Video Spotlights

For the last 20 years, Matt Hawkins has served various roles in the construction industry. Now, as President of Charter Construction Group, a company providing construction solutions for commercial and residential real estate, here's what you need to know on how Charter are serving the industry, intel on upcoming projects, and the wins of working within this space.
With Invitation Homes being the #1 home leasing company in the nation, it was a pleasure to speak with Peter Dilello, Sr Vice President of the Investment Management Group. Listen up as we discuss trends Invitation Homes is seeing across its portfolio, growth priorities, and what sets Invitation Homes apart within the Build-to-Rent space.
From "Main Street to Wall Street", Stewart Title are supporting a host of facilities. From aiding a wide range of transactions to helping private money lenders, Stewart Title goes the extra mile helping clients find deals, as well as close them. A conversation too good to miss to close our a fantastic Single Family Rental Forum (East), Miami, May 22-24.