Preliminary Agenda

Building Relationships with Family Offices
  • The most important factor in closing a deal with a family office is having a relationship. Our experts will walk you through their experiences and recommendations in relationship building.
  • Mistakes to avoid: viewing things through strictly transactional lenses/coming on too strong/missing important details/forgetting to be a person too.
  • Best practices for developing strong relationships. How long does yes take? What to expect along the way?
  • The families’ perspective.
Multi-Family Offices v Wealth Managers
  • As your asets and needs develop, you may find yourself contemplating joining either a MFO or employing the services of a PWM. The question is: how to select the right approach for you and your family?
  • When does a PWM makes sense? Responsibilities and duties of a PWM? Selection criteria and red flags?
  • When a MFO makes sense? Responsibilities and duties of a MFO? Selection criteria and red flags?
  • Why not both?
Gaining Access to and Evaluating Dealflow
  • Gaining access to dealflow sources. How do you find your leads? Do you seek out leads or do you let them come to you? How do you rate for quality?
  • Handling inflow—how do you filter? How do you say no thanks?
  • Establishing investment criteria—do you have a formal model or is it a case by case model? What’s your process? What is your buy or deny criteria?
  • What are you in the market for now? What trades are played out?
Building, Balancing and Tweaking Your Real Estate Portfolio
  • Evaluating real estate as an investment opportunity. Why real estate? How has the real estate landscape changed over the past 5 years?
  • How to balance your real estate portfolio. Is there a golden ratio? Core v niche/building a model. Concentrated v diverse. Opportunistic investing—pitfalls and profits.
  • How to tweak your established portfolio. Being responsive to market trends. Acting on limited time horizons.
  • What is your portfolio like?
Homebuilding: Opportunities, Trends and Challenges
  • Residential outlook: how will the uptick in interest rates impact the homebuilding and home buying market? What are the prevailing trends in homebuilding? Is it still a buyers’ market and what are buyers looking for?
  • What are the top investment opportunities? Single family? Multi-Family? Planned communities? Which markets are strongest? Which markets are emerging? How to build a better ‘burb?
  • As boomer retire and Millennials enter their thirties—what will the ripple effect be for homebuilders?
  • What are the challenges present in the market? Credit requirements? Rates? Supply/demand imbalance?
Housing: Alternative Strategies
  • Exploring niche strategies in the housing market. Not every home has a picket fence!
  • Is home-sharing a viable trend? How has Student Housing gone further upscale? Are new developments incorporating more shared social space?
  • Where do low income housing opportunities fit? Is migrant housing a sustainable opportunity? How about senior housing and medical care? Are micro homes and granny flats an opportunity or an oddity?
  • What’s your take?
Evaluating Distressed Real Estate Opportunities
  • Exploring investment opportunities in distressed real estate. Step one: establish why is it distressed?
  • What is the potential upside? How can the problems be remediated?
  • Evaluating cost of turnaround. What is break even? What would it take to be profitable? Establishing a time horizon.
  • Odds of success. Is the risk worth it? Does a project need to have a better than 50/50 chance of success to be considered?
Commercial Real Estate: Growth, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Commercial outlook: as the economy continues to improve and consumer spending trends have been strong and jobs numbers have been strong—how will that translate into the commercial real estate market?
  • What are the emerging and established trends? Mixed use, mixed use, mixed use? Wither retail—or is Amazon unstoppable? Dining—is fast casual king?
  • Where are the opportunities? Medical facilities? Suburban offices? Renovated downtowns?
  • Are all challenged macro driven or are there more specific considerations to consider? Is commercial captive to broader trends? How can commercial developers protect against these broad trends?
Alternative Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate
  • In the session we explore niche/alternative opportunities within the real estate sector.
  • What are the best opportunities in land investing? Farming? Viniculture? Timberland? Land reclamation? Cannabis cultivation?
