Single Family Rental Community Newsletter


Even in the face of an unprecedented pandemic, the single family industry continues to adapt, evolve and provide homes to millions of tenants across the country. To help meet the needs of our clients who continue to engage with and service these millions, we have put together the Single Family Rental Edition of our Real Estate Community Newsletter to serve as a tool for engaging with your partners, hearing from your peers and continuing to do business.
Featuring a diverse set of perspectives from individuals across the SFR sector, we've collated an exclusive interview with a prominent SFR Owner & Property Manager, a podcast discussion focusing on Fix and Flip Strategies from the perspective of a large, multi-state owner, a spotlight article detailing the critical issues when considering a builder/investor partnership, a selection of the latest news headlines highlighting what every SFR investor needs to know, and the recording of our recent webcast on senior management strategies during the COVID-19 crisis: a must-listen for any industry player.
As we all attempt to chart the path forward, we hope to continue serving as a platform for our clients and wider communities to connect, communicate and engage with one another.
Build to Rent Market Insights: Acquisitions and Financing Trends

Wednesday, April 29 | 12:00 - 1:15PM ET
A slowdown in the US housing market due to the COVID-19 crisis has homebuilders and single family rental investors strategizing about how to make money in this difficult time.  This discussion will provide a brief outlook of the B2R space, evaluate acquisition and financing trends, and address how homebuilders and SFR investors can capitalize on opportunities by working together on a transactional basis.

More Speakers To Be Announced Soon!

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INTERVIEW: IMN sat down with Paul Pettinelli of The Haven Group and Duke Dodson of Dodson Property Management to discuss how their businesses are adapting to the current economic climate as a result of COVID-19.

Find out how their investment and property management strategies have changed, impact of new legislation and more.


Read the full interview
PODCAST: IMN'S Steve Glener is joined by Americas Housing Alliance's John Knab to discuss the fix and flip market.

Exploring key themes including the financing acquisitions, selling flips, impact on construction, and market predictions post COVID-19, Steve and John share a dialogue on the strategies employed to adapt to the current restrictions and economic impact and how the crisis has changed business directives.