Steven Carlini, Senior Director, Global Data Center Solutions, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

Steven Carlini

Senior Director, Global Data Center Solutions

Steven Carlini is the Sr Director, Data Center Global Solutions. In 2007, Schneider Electric acquired APC. Schneider Electric is the "global specialist in energy management" with 114,000 employees and operations in 190 countries, had 2010 annual sales of $28 billion (€20 billion). Steven is responsible developing and communicating the value proposition for Schneider Electric's data center solutions and services. A frequent speaker at industry conferences and forums, Steven presents on the foundation layer of data centers which include Power, Cooling, Power Distribution, Racks, and Management solutions that improve availability and maximize performance. Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Steven previously ran the UPS Division for Toshiba International Corporation. Involved with the critical power and cooling industry since 1989, Steven has been responsible for guiding the direction of many industry changing products and solutions that solve real customer problems or give businesses competitive advantages. Steven holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, and an MBA in International Business from the CT Bauer School at the University of Houston.