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7:30 AM Eastern Time
Breakfast & Registration


8:10 AM Eastern Time
IMN's Welcome
8:15 AM Eastern Time
Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jeffrey Moerdler

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.
8:30 AM Eastern Time
Data Center, Colocation & Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Mid-Year Market Update
  • Are there cyclical changes that have become foundational changes in this industry?
  • What are notable recent trends within the public vs. private provider markets? What has market net growth been over the past year (with/without hyper-scalers)? Where are infrastructure/ service pricing levels? Rental rates?
  • How many new data center/colo/CSPs are starting up? What gaps are they filling?
  • What is the rate of new construction? What kinds of data center are being built and where? What new apps are driving this? Where are enterprise apps going?
  • What are growth areas for data centers/colocation/CSPs in terms of service offerings? What are the demand drivers to watch for?
  • M&A update: Who is buying who? Why the record-breaking M&A activity? How much more will there be?
  • The impact of consolidation on market dynamics/data center valuations: Who are the winners/losers?
  • The new Administration: What will be the impact on this market sector? Will there be greater data flow to Canada? What must providers keep on their regulatory radar at a state and federal level? How will the new SEC Chairman view this market? Will there be deregulation but greater enforcement activity? Will data centers be considered as ISPs? What is the potential impact on investment in this space?
  • Where has there been the greatest private equity investment? How does market confidence compare to this time last year? What are current sale lease-back trends?
  • Capital sources and availability: What’s getting financed and by whom?

Brad Thomas

The Intelligent REIT Investor

Svein Hagaseth

SVP, North America
Green Mountain Data Center

Yan Ness

Online Tech

Tim Horan

Managing Director
Oppenheimer & Co.

Josh Yatskowitz

Industry Analyst
Bloomberg Intelligence
9:15 AM Eastern Time
President/C-Level Executive Wholesale & Hybrid Player Perspective
  • What has been the impact of hyper-scale companies on your business? How are you competing/ co-existing with them?
  • How are you viewing the market consolidation? Are you looking to buy, be bought or keep the status quo? What opportunities does the current market dynamic offer you? Drawbacks?
  • What is your investment sentiment today? How are you looking at numbers? What returns are you targeting? Debt leverage? How are you preparing for interest rate hikes and the prospect of a slowing economy? How are you managing costs?
  • How is IoT impacting your business/investment strategy? How are you approaching IoT implementation and strategy? Has IoT demand had a discernable impact on your data center?
  • What are your growth strategies in a world of increasing commoditization? If you are not already a REIT, are you considering converting to one? Where are you allocating $ for your next data center build-out? Are you looking to go global? Large data center vs. smaller scattered sites in one locale: Which way to go?
  • What new demand drivers for data center/colocation/Cloud services and infrastructure are you seeing? What innovation amongst providers is there as a result? Are you seeing medium-large enterprises increasingly migrate to the Cloud? How are you determining what to invest in? What service offerings have paid off and which haven’t?
  • What will be the next big client type? What services will be critical to offer in the future? How are you analyzing your clients’ usage data to better tailor services/your capabilities for their particular needs?

Miles Loo

Newmark Knight Frank

Jeffrey Burges

DataSite Colo

John Sheputis

Infomart Data Centers

Hunter Newby

Newby Ventures

Brian Johnston

Chief Technology Officer
QTS – Quality Technology Services

Aaron Wangenheim

T5 Data Centers
10:00 AM Eastern Time
Networking Break Courtesy of

10:30 AM Eastern Time
Site Selection 2017
  • Mapping supply/demand domestically and internationally: What geographical sites are overbuilt vs. underserved?
  • How/why are locations for data centers changing? What are new key factors in site selection today? To what degree is client demand/requirements vs. technological advancements facilitating this change? How important is proximity to business/accessibility for clients? What impact is edge computing having on site selection? Where will be the next key hubs?
  • Land/lot prices/values: Where are they going? What are the determinants? How is this impacting cost modelling? Where are providers being priced out? Are there underserved, reasonably priced sites still available? In which locales do business and economic incentives offset high land/power/tax costs?
  • Evaluating international vs. domestic sites: Due diligence considerations
  • A word to the wise: The top ten site selection mistakes and how to avoid them

