garrett

Chief Analytics Officer
Hennepin County Medical Center

James Gaston

Senior Director, Clinical & Business Intelligence
HIMSS Analytics

Alan Snell

Chief Medical Informatics Officer
St. Vincent Health
1:24 AM
Real-Time Clinical Data: How Cloud-Based Dynamic Clinical Monitoring Improves Patient Safety, Care and Effectiveness

Hospital adoption of electronic health record systems has tripled since 2009 bringing with it a revolution in dynamic data and medical informatics. Real-time access of patient demographics, pharmaceutical orders, lab and microbiology values, among other real-time inputs, significantly increase patient safety, quality care and cost effectiveness. In this case study, leading visionary clinicians share the impact they are making on the front lines of real-time health care today, and the successful results theyve generated by reducing adverse drug events and health care acquired infections; improvements in core measure compliance; and cost effective antibiotic utilization.

- Connecting with the cloud to drive agilityand flexibility
- ROI scenarios with rapid payback
- Real-time patient care through dynamic data
- Automated workflows to enhance patient care and responsiveness

David Goldsteen

Chief Executive Officer
VigiLanz Corporation

John Russillo

Clinical Pharmacy Manager
John Muir Health
1:24 AM
Luncheon Sponsored by:
The Three Biggest Mistakes Health Systems Make when they Move to the Cloud

Keynote Speaker:
Scott Miller, Director of Data Center/Cloud Practice, WORLD WIDE TECHNOLOGY [ BIO ]

General Session
1:24 AM
Public Versus Private HIE – Determine the Value for your Health System and your Patients

According to the Chilmark Research report in May 2012, the bulk of health information exchange growth is now in privately sponsored, enterprise health information exchanges. In the push to meet meaningful requirements, some hospitals are finding it faster and quicker to go the private route, others are using a hybrid approach. In this session, HIE experts discuss the benefits and the options available to health systems in the Mid-West.

  • Understand where have HIEs been successful and why and how this should inform your health systems strategy
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of private run HIEs versus the traditional public/private exchanges
  • Choose the right systems and connect with the best vendors for your needs
  • Generate value from EHR data in the absence of system wide interoperability

Rod Piechowski

Senior Director, Health Information Systems

Raul Recarey

Executive Director
Illinois Health Information Exchange Authority

Harold Apple

Chief Executive Officer and President
Indiana Health Information Exchange

Charles Cox

Director, MetroChicago HIE
Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council (MCHC)

Marc Beasley

Director, MobileMD
Concurrent Sessions: Choose Track A or Track B Track A: Analytics & Data Driven Clinical Decision Making Track B: IT Investments Driving Clinical and Operational Efficiency
1:24 AM
Case Study – Next Generation HIE and Analytics – Making Organization Level Population Health Management Achievable
Analytics are being used for a number of quality and efficiency improvement efforts--from reducing readmissions to treating patients at risk for stroke and cardiac arrest quickly and efficiently to reducing wait times, diversions and boarding in the emergency department. However, recent advances in information technology have accelerated significantly the benefits of HIE + analytics.

As a matter of necessity, ACOs around the country are launching with the technology in place to give physicians the ability to enjoy improved workflow, better access to information for improved coordination of individual patient care and tools for monitoring outcomes and population health management. In this case study, one nationally recognized ACOs discusses how theyve significantly improve outcomes and clinician satisfaction.
  • Give physicians more complete medical histories and the tools they need to improve care
  • Improve administrative workflow and clinician-to-patient communication, which leads to improved disease management and patient satisfaction
  • Support the coordination of individual patient care and monitors outcomes for overall population health management

Thomas Deas, Jr.

