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Read on for an exclusive interview with Chief Credit Officer David Weinstein of Blacksail Capital Partners, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Mary Jo Heston’s outlook on opportunities for banks in a distressed cycle in a candid podcast, Hilco Global Managing Director’s actionable strategies for bank special assets and credit officers, as well as all of the information you need to participate in our upcoming Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer webcast.
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The Next Wave in Special Assets: Bracing for the Next Distressed Cycle
Thursday, May 14 | 12:00PM ET
A global pandemic and the end of a prolonged bull market have pressured banks to provide businesses with the liquidity they need to stay afloat. As distressed acquisitions ramp up, banks are seeking new ways to protect their balance sheets and meet the needs of borrowers at this time of uncertainty. IMN invites you to join us on May 14 at 12:00pm ET for a webcast and interactive Q&A highlighting emerging opportunities in the distressed buying space and their widespread implications for financial institutions and investors.
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INTERVIEW: David Weinstein, CCO of Blacksail Capital Partners, details emerging risks banks should consider in light of COVID-19 and how the middle-market lender is preparing for more capacity in these uncertain times.
IMN: What is your outlook for default rates and problem loans?
David Weinstein: Some of our borrowers have been able to get PPP loans, which have really helped them with their liquidity issues. Still, I think you will see half…
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PODCAST: IMN's Sanyu Kyeyune is joined by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Mary Jo Heston to discuss filing trends and their implications on banks and businesses.
Exploring key themes including credit quality by sector, Sanyu and Mary Jo share a dialogue on the latest developments in receiverships, restructurings and workouts, as well as strategies to help banks prepare for an economic downturn.
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EXPERT ANALYSIS: David Gottleib, Managing Director of Hilco Real Estate, shares lessons learned from a bank OREO manager during the Great Recession, and their applications in today’s rapidly shifting landscape.
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The Distressed Debt Space Has Plenty of Interest, but the Dam Hasn’t Opened, Yet
"We’re now approaching the two-month mark in the COVID-19 shutdown.
For years prior, industry participants had speculated as to what could cause the next downturn. The general consensus was that the impetus behind that downturn wouldn’t stem from the real estate sector, but rather something that none of us would expect. That was an accurate bet.