Chris Curtis

SVP, Development & Acquisitions
Compass Datacenters

Jeff Kopp

Manager, Business Consulting
Burns & McDonnell

John Clune

Cavern Technologies

Kent Hill

Manger, Strategic Economic Dev
Dominion Energy

Buddy Rizer

Executive Director
Loudoun County Department of Economic Development

Rick Drescher

Managing Director, Technical Services
Savills Studley
11:15 AM Eastern Time
Edge Data Centers 2017
  • Defining edge data centers: What they are/are not
  • Business models and strategy: Who are the edge providers? What types of data center are they building/what facilities are they offering? In what markets? What are pricing structures?
  • What is the latest in the market adoption of the edge data center model? End user adoption? Who are the end customers? What is driving their demand?
  • Who does/doesn’t need to utilize edge data centers? Which applications need to be near end-users?
  • What impact have edge data centers had on market dynamics and the way of doing business?
  • How much capital is going into edge networks? Where are investors putting their money?
  • Which edge markets are under-served?
  • What is the 3-5 year growth outlook for edge data centers? What will the typical edge data center look like?

Ron Sacks

Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Partner
Provdotnet, LLC

Hugh Carspecken

Dart Points

Jeffrey Burges

DataSite Colo

Kylle Jordan

Economic Development
Minnesota Dept. Employment & Econ Development

Jeffrey Moerdler

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

Stephen Belomy

SVP US West Coast
Etix Everywhere
12:00 PM Eastern Time
Cloud Service Provider CEO Panel
  • Where are you seeing growth/demand for your services/infrastructure? From the retail colocation market? Other areas? How are you getting on prospects’ radars?
  • How are you competing with the ‘big guys’? What niche(s) have you carved out? Are you going for scale? How are you building out your ecosystem? What are your growth strategies?
  • Buy vs. build Cloud: What is the latest on what enterprise end-users are doing/want? How are you positioning in response? What do you see as underserved markets/untapped opportunities?
  • How are you effectively communicating the differences between Cloud offerings to end-user clients to enable them to better target purchase opportunities?
  • Cyber-attacks and risk management: How are you balancing costs with security?
  • Disaster recovery in a multiple Cloud/provider environment…discuss
  • What are your approaches to data mining/utilization?
  • How to avoid vendor lock-in in the Cloud?

Cris Daniluk

Rhythmic Technologies

Peter Feldman

CEO & Principal

Luke Norris

CEO & Founder

Shay Houser

Green Cloud Technologies

Sagi Brody

12:45 PM Eastern Time
Luncheon Courtesy of

1:45 PM Eastern Time
Small/Mid-Sized Data Center Executive Perspective
  • How was the past year for you? What was your % of incoming customer growth vs. pipeline growth? What are you anticipating for the rest of 2017-2018?
  • How are you looking at your business today? Are you positioning to buy or be bought? Where are current market opportunities? Notable trends in the small/mid-sized operator market? What is your long-term strategy?
  • What are your approaches to maximizing returns? How are you viewing risk and translating that into your investment strategy/capital deployment? Where will future pipeline growth come from?
  • Is it the right time to grow your business? Aside from M&As, what are your growth strategies? New markets? If so, where and what is your due diligence process? New customer bases? How to meet the evolving needs of existing clients vs. expand into new client bases? How to determine your focus/spend?
  • What are your sources of growth finance? How do deal terms/rates/conditions compare today?
  • How have you/will you change your product/service offerings? What level of managed services (other than Cloud) should small operators provide? How to offer new services? Partner with a solutions provider or use a custom data center builder? What are the real estate and other investment implications? What % of your business should you own vs. outsource? Is it still possible to make $ on raw space?
  • How are you setting yourself apart from your peers? Specialization? How can you co-exist with the ‘big kids on the block’? Why have your clients been selecting you? Leaving?

Emily Naughton

Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Bob DeSantis

Chief Executive Officer
365 Data Centers

John Clune

Cavern Technologies

Svein Hagaseth

SVP, North America
Green Mountain Data Center
2:30 PM Eastern Time
The Latest Best Practices in Sales & Marketing, Lease Structuring & Risk Allocation

This session will be in two parts. Firstly, we discuss the latest sales and marketing techniques to secure new customers. Secondly, as customers become increasingly sophisticated, their priorities and hence lease agreements are changing. In addition, as high profile data breaches continue to make news headlines, key aspects of lease agreements are being revisited by all parties. The second part of this session addresses these aspects by examining the latest approaches to structuring leases including risk allocation and accounting for critical legal issues.