Gastroenterologist / Chief Medical Officer
North Texas Specialty Physicians / Sandlot Solutions

Joseph Casper

Chief Executive Officer
Sandlot Solutions
1:24 AM
Using Cloud Based Systems For Clinical and Non-Clinical Operations
In 2012, MarketsandMarkets reported that the healthcare cloud market would hit the $5 billion mark by 2017. Yet the industrys journey to the cloud has been slower than anticipated. Regulatory, security, and privacy concerns have been blamed, while others site the focus on MU requirements. In this session, experts discuss what health systems are using the cloud for including pharmacy and imaging use, physician order entry, EHR, claims management, cycle management, and billing. In addition, experts discuss hybrid and private clouds that deal with compliance and security concerns.
  • Employing cloud-related technologies like virtualization, storage
  • Exploration of novel platforms for clinical software enabled by emerging cloud technologies
  • Addressing security and compliance concerns for hybrid and public cloud based solutions

Scott Miller

Director, Business Development of Virtualization
World Wide Technology, Inc.

Jack Pressman

Executive Managing Director
Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC

Keith Toussaint

Executive Director, Business Development, Global Business Solutions
Mayo Clinic

R. Chris Christy

Principal Healthcare
SAP Americas, Inc.
General Session
3:00 PM
Closing the Loop in Healthcare Analytics - Correlating Clinical and Administrative Systems with Research Efforts to Deliver Clinical Efficiency in Real Time

Up until now, health system analytics have provided a rear view mirror perspective on clinical and financial hospital operations while researchers use electronic health record data as a discovery tool. Now the capabilities are there to use analytics to improve care management, speed clinical advancements, and improve health system efficiency with advanced learnings that connect operational, clinical and research information, allowing for powerful analytics. In this session, experts discuss how health system executives can partner with their research organization to deliver better patient care.

In this session, youll hear from experts in the process of running small pilots and organization wide projects that:

  • Leverage data warehousing to perform advances predictive analytics to deliver operational insights
  • How to integrate diverse data (genomic, clinical, operational), from multiple sources, in a meaningful way
  • Preparing data to be used for research, including de-identification; quality improvement, personalized medicine
  • Break existing boundaries and address concerns about privacy and security

Mark Braunstein

Professor of the Practice, School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing, Associate Director for Health Systems, Institute for People and Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology

John Sharp

Manager, Research Informatics
Cleveland Clinic

Abel Kho

Co-Executive Director of CHITREC, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Associate Director of Medical Informatics Program
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Mohan Putcha

Chief Technology Officer
University of Chicago Medical Center and Biological Sciences
1:24 AM
Networking Break Courtesy of:

4:00 PM
Putting New Technology and Data Initiatives into Auto Pilot
Provider organizations have invested significant resources into starting technology and data initiatives, such as EHR Meaningful Use. However, when new initiatives come along, such as ICD-10 transformation, often the same staff and resources allocated to run an existing initiative must be drawn upon to start new initiatives. Its key to learn how to put the organizations existing initiatives into "auto pilot" such that fewer staff and resources are needed to maintain existing initiatives than were needed when first implemented. Transforming staffing, processes, and tools to achieve auto-pilot mode frees up resources for other urgent priorities. The panel shares how they planned and executed the transition of their strategic technology and data initiatives from initial implementation into efficient parts of on-going operations.
  • Understand best practices towards re-balancing staff, tools, and resources to put data initiatives into auto pilot
  • Learn how organizational and environmental factors should influence choice of which best practices to apply
  • Exchange experiences and ideas with hands-on panelists who have led Meaningful Use, ICD-10, clinical integration, and other strategic initiatives from start to integration into regular operations

Thomas Lee

Founder and CEO
SA Ignite

Imran Khan

Manager - EHR, Meaningful Use and Patient-Centered Medical Home
Advocate Health Care

Terri Jacobsen

Senior Director, Corporate Administration
Cadence Health

Anibal Perez

Managing Consultant
Cumberland Consulting

Katie LeMoyne

ICD-10 Program Manager
Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Shannon Sims

Associate CMIO and Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine and Health Systems Management
Rush University Medical Center
5:00 PM
Networking Cocktail Reception with:

6:00 PM
Close of The Midwest Hospital Cloud Forum
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