  • Does Energy come into play? Mineral rights? Water rights? Nat gas? Wind? Solar farms?
  • Where do slightly less sexy projects like warehouses fit? Industrial plots? Parking lots? Storage facilities? Data rooms? Cemeteries?
Real Estate Passion Projects & Socially Responsible Real Estate Investing
  • When is it worth the risk? Outlining a vision, holding onto the vision, when to let go a little. Taking a step back and viewing the big picture.
  • Making it work and work with the rest of your portfolio. Where does it fit? Preventing it from becoming a distraction.
  • Impact Investing—how to maximize impact and select a worthy project.
  • Where are the opportunities in sound environmental projects? How to engage in socially impactful projects. Finding projects that work—discerning dreams from reality.
Building Your Team of Advisors & Service Providers
  • How to determine which services you need? How to find the experts. What your team should look like. Selection criteria—separating the wheat from the chaff.
  • Figuring out whether you build a lean outsourced team or an in-house team. Which roles do you outsource? Which roles do you build in-house? Reasons for an outsourced team? Is it as simple as independence v loyalty?
  • Understanding the costs associated with both in-sourcing and outsourcing. Finding and retaining in house talent. Selection and replacement of outside talent.
  • Why not both?
Lessons from Multi-Generational Family Offices
  • Stories and lessons from Multi-generational family offices. Learn how they were founded and how they have thrived!
Evaluating Risk & Setting Investment Goals
  • Session 6: Wealth Management and Portfolio Creation: Evaluating the Risk/Return Relationship for Public and Private Assets, Including
  • Alternative Investments, Global Asset Allocation and the Investment Decision-Making Process
  • Review best practices for financial reporting as a tool for decision making, appropriate levels of delegation of authority, organization over-site, and accountability
  • Assess portfolio creation, the risk/return relationship, and wealth management tools
Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!
  • Exploring different tax strategies. Evaluate different legal and organization structures for wealth preservation, wealth transfer, and tax minimization. Are you getting the best advice?
  • Optimizing your tax impact--does fairness come into play? Are you an on-shore or off-shore family? How do you select a jurisdiction?
  • What is you estate tax plan? How do you approach family planning
  • Legislation, regulation, tax code overhaul: What to expect over the next four years?!
Making Decisions for The Whole Family: Engagement & Accountability
  • Our panel of experts discuss case studies of how they have created accord across several branches of the family, to create unified decisions.
Fundraising: Making The Ask & Closing The Deal
  • Fundraising tips from managers about how to get projects off the ground.
Asset Allocation: Finding a Unified Model for Family Offices
  • Unlike institutional portfolios, there appears to be little uniformity within the family office space. In this panel we explore whether or not that is a positive thing and what steps would need to be taken to create a more standardized model.
  • Why would a family office want to follow an established asset allocation model? What are the pros and cons? Much of the family office space is driven by the character of the founders—would some of this x-factor ineffability be lost in a more homogenized model?
  • What would be the best model? Is the Swenson Model the most applicable? Or should FO’s be more like VC incubators?
  • How would a uniform allocation model impact the real estate sector?
Due Diligence: The Missing Steps to Ongoing Successes
  • How to establish a rigorous Initial due diligence process. How much time should it take? How many layers? How much resources should you pour into the process?
  • The importance of report requirements. What should you expect? What should you demand?
  • They missing link to success: Ongoing due diligence. Why is this so crucial? How can you continue to monitor a position? How does this make you a better, more powerful investor?
  • What is your advice to families? What is your advice to managers?
Finding Funding
  • How can a manager find funding for their projects? Best sources of capital? What sort of incentives do you need to offer investors?
  • Marketing strategies—what works and what doesn’t work? How can you articulate the opportunity? How do you cut through the noise and clutter of competition?
  • Getting family offices involved—how easy is it? How difficult? What do family offices want?
  • How do you structure your funding deals? Debt v equity. Perks, kickers and sweeteners. Which alternative sources of funding do you prefer?