Part One

  • Assessing methods to reach prospective enterprise end-user vs. service provider customers: channel partners vs. brokers vs. site selection consultants vs. in-house staff vs. outside marketing consultants vs. social media avenues
  • How are brokers becoming more involved in the marketing strategies of providers?
  • Getting the biggest bank for your sales/marketing buck: What to do in-house vs. outsource 
  • What tools do you use to market your space/services? What must be included in a comprehensive sales/marketing strategy? How to differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • Enterprise end-user vs. service provider clients: Hot buttons; key selection criteria; their latest needs; current price sensitivity; the deal-breakers today
  • How to capture value through branding? Site-specific branding vs. corporate branding

Part Two

  • Accounting for the risks associated with the data center vs. end-client in the lease agreement
  • Limitations on liability/liability exposure issues
  • The latest in data privacy, HIPAA, security and breach issues: What data-related changes can be expected under Brexit?
  • Data breaches: What insurance options are there to cover data centers?
  • SLAs and broadening remedies: What SLA credit issues can be raised by a tenant?
  • Lease or Master Service Agreement (MSA): Which does a tenant prefer?
  • Conflicting rights & options: Balancing optionality for tenants without restricting the data center
  • Addressing tenant requests for the right to approve a change in provider in the event of a M&A

Sean Patrick Tario

CEO & Catalyst
Open Spectrum Inc.

Andrew Gold

SVP of Corporate Development & Chief Counsel
Infomart Data Centers

Jeffrey Moerdler

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

Yan Ness

Online Tech
3:15 PM Eastern Time
Network Evolution & Connectivity 2017
  • What is the latest on the increasing role of interconnection between data centers? What are the fees/revenue opportunities? Other advantages? Drawbacks?
  • Where does the market adoption of the US Open- IX model currently stand?
  • How is the dark fiber business playing out?
  • How are networks changing? What are the implications for data centers/CSPs? What do data centers/CSPs need to consider going forward?
  • How much are you spending on your network compared to other parts of the business? Is this amount an increase or decrease?
  • What is your density, capacity, newest networking services and unique capabilities?
  • Latency and performance trends
  • Optimizing client network architectures
  • What are the points to watch for network evolution and connectivity over the next 3 years?

Jennifer Fritzsche

Managing Director
Wells Fargo Securities, LLC.

Michael Levy

Global Product Manager

Eli Scher

Chairman & CEO
New Continuum Holdings Corporation

Ron Sacks

Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Partner
Provdotnet, LLC
4:00 PM Eastern Time
Networking Break Courtesy of

4:15 PM Eastern Time
M&As: War Stories & the Economics of the Deal When Buying/Selling Data Centers
  • How much are debt/equity funds willing to underwrite to facilitate M&As today?
  • Valuing data centers in the current market
  • What are the benefits of buying and aggregating your competitors in the current market?
  • M&As vs. co-investment
  • M&A strategies: How can data centers capitalize on current opportunities?
  • Managing end-customers during M&As: The good, the bad and the ugly
  • Understanding the economics of the deal in buying/selling data centers in today’s market
    • The CRE deal     
    • The cash-flow deal

Kemal Hawa

Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Rashad Kawmy

Director, Leveraged Finance

Robert Nolan

Managing Partner
Halyard Capital

Todd Coleman

President & CEO
Estruxture Data Centers

Thomas Watts

Watts Capital Group
5:00 PM Eastern Time
Financing Growth: The 2017 State of the Capital Market for Data Center/Colocation/CSPs

This session addresses financing for new development; site and company-level acquisitions; site upgrades; and to enable expansion of service offerings

  • How is the composition of the capital market for data center/CSP investments changing? What are the main sources of debt/equity? How are they now viewing this industry?
  • What is/isn’t getting financed and why? Which geos are still healthy vs. which are a concern amongst capital providers? How much equity do data center operators need to put into the deal? 
  • Typical deal structures/terms/pricing/timeframes/costs
  • With interest rate hikes expected, how are lenders approaching interest rate risk mitigation in financing strategies?
  • What governmental incentives are available for data center development projects?
  • Positioning to attract debt finance/JV equity partners: What are capital provider hot buttons?
  • The top 10 most heavily negotiated issues
  • Lessons to learn from recent financing successes/failures

