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Keep reading for a peek at our upcoming webcast covering SFR Technology & Operations as well as an exclusive interview with Buy Cash Flow’s RJ Palano on his disposition experiences during this downturn. Also in this edition is the latest industry news, including IMN in the news, KBW’s Jade Rahmani and Ryan Thomasello’s industry insights and an interview with The Association of Independent Rental Operators' Roger Corbin who will detail all the regulatory moving parts in Washington DC and the state capitals. You can also catch up with our most recent Build-to-Rent webcast and view our calendar of upcoming SFR-related events.
We hope everyone stays safe and well during these challenging times and look forward to connecting our communities with a growing suite of digital thought leadership content.
SFR Technology & Operations Webcast: COVID-19 Best Practices

Wednesday, May 13 | 1:00 - 2:30PM ET
Join IMN and our expert speaking faculty for a complimentary webcast on the latest technology and operations developments in the Single Family Rental industry. Featuring back-to-back discussions on how companies are changing their property management and owner communication, and the realities of property maintenance in the 'new normal', the webcast will arm attendees with the insights necessary to doing business amid today's unprecedented disruption.

More Speakers To Be Announced Soon!

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INTERVIEW: A new organization for small and independent landlords has formed, The Association of Independent Rental Operators.  IMN has an exclusive interview with the association’s Executive Director, Roger Chapin about the organization’s goals, the state of the rental industry and what is happening at the local and federal government levels.


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PODCAST: RJ Palano is the Director of Acquisitions for Buy Cash Flow Properties and he has a large number of properties for sale. 

In this podcast, RJ shares with IMN’s Steve Glener why he is selling his properties during these trying times, who he is trying to sell to, and the successes and downfalls of his recent transactions.