Governance: Are Family Constitutions Needed & Upholdable?
  • Our panel weighs in on best practices for family office governance, including an examination of family office constitutions
What’s Your Family’s Strategy:
  • Why does a family need a strategy? How do you formulate one? What components and considerations must go into your planning process?
  • Setting your family wealth strategy. Setting your family business strategy. Planning for the investible: Estate Tax Considerations
  • Family & Family Office Philanthropic Strategy - Contemporary Considerations
  • Which investment opportunities will you pursue? Are there strategic reasons to recuse the family from certain asset types?
Online Real Estate Investing 2.0
  • How has the world of online real estate investing changed in the last few years and what direction is heading in? Are IPOs to be expected?
  • What is the growth trajectory for online platforms as a whole? How will crowdfunding change and develop? As rates rise—what sort of yields will on-line platforms need to offer? Will the GICS expansion impact this space too?
  • How will the sectors growth impact the end beneficiaries? Will projects get more ambitious? Will they become more powerful?
  • What is the continued role of family offices in this space? Will they get crowded out as institutions become more interested?
Real Estate Investing in a Changing Yield Environment
  • The Fed raised rates ever so slightly in Dec 2016—a small raise with an outsized impact. How will that effect projects in the long term? Short term impact?
  • Will the rates continue to rise? Why are they rising? Are the metrics valid? Can they continue to rise?
  • Should rates actually be lowered? Do rising rates make it hard to buy homes? Should the mortgage rates be separated from the savings rates?
  • How do we invest in a changing landscape? What sort of long term thinking needs to be employed?
Location! Location! Location! Different Markets, Different Opportunities
  • Exploring California! SoCal v LA. Understanding the Bay Area. Which Valley is the best Valley?
  • Other US opportunities—West Coast v East Coast. Selecting 24 hour cities v 18 hour cities. Which regions are best poised for growth? PNW v South East?
  • How will the new administration impact investment opportunities in Mexico, Latin America, The Caribbean and Canada?
  • Looking outside the Americas—where are the opportunities in Europe? Is it too expensive? Too far? Is Asia attractive? Or is the opportunity too complex? Where else should we be looking?
State of The Economy
  • Taking the pulse of today’s economy and looking ahead into 2018
  • What are the real estate trends that investors need to be aware of? Are Wall Street and Main Street still out of tune? Has the GICs expansion helped flows into real estate?
  • What are the Fed’s priorities under a Trump administration? How will this impact the real estate sector? How has your business been impacted so far? How will immigration and labor be impacted?
  • One year after the Brexit—how are international economies impacted the US and our real estate market?
The 21st Century Family Office
  • Our panel of experts walk you through setting up a family office using today’s best practices, to ensure that it will be equipped for whatever tomorrow holds.
1031 Exchange
  • Understanding what a 1031 exchange is, and what it isn’t. Any updates to the code that investors need to know about?
  • Types of exchange: Simultaneous/Reverse/Construction—and reasons for selecting each. Key rules: Three property rule/200% rule/95% rule—what do they mean? Which one is most important?
  • Other considerations and options: Starker Tax Deferred Exchange/Qualified Intermediary/Structured or annuity sale—when do these options make sense?
  • Understanding Boot
Multi-Faceted Multi-Family
  • Taking a deep dive into the various opportunities and permutations that Multi-Family housing has to offer.
  • Understanding the different target audiences. How demographics impacts projects. How the needs and demands of local communities drive projects. Building to suit different demands—can demands be anticipated and created?
  • What are the trends in multi-family? How much is that driven by generational shifts and economic realities? Is everything driven by Boomers and Millennials? Are Multi-Family developments purely driven by existing demand and demographics—or can projects be forward looking?
  • Where is the market hot for multi-families? What is the inventory like? Can multi-families created better price equality? Where is the market sagging? Are multi-families setting themselves up for failure or for permanence?
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