James Grice

Bryan Cave LLP

James Henry

Senior Managing Director
Bank Street Group LLC

Robert Nolan

Managing Partner
Halyard Capital

Mark Solovy

Managing Director, Technology Finance Group
Monroe Capital

Daniel Seltzer

5:45 PM Eastern Time
Networking Reception
6:45 PM Eastern Time
Day One Concludes
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    We may also provide delegate details (e.g. name, email) to event sponsors who, subject to your consent, may contact you for their own advertising and marketing purposes.

  • Advertising & Marketing

    We use the personal data you provide us and which we collect from you to inform you about similar products and services which we provide. We may send you marketing communications that are sponsored by our partners and which are targeted to your interests based on information you have provided us such as job title, employer and/or industry. If you have consented to receive information from other Euromoney group companies, we may share your personal data with these companies so that they can fulfil your request to receive marketing materials in accordance with your preferences. We will not share your personal data with any third parties for their own marketing purposes unless you have provided your consent.

    Each of the Euromoney group companies that may contact you is a data controller in relation to the personal data that you have agreed to share with them. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the individual company, or us – using the contact details set out in the “Who We Are” section.

    You can opt out from receiving such materials at any time.

    The personal data we may use for advertising and marketing purposes includes your name, email address, job title, phone number, company name/employer, geo location, postal address and data collected using cookies and other similar technology (Please read our separate Cookies Policy to find out more about which cookies we use, how they work and how you can control your cookie options).

    Marketing materials are sent electronically, by post and we may occasionally call you.

  • Online Targeted Advertising

    We use targeted advertising on our websites to display advertisements that are relevant to what we believe are your interests. In order to deliver relevant advertisements, we use third parties to deliver cookies that collect information about your IP address and how you interact with our sites (e.g. browsing information, which articles you have read etc.). This data is used by the third parties to determine which advertisements may be of interest to you.

    We may also share your personal data with third parties to deliver targeted advertising to you on other websites (e.g. Twitter Tailored Audiences or Facebook Custom Audiences). This could include your email address, cookie data, and information obtained from third parties. Third party cookies may also be used to enable us to target advertisements to you on other websites that you visit.

  • Lead Generation and Scoring

    We occasionally use the services of trusted third parties in order to ensure that the personal data we use for advertising and marketing purposes is accurate and up-to-date. To do this, we transfer personal data of individual leads (such as name, email, job title, location and phone number) to these third parties who conduct research to verify the data – primarily against public information.

    We also use algorithmic software technology to help us improve the quality and relevance of marketing activities. The personal data analysed by the software includes email address, phone number, job title, address, purchase history and account information. This allows us to provide meaningful offers that are relevant to your specific profile.

  • Surveys, Market Research & Customer Feedback

    We want to understand the needs of our readers and customers. We may therefore use the information you provide us – including your name and contact details – to contact you to request your feedback, or to participate in our customer and market research.

  • Public forums, message boards and blogs

    Some of the pages on our group websites may include message boards, blogs or other facilities for generating content from users. Any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should always be careful when deciding to post any personal data. User generated content is also subject to our site Terms & Conditions.

  • Business or Asset Sale

    If we sell a business or assets we may need to disclose your personal data to the prospective buyer of such business or assets.

    If Euromoney, or any of our group companies is sold or sells our assets or is acquired by a third party, then personal data about our customers will be acquired by that third party. A transfer of your personal data in these circumstances would be necessary so that the services you have contracted for can still be delivered, or so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of our free products and services. You will receive notice if a new controller assumes responsibility for your personal data.

  • Additional Third Party Disclosures

    We may disclose your personal data to other third parties in the following situations:

    • To third party partners who help us by providing services such as technology, marketing, advisory or other services. These third parties only receive encrypted data and may only process personal data to provide those services to us.
    • Where we are required by law or regulation to do so. In each case we will seek, where practicable, to minimise the amount of data that is disclosed.
    • If required to protect the rights and interests of other users and/or Euromoney and its affiliates (including our employees, agents and contractors), or as otherwise set out in our Terms & Conditions. This may include exchanging information with other companies and organisations for the purposes of fraud protection.
  • Email Tracking

    We may include small pixel tags (small image files) within the emails we send you in order to determine whether our emails are opened and/or whether the hyperlinks inside our emails are clicked through. We may also collect browser, location and the device used to engage with our email communications. This information allows us to better understand whether we are meeting our users’ needs and how we can improve our communications. No other information is collected. You can opt out of receiving our direct marketing emails either by following the instructions in each email, or by contacting us (see the “Who We Are” section of this Privacy Notice).

International Transfers

Some of the Euromoney group companies are based outside the European Economic Area (EEA). If you have consented to being contacted by our group companies, then the transfer of your personal data will be made according to the terms of an international data sharing agreement that contains obligations approved by European data protection regulators. Any of our group companies that receive your personal data will be co-controllers of that data, which means they may determine how they process your personal data – although they may only use it for the purposes for which it was shared, unless you are informed of new or additional processing activities.

We may also transfer personal data to third party service providers as described in this Privacy Notice which are located outside the EEA. Where we conduct these transfers, we take all steps necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with applicable privacy legislation, either by only sending your personal data to jurisdictions that provide an adequate degree of legal protection for your data or by imposing approved contractual terms on these third parties.

Retention Periods

We have a data retention policy that ensures we don’t use or store your personal data for longer than necessary. We consider the following issues to determine retention periods:

  • Guidance from the UK Information Commissioner or other regulatory agency, or industry best practice recommendations;
  • The business rationale for collection and expiry of the purpose for which personal data was collected;
  • Our ongoing ability to ensure the accuracy of the data; and
  • Legal and regulatory requirements.

We may occasionally need to keep personal data for either shorter or longer periods than specified in our retention policy. In such circumstances, application of the retention period to the data will be temporarily suspended. The suspension of an applicable retention period will be carried out in a manner that respects the rights and interests of all persons concerned.

How You Can Set Your Data & Privacy Preferences

You can use our Preference Centre to select the topics that are of interest to you so that we can send you publications and information about our products and services that are especially relevant to you. You can also choose the channels we use to contact you (email, phone, post, etc.) and can also opt-out of receiving marketing communications.

Your Rights

You have certain rights in relation to your personal data which include the following:

  • Access & Portability

    You may request access to any personal data of yours for which Euromoney is responsible as controller. Unless there are legal or regulatory reasons for not doing so, we will confirm whether we process any of your personal data and if we do, we will provide you with the following information: the purposes of the processing, the categories of personal data, any recipients of your personal data, the applicable retention period and the data source. Copies of your personal data will be made available to you in a structured, machine-readable format.

    You may also request that we transfer the personal data that you have submitted to us, to another controller, where it is technically feasible for us to do so.

    If you have consented to our processing of your personal data, or if we are processing your personal data in order to fulfil our contractual obligations to you, then you can submit a request that we transfer your personal data to another data controller.

  • Rectification, Restriction, Objection

    You have the right to request that Euromoney rectify any errors in the personal data that we process. In some circumstances, you may also be able to ask for the erasure of personal data, and/or request that the processing of your personal data be restricted. You may also object to the processing of your personal data for sales or marketing purposes.

  • How to Exercise Your Rights

    To exercise any of these rights, please contact us by post or email at the following addresses:

    Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC
    8 Bouverie Street
    London, EC4Y 8AX
    United Kingdom


    Web form: Complete Subject Data Request Form

    We may need to check your identity prior to processing a request.

    Euromoney will do our best to respond to any questions and address any of your concerns. You are also able to register any complaints regarding the processing of your personal data directly with the UK Information Commissioner.

Protecting Your Data

Euromoney is committed to keeping your personal data secure and we will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data from loss, unauthorised use, disclosure or destruction. Although we do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee that any transmission of data is without risk. We have therefore implemented information security policies and rules, staff training on information security, and technical measures to ensure the integrity of data that we have under our control.

All our employees, contractors and data processors (i.e. those third parties that process personal data on our behalf) are required to keep such data confidential and not to use it for any purpose other than the performance of services we have requested.

Third Party Sites

Our site may contain links to other websites – including, for example, providers of payment processing services. Euromoney is not responsible for the privacy and data collection practices of third party sites and we therefore recommend that you review the privacy policies and terms of service of each site you visit.

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